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Manning Moved to Leavenworth…

On Wednesday, April 20th, Pfc. Bradley Manning—being held as the WikiLeaks whistle-blower for the past 11 months at the Marine brig in Quantico, VA—was moved to the Joint Regional Correctional Facility (JRCF) in Kansas.

Bradley Manning…

The JRCF is a new facility, built on the USP Leavenworth compound in October of 2010 as part of the Military Corrections Complex.  It houses pre-trial inmates and military personnel serving less than five years.

Manning was initially arrested at Forward Operating Base Hammer near Baghdad, Iraq, in May of 2010.  He was held under a punitive regimen in maximum-security lock-up, despite not having been convicted of anything.

Pfc. Manning was an intelligence analyst and worked on the US Gov’ts Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SPIRNet).  Born in December of 1987, he’s now 23-yrs-old, and is a dual American/British citizen. 

At 5’2” and about 105 lbs, Manning is gay and a secular humanist (atheist).  For a time, he was forced to disrobe every night and sleep without pillow, sheets and blanket.  He was awoken throughout the night to “check on his condition.”  It’s a type of “security” that all prisoners in the American gulag are familiar with:  Retribution, punishment and coercion under a bureaucratic excuse.

A number of world-wide organizations, including Amnesty International, along with direct queries to the president, criticized Manning’s treatment.  They’ve only been met with the mantra that Manning’s punitive regimen was in “compliance with legal and regulatory standards” in all respects (further condemning that system).

JRCF cells & common area…

Conservative and neo-liberal dimwits create a regimen based upon their own authoritative abuse and then turn around and cite “the system” as being in “compliance.”  Their logic is as rational as their vapid intelligence.

Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley who described Manning’s treatment as “ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid” in March, was forced to resign by the White House.

Clearly, in order for a person to serve in the US State Department, he must accept the “ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid” aspects of the assignment.  To his credit, Crowley stuck by his statement rather than back off.

Manning’s “crime” is that he believed that much of the information he analyzed should be in the public domain.  He turned it over to WikiLeaks for that purpose.  By definition, he’s thus a whistle-blower, not a spy.

At JRCF Leavenworth, he’ll go thru about a week of Admissions & Orientation, and then most likely be housed in general population.  He’ll find a lot of friends there.  (Only sociopaths seeking favor with the authorities would be a threat.  They’re usually already screened into higher-security facilities.)

As an openly gay prisoner bucking the system, he’ll pretty much have carte blanche for friends.  Unless he’s some kind of real smart-ass, I wouldn’t foresee any population problems…not from fellow prisoners.

JRCF chow hall…

In general pop, he’ll eat in the common cafeteria, go to recreation, the library, mail, probably have access to the system’s internal e-mail (CorrLinks) and, of course, that ubiquitous baby-sitter, TV in the common area.

The big hassle will be the transfer periods.  Prisoners adapt very quickly to any routine, but when he has to appear in court (which in his case is the US Army’s military district in Washington, DC), it’s a real pain.

Transport and jail personnel have their “procedures.”  All your property has to be turned in, your cell given up, a body search that John Wayne Gacy would find a delight, handcuffs, leg-cuffs and a waist chain that extends to your hands and legs.

It makes no matter when your transport is scheduled, they always get you up and processed around 2am.  Then you have to sit in a holding cell for hours listening to the inane banter and childish giggling of the guards.

Everytime they move you, it’s an occasion for their retribution mentality and self-hate to manifest itself.  One can console themselves by realizing that at least such exposure is only occasional…

Imagine if you were one of their family members…

               Dr. Publico 

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