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All Shame in Their Game…

During my 22+ yrs in jails and prisons around the world, I’ve known and listened to the stories of many fellow prisoners.

Corporate Court...

Hans Post, was in the famed unit of Col. Otto Skorzeny’s Waffen SS Kommando.  He served (two Iron Crosses) at the Battle of the Bulge (in American uniform), the Russian Front, was captured and escaped from the Czech partisans, was a POW at the infamous killing camp of the French at Thoree les Pins, and did a stint in a German post-war prison for selling a contraband pistol.

Gunther, an executive for Deutsche Bank, got 11 yrs for bilking $200 million out of a couple of Wall Street banks.  His job at Deutsche Bank was waiting for him, but since most of the money was never recovered, I doubt that he was worried about it.  We’ve had some real interesting conversations.

Jurgen, a Lufthansa pilot, was caught with a kilo of heroin in the space beneath his flight seat.  He should have paid more attention to his pissed-off mistress.

Oh, I could go on and on…  But, by far, the most evil and contemptuous crooks I’ve witnessed are not even in prison.  Make no mistake:  It’s a criminal conspiracy.  You know why they love throwing that term at us?  Because it’s precisely what they see in their mirror.

Psychologically they can’t face their own criminality, so they project it on to us.  Whatever it takes to credit their own criminal theft, they’ll always blame the victim, and get the ignorant  and other victims to believe it.

His number of parents?

Easily the most criminal of the lot—other than the ruling corporate elite—are the Gang of Five on the US Supreme Court…Roberts, Kennedy, Alito, Scalia and Thomas.   The latter two are simply the most open about their ruling class allegiance and criminal activity.

In last year’s decision, Citizens United v. FEC (130 S.Ct 876 [2010])—a euphemism for “Corporations United”—the Gang of Five bestowed upon corporations the Constitutional rights of personhood.

Specifically, the right to donate however much money they wish to political campaigns.  Thomas in fact, even wrote an affirmative dissent that this decision is only the “first step”  towards corporations being able to do so without any reporting requirements.

In other words, they can buy elections.  I suppose it shouldn’t surprise people in the near future to be seeing their “representatives” wearing corporate logos emblazoned on their suits—much like NASCAR drivers, etc.

Two of this criminal conspiracy are the Koch brothers.  Their Wichita-based oil and gas empire makes them multi-billionaires (over $45 billion).  While their brand of ultra-conservatism was shunned not so long ago, today they sit at the very top of legislative and judicial influence in Washington, DC.

Regular attendees at Koch events include Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas who offer seminars and advice on investments and legislation connected to cases before them at the Court.

Not to be outdone, Ginni the Gyp (as some refer to her), Thomas’s cuckquean partner, is getting quite rich off of this criminal situation as well.  She heads a Tea Bagger sponsored lobbying firm called Liberty Consulting.

Her primary function is to offer advice to wealthy clients on how to donate money to political causes.  Prior to Thomas’s fifth vote on Citizens United, much of that money so spent would have been illegal.  The stench of corruption would be another hoot if all of us didn’t have to pay for it.

The next time your appeal before the Court is turned down, at least you’ll be able to get a good laugh out of it.

You might as well make your appeal to Bernie Madoff, a couple cells down…  He’ll get a good laugh, too.

               Dr. Publico

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