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Obama’s Corporate Nemesis…

(Prelude…)   There was an audible gasp in the private room by several of the Republican gubernatorial candidates.  Tim Phillips, director of Americans For Prosperity, a front for the multi-billionaire Koch Brothers, continued,  “You heard it right.  This is a capitalist nation, not a nanny-state for lazy and homeless bums.

Obama, Inc?

The Democratic Party represents the interests of welfare cheats and surplus laborers.  They’re propped in power by unions that have usurped their role from honest, hard-working entrepreneurs.

   “It’s time we take that power back.  Starting after this election, we will crush the financial backbone of the Democrats…the unions.  There are only two parties that we need in America:  Those that earned it, the corporations, and you, their Republican representatives.”

Voice in the audience:  “And what if they stir up a strong backlash, like we see in the Mid-East?”

Phillips:  “No problem.  Then the Democrats can fulfill their true role…compromise and surrender.  Either way, we win!”

(Laughter…and so it is…   Source:  NikiLeaks, Dateline: [redacted]…)

Fiction?  I think not.  This period in American history is marked by significant elements of the ruling class engaging in a serious probe to assume total state-corporatist power.  A plutocracy.

(The only people whom I know that deny the reality of an American ruling class are those of it and those who support it…lest the masses catch on…)

As a journalist, a progressive political activist, a forensic investigator, and a psychologist, which includes 20+ years in federal prison, I’ve found that you can’t appease tyrants.  You don’t compromise with people who are literally out to enslave you to their profit, privilege and power.

AKA: The Greek Goddess of Justice...

Given the record to date, Obama’s not doing very well facing this challenge.  It doesn’t take a military or historical genius to figure out the true intent of the enemy, and the actual Order of Battle, so to speak.

While the ruling class owns practically everything, including the media, and they’ve certainly convinced/confused maybe a third of the population, they do have their Achilles’ Heel.  Mubarak et al. found that out.

Even the second most powerful nation on Earth, the former Soviet dictatorship, dissolved before the tsunami of the masses.  They found that the fingers on the triggers and buttons aren’t actually their own…

Historically, such internal conflicts (e.g., the American Revolution, Civil War, etc.) end up with their masses more or less divided into thirds.  One-third for, one-third against, and one-third clueless.  We’re quickly approaching that critical mass.

Obama’s strength is that he’s president (chief executive officer of the US and law, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces), and has a solid one-third of the population as his base.

His weakness is that he’s a compromiser (actually, an appeaser…tyrants eat that shit up; y’all notice that they never play that game).

He has no apparent consciousness that there’s a vast distinction between free enterprise and monopolistic corporatism.  Obama’s engaged into much the same Clintonian gambit that gained nothing for the rest of us.  In fact, the opposite.  We expected better.

Nevertheless, in the long term I’m betting that the corporatists and their Republican wannabees grossly undervalue the power of an ideal, the power of democracy…

               Dr. Publico

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