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Corporate Parlours & Batmen…

I recall well when Big Bubba Clinton won the presidency back in ’92.  I was in my third year of federal prison (of a 25-yr bit) at FCI Schuylkill, PA.

Class resistance, not class collaboration...

There was a lot of interest and excitement by prisoners in Clinton’s candidacy.  They hung on every word that The Man from Hope uttered, believing that he would bring change to the prison conditions we lived under.  Well, he did that alright…

Staff grew more and more quiet and wary.  There was definitely a greater sense of respect in their treatment of inmates, perhaps in anticipation of change.  Clinton alluded to an out-of-control imprisonment system and the need for downsizing.

It wasn’t long after the election that Bubba showed his true allegiance.  If not outright conservative, he was the next worst thing.  He lost no time abandoning his mass, working-class base.

More punitive laws, sentencing, harsher and more restrictive conditions, and an explosion of prison growth put the lie to everything he had campaigned on.

For a former constitutional law professor (it couldn’t have been the U.S. one) he even suspended the writ of habeas corpus (after one year) with his Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA).

Good game Bubba, but who pays for it?

It would be another 16 years—thru the administrations of Clinton and George-the-Lesser—before prisoners would have an opportunity to be screwed again thru false hope.

Now that Barack Obama has been in Massa’s House for over 2 years as Head Batman (as opposed to I-Don’t -Inhale–and-You-Don’t-Swallow, and the Drunken Frat-boy), he’s headed for reelection.  Oh joy!

He folded on healthcare, Guantanamo, Afghanistan, and taxes for the wealthy.  Wall Street and the corporations have never in their history been more profitable.  And the American middle and working classes are worse off since the Great Depression.

Instead of restoring the rule of law and prosecuting Bush, Cheney & Co., he allows the silly peacock to strut with impunity wherever he wishes (except, of course, overseas, where he’d be subject to prosecution), while Obama extends illegal wiretapping, indefinite detention, and the torturous conservative morality of a gutter rat.

For 300 years, the corporate elite have been itching to rule in their own name, a true capitalist system.  They are closer to it today than ever in their history.

Instead of rolling back Clinton’s and Bush’s corporatist controls over the American people, and the largest prison gulag in the history of the planet, Obama’s added to and advanced them.

Ironically, as they did with Clinton, the Republican batmen are wildly pushing for further controls, the destruction of all unions, the elimination and/or privatization of all public services, full taxation of the masses (but not their wealthy sponsors), and working class impoverishment for cheap labor.

The irony is that they get to blame the Democrats…the junior partner in the corporatist schemes.

Of course, Obama & Co., surely feel justified in their turn to the right (they never were left, they were always centrist) by virtue of the fact that most of their base would be well-satisfied with working for a living and raising a family.

Their political participation tends to be rather minimal as they’re happy to leave politics to their representatives.  This is unfortunate.

The fact is, conservatives and corporatists use politics as both a means to gain wealth (generally, they  produce nothing) and impoverish those whom they can gain a profitable advantage over.

They can’t pull the “we’re gonna change everything gambit” twice in order to energize the mass base for the simple fact that they blew that lie in the first 4 yrs.  Winning over or at least neutralizing the right is the neo-liberal strategy for reelection.

This is the opportunity for the left and progressive mass base to come out and run a third-party ticket.  The alternative is 4-more-yrs of the same Obama, and then 8 yrs of the Republicans—another 12 yrs of near-complete corporate power and almost surely the end of democracy in any form at all, representative or otherwise.

Hopefully, without sounding too shrill, this might well be the last opportunity America has at actually living up to its ideals.  William Pitt of Truthout calls Obama The nowhere Man (given that everyone else is worse).  He’s got that right.

Lincoln didn’t start the Civil War, but nor did he shrink before it.  Those who followed the plantation masters had only themselves to blame.  Unless Obama makes a sharp turn to the left and acts like it, and sounds the clarion to resist this class war with clear class resistance, then:

No where is where we live, and nothing is what we’re going to get…

               Dr. Publico

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