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Illinois Death Penalty Abolished…

Smack in the middle of the struggle from the corporate/Republican class war-front is some decent and rational news…

In search of hope...

Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) signed state bill 3539, abolishing the death penalty, into law on Wednesday, March 9th.  That now makes 16 states and the District of Columbia without a death penalty, along with most of the free civilized nations on this planet.

Gov. Quinn stated as he signed the bill, “I have concluded that our system of imposing the death penalty is inherently flawed….  [And is not] free of discrimination on the basis of race, geography or economic circumstance [class]…

One could add innocence as well.  The notoriety of “confessions” obtained by police thru torture, and the recent convictions of a number of these police, helped lead to this abolition.

Some 11 years earlier, after a professor/student group at Northwestern University conducted a study of the men on Illinois’s death row, they found thru DNA and other evidence that 13 of the 25 then on death row were innocent.

Then Governor George Ryan (R-IL) declared a moratorium on the death penalty and later commuted the remaining sentences to life.  The Illinois General Assembly thus introduced and passed the abolition bill.

Since 1986, a total of 18 men on Illinois’s death row have been found innocent and released after serving from 3-to-19 yrs.  Since 1973, over 130 people nationally have been released from death row after exoneration.

Governor George Ryan’s earlier act of conscience didn’t go unnoticed by his more reactionary detractors.  He was inserted into an old case regarding pay-offs in the Secretary of State’s office.

A snitch in that case got a free pass to implicate and testify against Ryan.  The former governor was convicted.  He got 6 ½ yrs and is serving it at FCI Terre Haute, IN (#16627-424).  He’s due to get out July 4th, 2013.

Normally one would wonder why a Republican and former governor isn’t in a camp.  Clearly, having a social conscience is considered a serious security threat to the powers that be.

I got news for our class war antagonists:  The life you save today may well be your own tomorrow…

               Dr. Publico

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