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Big Brother & the Real Holding Co., Inc….

Four of us Old Heads were in the bocce court over the holiday weekend.  The prison staff occupies our free-time with various competitions.  Benny and his partner, Gene, were winning.

Gene I could understand.  As a top Mafia capo out of Brooklyn, he was raised playing the game.  But Benny?  Benny was born with a silver spoon up his ass to a wealthy Connecticut family.  He took his father’s fortune to new heights manipulating Wall Street.  Bocce?

My partner was Rufus Readymeat.  He had a whacked-out opinion about everything.  Hard to tag which beef he was in for this time.  Prison etiquette didn’t allow for such a discussion unless one opened it up first.

Couldn’t have been too bad since we were all currently doing our time at the Saufley Naval Air Field federal prison camp (FPC Pensacola, FL).  Some were short-timers (but had fallen far) and others, such as myself, were big-timers…earning camp status after beaucoup yrs.

Bocce was our game because none cared who won—except maybe Gene.  It gave us the opportunity to kibbutz about doing time and politics.

As Gene concentrated on throwing his bocce, Rufus decided to rib him.  “So what’d you guys have on Hoover, Gene?  He was a fairy, right?”  Gene looked hard at Ruf’, then sighed and went back to his throw.  He came a hair away from a bocce.

As I took my shot, Benny chimed in, “Hoover was right when he said he didn’t believe in a criminal conspiracy called the Mafia.  He believed that the Mafia was simply the right-wing of the capitalist class.”

Now it was my turn.  “You admit that?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Well, given your class background, I just assumed you would hardly wanta be associated with a criminal group.”

Benny glanced at Gene and winked.  “If the Sicilians had combined their neighborhood activities with electoral politics, and joining the police and fire departments like, say, the Irish did, would that make them legitimate?  And because the Kennedy’s and all the major liquor interests earned their fortunes thru supplying the so-called bootleggers, and bribed the police and legislators, does that make them anything other than successful criminals?”

“Think about it, Mac,” Benny continued.  “All of the great fortunes involve crime.  The theft and genocide of the Indians, the enslavement of the Africans, the robber barons, steel, railroads, and their partnerships with Congress, or every big deal and relationship with gov’t that takes place today.”

“I guess it’s kind of funny coming from you guys…” I said.  “I mean, they convicted and imprisoned you.”

“A temporary set-back, I assure you.  I embarrassed them—plus I ran into one of your types—idealists.  Shit happens.  Even so, you notice they didn’t touch my family’s fortune…nor mine, for that matter.  Why?  Because when they look at us they see their own reflection!”

“I’m almost the same age as you, Mac.  I can assure you,” Benny said.  “In my entire life I have never witnessed any deal, any large transaction—by myself or anyone else—that couldn’t have been prosecuted were all the facts known!  The Mafia?  Partners on more levels than you can imagine…  Where do you think all that money ends up–or the $billions in dope money, for that matter?  And when I get out next year?  I’ll have more deals at different levels than you could possibly imagine.  You should join us.”

“Just outta curiosity,” I said, “what’s your take on Tea Baggers and conservatives?”

“Most people are conservative, in a sense,” he said.  “They wanta believe.  But most are simps–sympathetic to the quest for wealth and power, but they haven’t a clue, nor do they have the balls…”

Now it was Gene’s turn to laugh.  “As for the Republican Party?” he added, “Hell, we been running that for over a hundred years.”

“And the Democrats?”

“We don’t have to run everything, Mac.  All we have to do is make you obey our laws.”

Even Rufus for once was tongue-tied…

               Dr. Publico

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