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Public vs. State Criminals…

One of the tasks that society extends to and depends upon the police for, is the investigation and apprehension of social predators.  But what do we do when the predators are the ones with the badges?

The Real Dirt in the Sandwich...

When criminals with badges violate that voluntary oath and prey upon the populace, they deserve all the sanctions that social predators should get—and more.

This site–American Tribune: The Prison Experience Connection–in no way condones or defends those amongst us who prey upon others.  Whomever they may be, we call for equal justice for all.

One of the more egregious examples where certain police, prosecutors, and judges have acted as predatory criminals was in the case of Jerry Hobbs of suburban Chicago (Zion), Illinois. 

Jerry’s 8-yr-old daughter, Laura, and her 9-yr-old friend, Krystal Tobias, were found in a local park stabbed to death in May of 2005.  The scene was horrific.

Laura was stabbed 20 times and Krystal 11.  Laura’s father was arrested for the murders.  The reason for their initial belief soon became clear.

Jerry Hobbs (34), Laura’s father, found the bicycles that led to the discovery of the girls’ bodies.  He had drug and domestic violence charges in Texas, and an attempted assault arrest.  He had served a short sentence in Texas for a parole violation.

After his sleepless 48-hr search, Hobbs was held and interrogated for 20 more hrs, and eventually signed a police-typed confession to the murders.  But from the beginning, all the evidence pointed away from Hobbs.

The case had a national focus—Monster Hobbs—and was even the subject of CNN’s prosecutrix cum gossip queen, Nancy Grace, shrieked her usual “Swift Justice” John Walsh-like, manic ultra-conservatism.  She was so convinced of Hobbs’s guilt she claimed she would “gladly eat a dirt sandwich if police failed to turn up the physical evidence.”  Her word is as good as her legal logic.

Persistent family and Public Defender investigations over the next five years–while Hobbs sat in jail awaiting capital trial for murder–eventually proved that Hobbs was not the murderer.  Their work eventually led to the one who was—to the chagrin of the state authorities.

Male DNA had been found under the girls’ fingernails.  And while the initial autopsy said there had been no sexual attack (it didn’t fit the police scenario for the father), a second autopsy proved that both girls had sperm in their anal, oral and vaginal orifices.  None matched Jerry.

Still, the case dragged on for five years while Jerry sat in jail.  The local labs even “mistakenly” gave the wrong DNA info to the FBI crime lab forestalling Jerry’s exoneration and earlier release.  It took a lawsuit to even get the FBI to retest the correct DNA data.

All the relevant state personnel went on “vacation.”  When the state could no longer refuse the evidence, they simply ignored it.  Jerry stayed in jail.  In fact, the prosecution continued to pursue preparation for a death penalty trial.  The rats had a bone and they just wouldn’t let go.

Finally, in 2010 the FBI scored a DNA match to a clerk working in the Pentagon!  It turned out that the real monster was a 16-yr-old neighbor who, apparently getting a free pass by the lack of proper investigation, went on to enlist in the Marines and continue his sideline of rape, torture and murder.

He was identified after he abducted two women in Virginia who survived another of his attacks.

Still, for a time the prosecutor and court dragged their feet in exonerating and releasing Hobbs.  He was finally released in August of 2010 and is in the process of suing all their asses.

While we should be delighted that an innocent man was finally freed, I think there’s a few still out there—still doing their dirty deeds under the color of law—who should be in the cell next to the real monster that they aided and abetted.

Or, as John Walsh would say, the whole pack of scum.  (Albeit, Hypocrite Walsh would never say that about the gang-in-blue.)

Dr. Publico   

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