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Katrina Killer Kops Go Down…

In a rare show of justice, two of the killer cops in the Henry Glover murder during the post-Katrina events have received significant sentences.

Police-torched car...

Federal Judge Lance Africk sentenced New Orleans cops David Warren to 25 years, and Greg McRae to 17.  This site previously included this case in a report on New Orleans’s police entitled “State Terrorists & Their Gangs.”

The case was only able to move forward due to the persistence of the family, witnesses, and investigations by ProPublica and The Nation magazine forced a federal response. 

According to a subsequent 158-page study by the US Department of Justice, numerous violations by the New Orleans police  were documented, including the Henry Glover murder and cover-up.

Henry Glover...

It was determined at trial that Glover, 31, was at the mall picking up a suitcase of baby clothing preparatory to leaving New Orleans when he was confronted by a man with an assault rifle, moonlighting cop David Warren.

Glover ran and was shot in the back and left in the street.  Contrary to Warren testimony, his partner testified that Glover was unarmed and presented no threat.

Two passing samaritans picked him up and took him to a local police post to report the shooting and get medical help.  They were instead arrested and severely beaten, accused of being looters.  The cops left Glover to bleed out.

Killer cops: McRae & Warren...

Eventually, Officer Greg McRae drove the car to a levee and torched it with Glover still in the back seat.  He was incinerated, so it’s impossible to say if he was already dead.  Another officer at the scene testified that McRae was laughing after he torched the car.

The sentencing of Lt. Travis McCabe, convicted of writing a false report, is still pending.  Two other cops, Lieutenants Dwayne Scheuermann and Robert Italiano, tried for writing false reports, were found not-guilty.

Given the nature of justice in America and the conservative composition of the Appeals and US Supreme Court, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any lasting justice.

Nevertheless, it is somewhat satisfying to see some justice prevail.  Or as that arch-hypocrite John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted would say (if it wasn’t one of his cop buddies):

“These scum-bags are getting a dose of what they deserve!”

               Dr. Publico

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