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Family, Labor & State…

A few thoughts from behind the razor-wire in answer to some of my more conservative, navel-gazing friends…This includes the role of woman.

I agree with the concept of individuality and the idea of earned opportunity as one of the driving forces in social evolution.  Unfortunately, so is war, slavery, murder, theft, fraud, greed, racism, nativism, misogyny and other patent evils.

Not really so long ago…

As prisoners in the largest mass gulag in the world, we have a rather naked view of this reality.  It might be a good idea to ponder alternative views as to what’s going on…

Ever since humans came out of the proverbial caves and established constructed dwellings and extended family organization, there’s been a myriad of tensions between the individual in our vast variety and social empowerment.

Just as both relatively static and catastrophic events punctuated the grinding physical evolution of the planet–making the human species quite extraordinary and accidental (thru the mass extinctions of previous dominant lifeforms)–so too is our social evolution a complex process.

FertilityTotemClearly, one of the earliest natural divisions of labor was between men and women.  Women gave birth and suckled the young.  They were tied more to the hearth and their immediate area.  They had to feed themselves and their dependents whether or not the men were around to assist.

Middens and other research of ancient living sites indicate that some 90+% of the family diet was local (not big game).

Also, many early sites point to a remarkable degree of independence between men and women, leading to a reasonable conclusion that men generally preferred the reality if not the illusion of the hunt and each others company, rather than the responsibility of home drudgery and family turmoil.  Sound familiar?

Ancient cave-art hand-flutings...

Ancient cave-art hand-flutings…

From the remains of ancient campsites it’s clear that the vast majority of consumed goods were locally gathered flora and small animals trapped and netted.  Few artifacts of bigger game exists in these ancient home camps.

It’s reasonable to conclude that the heroic hunter’s occasional home excursions was more the exception than the rule.

From research shared w/me by Dr. Dean Snow, Penn State (later published), concerning ancient cave sites from some 30,000+yrs-ago, we also find that some 75% of hand-flutings (hand-silhouettes) painted on the walls were made by women.  Artists signing their own work?

(Dr. Snow’s research is not simply based upon size differences, but indeed, systematic differences between male and female hands, which as it turns out were even more sexually dysmorphic back then than they are today…)

Actually, we should find this unremarkable given that these early societies would have naturally devised their own spiritual systems:  Females ruling the home, living primarily from earth-gathered produce, creating fertility symbols, and establishing Earth-Mother-Goddess beliefs.

Males, on the other hand, spent much of their time out-of-home under the stars, and involved in hunting and telling tall stories.  Their spiritual identity evolved into father-forebears and daddy-sky gods and whatever mythology supported and perpetuated those beliefs.

Elmo & Gina…Is that you?

The myths of male dominance thru “natural superiority” are self-generated, much as the master is superior to the slave, whites superior to non-whites, Jews superior to goys (or vice versa), or the corporate captain superior to whomever is required to trade their labor for a minor share of what they produce.

As males were increasingly required to retreat to the home as society and the division of labor grew, they asserted their power over women, and competed for socio-political power and power over the spiritual identity of the community.  That war continues today.

Mother goddesses, their fertility totems and even the self-power of women over their own bodies have been largely evicted from the modern spiritual pantheon with women covered and shamed and segregated from male dominant daddy-state/god systems.

Today, fully 55% of the world community is dominated by the super-male “superiority” of the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religion.

Some individuals are always dependent on others.  Children are dependent on adults.  The sick, aged and infirm are dependent on others. Victims of any variety of political predation become dependent upon their oppressors.

GaiaEarth-001Unfortunately, some individuals are so driven and obsessed that this quest leads to monopolization of the “hunting grounds,” thus destroying that freedom and opportunity for others. This is the basic reason for the necessity of representative gov’t and constitutional guarantees.

The great irony is, that as the self-serving hunter-predators increase their profit, privilege and power over majoritarian society, they’re not only destroying our fundamental rights, but in the end their own as well … if indeed, not the planet itself. They’ve created an ideology of shitting in the own nest.

Ultimately, destiny rests on the rest of us.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), May 2011

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