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Ironies of History…

Maybe I have too much time on my hands.  My mind tends to wander thru a variety of “What ifs…”.

Some philosophers and scientists conjecture that there may be a number of reality dimensions, or alternate universes.  An interesting thought…

Image one where Bush is not an ex-drunken frat-boy who got sober and became president and took his cruel pathologies into mass crimes against humanity.  (Yo!  Bush-baby!  Take another goddamn drink, will ya?)  Wouldn’t the world be better off if he had just stayed drunk?

Or, say if somehow you could go back in time and affect history.  Being clever, maybe having a Jewish doctor save Hitler’s mother and becoming one of young Adolph’s favorite “uncles”?  And you arrange that he receives a full-scholarship to art school (as he once tried and failed)?  How might the world be different then?

Of course, some might imagine Mossad agents tracking you down to prevent that occurrence.  Otherwise, Israel itself might never have been born (at least in the crucible of the Holocaust, which has twisted some into pathological projections on other victims…a vicious cycle…).

Zheng Ho Fleet 1434

But let’s go back further.  In December of 1241, the undefeated armies of Ogedei—3rd son of Ghenghis Khan—had crossed the Danube and were at the gates of Vienna after conquering virtually all of Asia.

Europe lay before them with no viable opposition.  But when the Mongol generals received news of the death of Ogedei, they returned home to take part in the succession.

Had the Mongols continued and occupied Europe, might the great seaborne empires and cruel mass murders of European colonization been a different story?  What might our world look like today?

Here’s another.  In the early 1400s, long before Columbus, the great Chinese fleet sailed in practically all of the world’s seas…even reputedly to the Pacific coast of the Americas.  They engaged in some military actions, but overwhelmingly they were trade voyages.

These Chinese ships were so huge that Columbus’s three vessels could have sat on one of their quarter decks with room to spare!

Inexplicably, after the death of the famed Chinese admiral Zheng He in 1435 (a former Moslem eunuch slave), the new emperor ordered the fleet destroyed as the empire turned inward.  How different might that world be, eh?

While much of the leadership of our nation today increasingly turns toward corporate fascism, one can only wonder what personalities might arise to become a future führer, and what could we do about it?

For the time being, the corporatists are on a heavy roll, and their propaganda machine (90+% of the US media of which they own) has convinced many of the masses in favor of their insanity.

Those of us who will be long gone may be the lucky ones.  We at least enjoyed a measure of freedom and democracy that only the rich intend for themselves in the future.

In any event, we fought the good fight over the past 50+ yrs…now it’s your turn.

               Dr. Publico

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