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Marijuana & Criminal Justice…

With over 2.5 million souls incarcerated in the American gulag, 1-in-8 prisoners are locked up for a marijuana-related offense.  Some 52% all toll are imprisoned for drug convictions.

Los Angeles Medicine…

The overwhelming majority of prisoners in America are not doing time for predatory criminal actions, but for “crimes” that are created by religious and conservative sensibilities—hypocrisies, truth be told.

The citizens of America are treated as children to control their consensual habits and desires.

Destroying the lives of thousands of retirees and homeowners and workers is not a criminal act—or at least not one that is being pursued and punished.  Quite the opposite.

When they’re not getting bailouts, free tax, and appointed to gov’t positions, legislators on the make are making more laws rewarding such profiteering and privatizing what’s left of public services.

We’re treated to the vast majority of criminalizations being comprised of personal consensual activities and those much the equivalent of stealing bread to eat.

Ever so slowly, the grindstone of legal reform is turning at least in the direction of legalizing the use of marijuana.  Kind of ironic, really.  Its original criminalization, 100 years ago, started this mental aberration of unbridled hate, racism, nativism and corporatism using drugs—including alcohol—as a major means of social control.

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia now have medical marijuana laws, with a number of others about to introduce such legislation.

The US Veterans Administration instructed its offices to no longer disallow such use of marijuana in those states where it is law.  Up until a few months ago, any vet being tested for marijuana and being found positive was automatically disqualified for VA medical benefits.

Natural medicine…

And now, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), within the US Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), has just added marijuana into its treatment database.

I love it:  The NCI cites the medicinal benefits of Cannabis for those with cancer as being antiemetic, appetite stimulation, pain relief, improved sleep, and for its possible direct antitumor effects.

Another irony, given that most states and the US Department of Justice USDOJ) still mindlessly pursue their prosecution policies of marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic with “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.”

Naturally, the corporatist profiteers couldn’t let this event pass without their denunciation.  The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) censurs any use of marijuana for any reason.  As so-called “addictions specialists” they stand to lose a major source of revenue if reefer is decriminalized and judges weren’t sentencing them to counseling.

Many cops, of course (despite the fact that they use it at the same or a greater rate than the general population), would oppose its legalization.  They’d lose a major source of easy busts of otherwise law-abiding people, and they’d have to actually bust real criminals.

It also tends to be opposed by prison staff.  Marijuana prisoners are among the most educated, hard-working, and peaceful of all inmates.  Staff is concerned with both the quality of prisoners (who wants to face hard-core bangers?) and quantity.

Job security…  What a pack of weasels…

               Dr. Publico

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  1. Dr. Publico,

    I think that in addition to writing about the abuse marijuana users face, you ought to write a couple of hard-hitting articles about the abuse of so-called sex offenders. These are the people least likely to have good people stand up for them.

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