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Bernie Madoff’s New “con”…

I notice the news on TV this evening is about Bernie Madoff, convicted confidence businessman serving life in federal prison at FCI Butner, North Carolina.  Seems that K.C. White, a bank robber that got out last August, has a signed portrait of Bernie that he’s hustling.  On it’s own, no problem.

Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff

     But White claims that, while they stood together in the med line (that usually means psychotropic drugs),  “All Bernie would say was, ‘Fuck my victims!  I carried them for 26 years and I got 150 years.'”  White disingenuously adds, “He really showed very little remorse.”  The New York magazine gives a bit more nuanced report, with Madoff reacting angrily to inmate provocations.

     While this site holds no stock for predatory criminals (and destroying the lives of thousands of people so qualifies), I’d place as much credibility in K.C. White’s statement as most other inmates would:  ZERO.   If anyone’s inclined to buy his story at full face value, well, I got some dirt once stepped on by Gene Gotti (John’s brother) walking the track at FCI McKean, PA, I’d like to sell you.  

     Hey, KC!  Bernie ain’t the only con man in that joint.  Good luck with your picture.

               Dr. Publico

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