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LUIS POSADA: America’s Osama bin Laden…

Another trial in Texas is about to commence—no doubt with the same laughable result.  Last week  Tom DeLay was sentenced to three yrs for public corruption.  I doubt he’ll ever serve a day.  The CIA’s arch-terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, is scheduled for trial today (Jan. 17th) in a Houston federal court for perjury to an immigration judge.

The face of terror...

Posada has a vast history of terrorist bombings, and even the destruction of a civilian airliner.  But the US doesn’t consider them to be crimes given that Luis was acting under CIA orders and/or in conjunction with their anti-Cuba pathology.

Posada was tailor-made for the CIA.  Not having their own hit teams (they borrow them from the Special Forces, the Mafia, or other nations), they recruit others to do their dirty work.

Posada is one of those psychopathic killers (DSM-IV) that conservative and neo-liberal corporatists in gov’t love, or at least tolerate as necessary in their pursuit of power and wealth. 

Luis has quite a rap sheet.  I doubt there are a dozen prisoners in the American gulag of some 3 million souls who come anywhere close to him.  Yet, as an anti-Cuban counter-revolutionary, an arch-gusano, he continues to live large and free (on bond) in Miami.

Posada, arguably the Osama bin Laden of the Western Hemisphere, was born in Cuba in 1928, went to university, and became a supervisor for the Firestone corporation.  Opposing the Revolution, he left Cuba in 1961.  (His entire family remained in Cuba committed to the Revolution.)

As I was mustering out of the Army (101st Airborne) in ’61, Posada had joined, sponsored by the CIA, became an officer, and took extensive studies in explosives, propaganda, and intelligence.  He quit after a year.

Working with the CIA as their “principle agent” in Miami, he was informing on those he believed not fanatical enough in their anti-Castro zeal, and recruiting and training young American-Cubans for sabotage ops in Cuba.

In a 1998 interview in the NY Times, he stated, “The CIA taught us everything—everything.  They taught us explosives, how to kill, bomb-trained us in acts of sabotage.”

His tendency to be a loose cannon, and the fact that he had incorporated his activities with criminal gangster groups, led the CIA to sponsor his emigration to Venezuela in 1967 (along with a supply of arms and explosives).

Posada obtained citizenship in Venezuela, rose to become chief of operations for the secret police, and by 1974 was a major trafficker in cocaine.

Later declassified documents of the FBI and CIA identified Posada as one of the “engineers” of the mid-air bombing of Cubana Flight 455, killing all 73 aboard.

Reagan & Co., recruited him in 1981 as the CIA’s chief operative in El Salvador in order to carry out illicit Contra war activities in the region.  These included death squads and sabotage against the Nicaraguan gov’t and people.

Of course, central to his role with the CIA, was the ability to finance this activity thru drug dealing (Oliver North & Co. handled the gun running). The ubiquitous creation of “crack” cocaine, ironically, was the chief means to oppress one major group in the US (black youths), in order to finance the oppression of others throughout Central America.

After Reagan, Posada returned to his Cuban bombings (pissed off at your family, Louie?).  By 1997, he was bombing and killing tourists in Cuba (of which a number of nations have filed to get their hands on him).

He requested political asylum in the US in 2005.  An immigration judge ordered him extradited, but no one would take him…and those who wanted him for his crimes were refused by the US (he simply knows too much).  At 82, the gov’t is hoping he’d just die.

When the Cuban gov’t cooperated with the FBI back in 2006 concerning info on Posada, the FBI instead used it to imprison five Cuban agents in the US (none of which were even accused of any criminal activity…they were anti-terror personnel).

Hell, we could have told Castro:  You’d be a damn fool to think you can trust the FBI…  They’re a corporatist political organization first and foremost…

               Dr. Publico

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