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21st Century Neo-Fascism…

   The following “left-wing rant” is inspired by the in-credibly “successful” right-wing rants of Glenn Beck & CoSomebody must be listening to these whackos…

One of the many acquaintances I’ve developed over my past 20+ years in federal prison, one I wrote a book review for, Hans Post, One man in His Time (2002), is a former decorated Waffen SS soldier who served a number of years as a prisoner of the French, Americans, and Germans after WW-II.

Col. Otto Skorzeny

On first blush, Hans Post would hardly be the sort of historical figure I’d take a shine to.  Members of fascist organizations in my book would be right up there with the klan, slavers, settler-occupiers, nativists, Tea-Bagger Republicans, and other assorted flotsam of humanity.

But Hans provides a phenomenal example of where one can come from, go to, and give hope to the rest of us…

Hans enlisted into the special Kommando of Col. Otto Skorzeny in 1944 at 17.  Skorzeny enjoyed Hitler’s favor, so his command was relatively independent, unlike virtually all of the rest of the SS.  He was also one of the world’s most foremost commandos.  One could say, he “wrote the book.”

   Skorzeny’s command included the German rescue of Mussolini at his exiled Italian mountaintop (parachutists and an assembled aircraft), the capture of President Horthy in his palace in Hungary, and the infiltration of an entire regiment of his Kommando behind the America lines (in US uniform and equipment) at the Battle of the Bulge. 

   I had a number of interesting conversations with Hans; the movie did the story no justice.  They suffered virtually no losses until air power decimated their retreat.  (The movie depicted several individual Gestapo operations, not Skorzeny’s regiment.)

After WW-II, during the various Nuremberg trials, the allies tried to prosecute Skorzeny for “war crimes.”  There were none.  (A British commander came to his defense for the American-uniformed gambit:  “We did the same thing,” he testified.) 

   Much of Skorzeny’s later activities remain shrouded as classified.  Apparently working for American intelligence in Eastern Europe and North Africa, he died in Spain in 1979—most secrets with him.  (Certain conspiratists believe he remained alive and working intel…)

When Hans eventually served his various POW/prison terms, and later became a left-union activist in the mining industry, he and his family (a wife and three girls) emigrated to Australia in 1959.

Hans eventually became the grandfather of the Australian antiwar movement, of which he remains today at a lively 85.

The same could not be said for the criminal administration of George Bush.  Upon assuming office, Bush and his corporatist legion ignored the repeated and forceful warnings of Clinton & Co., regarding the threat of Osama bin Laden.

The bureaucratic-conservative operatives in the FBI, CIA, etc., actively blocked the intelligence coming into gov’t offices of an impending terrorist attack.  They had a reason…

When the attacks dutifully occurred—although I doubt that they had the imagination to foresee their astounding success—they had their “Pearl Harbor.”

Ironically, the Brits played the same role in WW-II; they had solid intel of the impending Japanese attack but, like Bush & Co., believed it served a higher purpose to allow it to occur.

Using the pretext of the attack, Bush rammed the grab-bag dictatorial laws of the Patriot Act thru Congress, attacked Afghanistan and the Taliban for “harboring” Al Queda, and lost no time fomenting a war against Iraq for the “disrespect they showed his daddy” and a grab for the oil, and, oh yeah…the non-existent “weapons of mass destruction.”

Hitler & Co., would be astounded…and proud.  Since then—with Obama’s tacit, if not explicit compliance—the American Empire continues its perpetual state of occupation and war.

The use of “surplus working-class” youth to “volunteer” for these wars (having exported most of the jobs to cheap labor markets), while the corporations train their own future mercs as private contractors throughout the Empire, will soon all come home for use against the growing democratic rebellion…or so they hope.

Who’s needs Nazis when we have GE, Fox Newscorp, and Quisling neo-liberals with kneepads??

               Dr. Publico

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