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CIA Terrorist Acquitted…

The wonder is that Luis Posada was ever charged with anything…  Posada was acquitted at trial in Texas last week.

Cubana Airlines DC-8...

The US Dept of “Justice” effectively conspired with Posada’s defense by only charging him with lying to US Immigration authorities.  It would have been extremely embarrassing should Posada have decided to “talk”; he’s the main slug in USG terrorism against Cuba.

He remains on an international arrest warrant for 73 counts of murder, which he planned and perpetrated from Venezuela back in ’76.  Let me guess:  The USG will never honor that warrant, and Luis the Leach will never serve a day behind bars.  American justice…

Luis Posada (83) is a truly contemptible example of human flotsam.  Even his own family detests him.  I suppose many of us behind the razor-wire run into these types…thankfully, not often.

Cubana Flight #455...1976...

He was born Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles (February 15th, 1928) in Cienfuegos, Cuba.  At the time of the Revolution in 1959, he was a supervisor for Firestone.

He relocated to the US by 1961, and helped organize the US-trained Bay of Pigs invasion, which was promptly trounced by the Cuban people.  Luis himself was too cowardly to actually go along…a pattern he would follow throughout his life.

Entering the US Army as an officer, he was trained by the CIA as a terrorist-saboteur at Ft. Benning, GA, 1963-64.  (It would have been nice to know precisely where he was in November of ’63.)

Into 1968, working for the CIA, Luis operated as a recruiter in the Cuban exile (gusano) community in Miami.  He was generally involved in recruiting in the Miami community.

Embarrassing his CIA handlers with his drug/gangster ties, he was reassigned to Venezuela, became a citizen there, and chief of operations to their secret intelligence service (DISIP) while remaining on the CIA payroll.  He was dismissed by the Venezuelan gov’t for getting caught running a cocaine operation.

Founding his own private agency in Caracas, he organized the in-flight bombing of Cubana flight 455 over Barbados in 1976, killing all 73 aboard.

After Ronald Reagan was elected, Posada was appointed the #2 man in Central America for the CIA.  His central task under the direct control of Col. Oliver North out of the White House, was to redirect cocaine profits to finance the Contras.

A few more operations here and there, including an attempted assassination of Castro in Panama, Luis ends up in the mid-late 1990s planting bombs in tourist hotels in Havana.

The Cuban Five...

Enter Fidel and Cuba.  They decide to track down this mad dog and others like him in the Miami-gusano community.  Five volunteers from their intelligence service go to Miami and infiltrate these groups.

Believing that there were honorable people in the USG, Cuba invited the FBI down to Havana and gave them complete dossiers on all these terrorist activities.

The FBI returned to Washington and promptly ignored all the information except that which helped them arrest, convict and imprison the Cuban officers.

The Cuban Five have been imprisoned now for 13 years.  Their only task was against US-based terrorists.  Cuba has suffered a total of 3,478 murders by gusano groups and other terror actions over the past 50 years.

These true freedom fighters have garnered significant international support, including calls for their release by former president Jimmy Carter, former attorney general Ramsey Clark, and actor Danny Glover.

The Honor Roll:  (L-to-R)   Gerardo Hernández (45), #58739-004, LIFE, USP Victorville, CA; Rene González (54), #58738-004, (out-date):  10-07-2011, FCI Marianna, FL; Antonio Guerrero (52), #58741-004, 09-18-2017, FCI Florence, CO; Ramón Labañino (Luis Medina III, 47), #58734-004, 10-30-2024, FCI Jesup, GA; and Fernando González (Ruben Campa, 47), #58733-004, 02-27-2014, FCI Terre Haute, IN.

   Dr. Publico

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