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Scalia & the Scabs of Justice…

This American Tribune has published several weblog posts on the corporatist members of the US Supreme Court—the Gang of Five.  The most recent was, “All Shame in Their Game…,” on 10Feb2011.

Antonin Scalia: Ein Mann seiner Zeit...

Lest some of my readers think that my comments were far-fetched, the following day, in echo of the sentiments we expressed, Attorney Bruce Fein, a former Associate Deputy Attorney General for Ronald Reagan, had a letter published in the NY Times (11Feb2011) stating:

   “Justice Antonin Scalia galloped far beyond the furthest boundaries of judicial propriety in secretly meeting on Capitol Hill to discuss the Constitution with Tea Party members of Congress saddled with a co-equal duty to assess the constitutionality of legislative action.  If there are better ways to destroy public confidence in judicial impartiality, they do not readily come to mind.

   “…Justice Abe Fortas was forced to resign for, among other things, secretly advising President Lyndon B. Johnson on race, urban unrest and the Vietnam War.” 

The stench of porcine wallowing is too much for even some conservative travelers to stomach.  The site reporting their story included further comments that have been written here.

To wit:  Scalia and Thomas “both attended Koch-hosted fundraising sessions devoted to building and funding a corporate political movement.”

Justice Alito is noted as a major “fundraiser for right-wing political causes.”

Justice Thomas’s wife, “Ginny the Gyp,” heads a Tea Party corporate advisory group regarding funding and investments related to “her husband’s judicial decisions.”

Clearly, corporate ownership and control of more than 90% of the nation’s media, Fox News commentators having a free hand in calling for the assassination of those they political disagree with, the neo-liberal administration of Obama willingness to “compromise” on justice and democratic principles, and the tea-bagger/Republican control of the House in Congress, has given carte blanche to the rats and roaches to proliferate.

The rebellion in Egypt has at least placed democracy on the agenda…we’re not near there yet.  Justice is for sale, and we just don’t have the price of the ticket…

As prisoners and felons in the America gulag—all 10+ million of us—we have a direct interest in criminal justice and how the leadership of this nation conducts that process.

(You know why the total number of felons in the US is not compiled nor reported by any official agency?  That percentage would stagger the public…)

When the judicial powers refuse to dispense justice–in fact, are the most socially predatory themselves–who needs ‘em?

               Dr. Publico

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