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Compromise & Surrender…

Is the President of the United States, Barack Obama–with a history of some street/community organizing creds–really that stupid?

Fresh news...

I realize that, at heart, he’s a neo-liberal ideologically not much removed from the conservative flunkies in the Republican Party.

On the issue of corporatism, he’s somewhere to their left, which to them puts him off-the-table next to the dog-dish.

Next to the dog-dish or not, I guess he figures that he’s still in the House…beats being with the rest of us in the Fields

I’m sure that when Sun Tzu or Clauswitz or Giap were facing a far superior enemy, that they would never opt for the nobility of mano-a-mano sacrifice.  Nor do I…

With 20+ years in the prison systems, I’ve certainly had my fair share of riots, strikes, and other actions.  Perhaps Obama—as some believe—is layin’-in-the-cut.  After he wins his second term, he’ll “be free” to really go after these bozos and accomplish something.

History tells us otherwise (to wit: Clinton et al.):  The first term they’re running for the second; the second term they end up busy planning for a stately and cushy feather nest.  I hope I’m wrong…

As a prisoner (albeit at the moment in a congressional EOHDPP program), I tend to focus my analyses on issues related to the criminal justice system.  And I believe—given the mass base of prisoners and our families, over 50 million—that we’ll be a significant force in any future democratic action.

So, as I pay attention to Obama and remember his promises, I’m pretty well getting my teeth kicked in.  In terms of the so-called Patriot Act, AEDPA, Homeland Security, ICE, TSA, Guantanamo, etc., what’s changed?

He’s adopted all of the Drunken Frat Boy’s laws and policies, gave them a free pass on all their crimes and, in fact, expanded them!  This is his opportunity to get rid of these stinking laws.  Doesn’t he realize they’re going to come back on us with a vengeance?  Is he that stupid?  (Oh, yeah, I already asked that…).

The corporate ruling class pulled off the biggest heist in the history of the world.  What’s Obama’s response to these criminals?  He stops ‘em as they’re leaving the banks and boardrooms with the booty, and tells ‘em, “Hey, wait!  Keep the money, no problem.  But here’s some more!”  Never saw that one on a cops ‘n robbers TV drama.

Further, he brings them into the White House and the Administration to be “advisors,” and, I suppose, to keep an eye on Massa’s silverware…

When time comes to restore a little sense to the economy and let the Reagan/Bush tax-giveaway to Los Ricos lapse, he dutifully dons his knee-pads and kisses their asses.

He had the perfect opportunity to play a Lincolnesque stature role:  Call the Republican bluff—real or otherwise.  Let it lapse.  Let another 20 million-or-so workers flood the growing Main Street Rebellion.  Better the commander of a Democratic Rebellion than a Step ‘n Fetchit for the Corporatist Plantation Masters.

(And if some think my metaphors are too racial, save your breath.  I’ve said far worse concerning the running rabid dogs of Reagan, Clinton, Bush & Co….)

PFC Bradley Manning...

And now the president can’t even pass a simple test concerning one single 23-yr-old soldier boy—Bradley Manning—even as the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.  Manning shows more command stature than anyone else in gov’t.

The brig-Marine pukes who hold PFC Manning now in some 8 months of solitary confinement at Quantico (he’s not been convicted of anything, therefore remains “innocent until proven guilty”—Hey, Obama, remember that one?  You were a constitutional law prof) strip him naked every night and take away his bedding, while waking him up throughout the night ”to check that he’s alright.”

Try that on your own family just one night and see how long you last.

In his recent speech to the press, Obama answered that he checked with the Pentagon and they assured him that Manning was being treated properly, and that his personal safety was being assured.  Right-on, Homer.  We know what that’s worth.

I recall a conversation I once had with a friend, a senior appointee to Mayor Coleman Young’s administration (Detroit), given certain corruption allegations, “Hey!  The white’s did it, why you picking on the blacks?”  Given the history, I guess I just expected better…

“Evil is the lack of empathy.”—Judgment at Nuremberg.

               Dr. Publico 

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