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Clarence Thomas—The Last Overseer…

I chose to serve a 25-yr sentence in federal prison rather than betray others.  At some point in my youth and experiences I acquired a social consciousness, and a special animus for those who would sell their souls at any price

Having spent most of my lifetime in human rights and political struggle, and having served Honorably from 1959-to-1965 in the American Civil War in the Jim Crow South–precisely a century after the first one–it truly pains me to witness some turn traitor on their own people, their race, their class, their very family history.

While I’m a non-theist and don’t believe in fairies, ghosts, goblins or gods, I do believe in a universal connection tying all things to all times.  I believe we all come from the same source—star stuff, if you will—to which we all return.  It’s not a personal thing.

   I don’t submit any answer to the Great Mysteryof where all this originally came from…nor do I believe can anyone else.  Life is one aspect of universal existence.  Individual consciousness is one of the most fleeting and perhaps the greatest of illusions.  But nevertheless, this is where we live.

Poor and disempowered sociopaths and products of excessive authority, abuse, and cruelty, victimize those closest to them, those available, the innocent and even more powerless children and animals.  They’re living cycles of violence and despair.

In every society at every time, there are those in power who are Quislings.  Those whose self-hatred and disgust is so deep that they would quite aggressively serve their chosen masters at any vile task.

When I read in the NY Times one of these related stories, I had my latest example.  John Thompson, a 22-yr-old black man from New Orleans, 22, falsely was convicted of robbery and murder and sent to the Louisiana plantation prison, Angola, in 1985.

He spent 18 years in prison, 14 on Death Row, before a private investigator found 10 pieces of evidence—including blood DNA—that proved his innocence.  The prosecutors had withheld it all quite deliberately.  Their position on testing DNA evidence is that “it disrespects the victims” !?!

Thompson was literally only weeks from execution.  It was his last shot, it was literally, “time to give up.”  Of course, the State pursued the farce.  Retried, a new jury acquitted him in 2002 in 35 minutes.  He was freed in 2003 with $10 and busfare.  Another Louisiana jury later awarded him $14 million.

John Thompson (48)

While no one was prosecuted for the deliberate crimes against Thompson and, in fact, those prosecutors can still practice “law” with impunity, the New Orleans District Attorney appealed the civil award up to the US Supreme Court.

The Gang of Five, headed by Clarence Thomas, struck down the award verdict.  Thomas wrote a script right out of the Klan Manual:  He claimed that “Thompson didn’t deserve any money because he couldn’t prove that there was a pattern of similar violations in previous cases, or that prosecutors deliberately set out to violate the Constitution.”

Thompson makes a total of 108 from US death rows proved innocent.

Were I a clinical practitioner of psychology (I’m a forensic PsyD), I’d be looking right hard about now across the chair at client Clarence.

I’d be wondering what sick abuse he had suffered as a child that was so terrible that he visits this irrational unreason on others.  What is he punishing?  What is he concealing?

Scalia, Alito and the other two rabid dogs are easier to fathom.  They follow a history of racism back hundreds of years.  They should be wearing white robes.  But Thomas?

Them Georgia crackerboys take you out in the woods and do you so good that you’re still trying to please them?  Or are you still looking at all the dirt and poverty around you that you’ll do anything to avoid it?

Whether you realize it or not, that which you identify with is your oppressor, and that which you victimize is another expression of yourself.

And that entity you worship?  I got news for you…it ain’t no god…

               Dr. Publico

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