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Obama’s Moral Vision?

All contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law.”  

This comment was made over a hundred years ago by T. Roosevelt to Congress.  Try to find a politician today to make this statement.  If such were to come to pass, the Republican Party for one would cease to exist—at least in its incorporation today.

An April 7th article posted here on President Barack Obama, addressed his continuing compromise & surrender as “The Nowhere Man” on all major issues regarding the corporate elite and their Republican flunkies.

He’s also been wanting on the justice front.  America continues to maintain the largest prison gulag in the world.

Big Bubba Clinton, the “Man from Hope,” rode anti-justice legislation into his second term in the White House.  This included AEDPA, the suspension of habeas corpus (after a 1-yr limit), and a host of “anti-crime,” race and class criminal laws, and sentencing schemes.

Bush-the-Lesser upped the ante after he ignored glaring evidence of an impending double-cross by his Saudi-Wahhabist allies and business partners on 9/11/2001.  Nevertheless, he had no intention to shoot himself in the wallet…

Having an excuse, he created a grab-bag of “Patriot” laws, a security and wiretapping blanket over America, a new massive gov’t Homeland Security agency complete with a TSA predatory groping and pedophilia sanctuary, and two perpetual wars in the Middle East.

As Bush was spending all the credit built up by Clinton’s bubble, he also rolled out the red carpet for the big banks and Wall Street parasites to loot the nation as he, Cheney, Rove & Co., strolled out the door with their own massive millions in ongoing, private contracts.

Enter Obama.  He promptly brought the master corporate thieves into the White House that just looted America’s municipalities, mortgages and retirement savings, and opened the public treasury to their further theft.

   Despite the rhetoric for change, all we’ve seen from the razor-wire is a continuation of Clinton and Bush’s  draconian legislation, corporate criminals in politics, and Gitmo is still wide open for the homeland face of terror.

There are others who see this differently.  In particular, Dr. George Lakoff, a cognitive scientist from the University of California at Berkeley, and a man I respect.

Dr. Lakoff has nothing but superlatives for Barack Obama’s April 13th speech at George Washington University on the nation’s deficit and proposed budgets.

Entitling the speech, “The Country We Believe In,” Obama focused on moral ideals and the nature of American democracy.

Lakoff believes that voters identify themselves as moral beings, not policy wonks.  Obama thus properly expressed Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, for instance, as moral commitments.  This moral perspective includes investments for infrastructure, education and research.

As for justice, progressives tend to think of crime in a causal sense, such as the role of economic hardship, the lack of education, and the economic ghettoization of neighborhoods.

Conservatives think of it in terms of what was fixated upon them as children:  Excessive blame.  “They’re bad people…lock ‘em up!”  Psychologically, this is what we diagnose as a form of projection.

It becomes pathological to the rest of us when these abused/abusive personalities acquire political and law enforcement powers.  It also tends to include their own families, employees, associates, etc., where the vicious syndrome is perpetuated.

Gitmo Terror Guards...

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks continues to embarrass the gov’t with the release of 759 new Gitmo documents to various world media.

Only in the Land of Oz:  The military has ruled that the defense attys of the Gitmo defendants cannot use the latest WikiLeak releases since that material is still classified!

The NY Times, which also received dossiers from other sources, featured one released prisoner who it turned out was a combatant (or became one due to his treatment).  They reported that the vast majority of those “bountied” to the US by competing groups were in fact innocent.

Obama’s ongoing cover-up of Bush’s crimes is not going to make them go away.  Like the bleeding leaks that took place during Watergate by Deep Throat (who turned out to be the Associate Director of the FBI, Mark Felt), Obama’s ultimately going to be the scapegoat…count on it.

What?  You thought Bush, Cheney, Rove & Co., were going to pay?

               Dr. Publico

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