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Apocalyptic Tyranny…

As the New Year dawns, this is a time of reflections, resolutions, and predictions.  I have a few of my own.  My sentence will be up on July 8th, 2011.  Just over 21 yrs.  I’ll then have another 3 yrs of Supervised Release.

   I’ve been pretty philosophical about it.  From day one, I’ve realized that there’s not a whole lot one can do about the state of “justice” in America.  This is an especial irony given the ideals that the nation stands for versus its reality.

   The native inhabitants found this out first.  Then the Africans.  Then each wave of immigrants.  And many continue this process today. 

   Our nation is today engaged in two wars.  There’s also the so-called War on Drugs and the War on Terror.  They’re all self-perpetuating because they’re designed—or so it seems and works out–to create more victims than to resolve any conflict.

   The maintenance of a threat and self-sustaining conflicts among the masses secures “the land of the free and the home of the brave” as the largest prison society the planet has ever known.  And daily, new security measures—to save us from each other—are being enacted to enhance the profit, privilege, wealth and power of the few, very few, at the top.

   Small wonder that so many people believe in apocalyptic visions.  One of the latest that’s up and coming is the end of the 5,126-year Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012.  

   Given the penchant for people to predict end-of-world scenarios, it makes sense that the Mayan calendar would have its turn.  We currently use the birth of Jesus as the initial date of our own calendar (the Hebrews and Chinese, etc., use others as well).  

   The Mayans incorporated a 365-day solar year calendar thousands of years before the rest of the world.  Some historians also point out that the end of the Mayan calendar coincides with our sun’s alignment to the center of the galaxy every 26,000 yrs.  All grist for fertile imaginations…

   Here’s a prediction that might just be more on the mark.  Every year thousands of earth-orbit crossing asteroids pass us by.  Annually, some even come closer than the moon (between us and the moon), a near-miss.  Only an estimated 2% have been mapped by NASA and other projects.

   For all we know, a chunk of rock is even now on an earth-bound trajectory.  Scientists often become aware of them only as they zip by us.  Of course, if there is a hunk of rock heading at us at some 40,000 mph, it’s unlikely we’ll have much time to deal with it.

   Assuming there is a month-or-so lead time, how do you think the authorities and their masters would react?  As with all tragedies, such as 9/11, the gov’t has never lost a beat enacting the most extreme measures.

   One thing you can absolutely count on, certain populations will be seen as a threat to any post-catastrophic society.  Guess who’s at the top of that list?  Who would want tens of thousands of “criminals” roaming the countryside?  Even the masses will accept the inevitable…self-survival, as it will be told to them.

     There are at least 11 known sites in the US with special stockpiles of nerve agents.  In your final hours, there will be a seemingly routine lock-down.  We get them all the time and respond automatically.  Special teams will arrive and the regular staff will be relieved and told to go home to their families and stand by for further instructions.  (A few will gleefully volunteer for the special teams.)

   Wearing protective clothing, they’ll go from cell to cell with spray canisters filling the cells thru the feed-door.  One whiff and it’ll all be over in less than a minute—the most agonizing minute of your life.  The gas will degrade to a safe level within 45 minutes and be safe for clean-up personnel.

   The bodies will be dumped in a mass-grave slit-trench in the rec field.  It’ll all be over in a couple of hours and the authorities will have a perfectly intact facility for survivors or whatever they wish to employ it for.

   On the other hand, if the rock is a true planet killer, among all the final screaming and gnashing of teeth, one of the last things you might hear is this maniacal laughter and a shout:  “WE ALL GOT THE SAME OUT-DATE NOW!!”

   Otherwise, Happy New Year!

               Dr. Publico

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