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Crime, Criminals & Conspiracies…

   (NOTE: If your ears are too sensitive for prison-speak, then please feel free to pass up this article…)

As a 21+yr veteran of the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), I’ve met and known my fair share of criminals.  Most of them don’t hold a candle, however, to the crew operating these days in the Republican Party.

Cripes!  I mean, how would you like over half of Congress covering your ass?  Not only free get-out-of-jail cards, but you’ll never even be investigated!?!  A majority of the US Supreme Court?  Yup.  Governors?  They got ‘em.  State judges and legislators?  Plenty, no problem.

Hold up a bank for a few thousand bucks and go to prison.  Hold up the same bank for a billion-or-so, and even the neo-liberals will bend over so far they’ll give you a few billion more!

We are definitely in the wrong game.  Hell, Luis Posada down in Texas just beat a case the feds mounted a mock-show-trial on.  The guy’s one of the top terrorists in the world—even blew-up an airliner killing all the passengers.  Free pass.  Hey, Luis, you gusano slug, go do a few more!

Well, don’t pay attention to us, we’re just jealous.  Sell a little get-high or a piece of what we were born with, and go to prison.  As “criminals” ourselves, I guess we should all find it all rather amusing.  Hell, compared to them, even the worst of us are merely petty criminals.

Do they really believe they can create such an insane plutocracy without their future progeny suffering for it?  They have no consciousness of anything but themselves?  Are they that empty and ignorant?  At long last, have they no decency?

Back in 2000, I recall saying that these New Republicans did not have to actually win the election count.  All they need do is get close, they would steal the rest.  I was quite prescient.  They did it in 2000, 2004, and, déjà vu, we’re here all over again.

Following the events in Wisconsin concerning the latest ALEC-Koch Brothers’ conspiracy, there was just the reelection of Justice David Prosser to another 10-yr term to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The election was critical to Gov. Scott Walker, another ALEC-Koch protégé, because Prosser controls the majority vote “legalizing” the criminal legislation of Walker and the Republican majority in the State Assembly.

However, while normally a shoe-in, Prosser lost by a hair to assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenburg.  Given the close tally, a recount was mandated by law.

Enter the Dragon.  Democracy is fine and well for We, the People (when they vote the right way), but hardly for the Masters of the Universe…

Prosser and his co-conspirators brought in big gun Ben Ginsberg, infamous for his work in Bush v. Gore and Katherine Harris’s “recount” fix.

In this case, a full two days after the vote, Kathy Nickolaus, a County Clerk who had worked for Prosser when he was an assemblyman and had also worked with Scott Walker, “found” some 7,582 votes on her personal computer (where she stores all the results of the election in her county).

In addition to the Wisconsin Attorney General and the  Madison Cap Times calling for a federal probe into this theft, US Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) has also made a formal request to US Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct an investigation into election fraud.  Fat chance.

Clearly, only the full force of a US Department of Justice investigation, immediate confiscation of her computer, and scaring the shit out of her co-conspirators could even come close to the truth of this matter.

Forgedaboudit.  The Nowhere Man is running for reelection himself.  Compromise and surrender is his methodology for getting there.

And for Kathy Nickolaus?  She’ll get her usual 30 pieces of silver…

               Dr. Publico

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