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UNICOR Recruitment…

One afternoon, the Business Manager was discussing the need to hire another CPA for all the work coming into our local Federal Prison Industries, Inc., factory, UNICOR.

As the clerk to the Factory Manager, I suggested that I had an idea for how to get an accountant for practically free from the prison population.

“Really?” said the Business Manager.  “Do you know an inmate here who’s a CPA?”

“Not exactly,” I replied.  “But I have an idea.  Contact the local U.S. Attorney’s office and ask them to mail a plea deal out to every CPA listed in the local Yellow Pages.

“Have them offer, say, a three-year plea bargain on an open felony charge in return for immunity from prosecution for anything else.”

The Business Manager turned to the Factory Manager with a smirk, “Your clerk has quite a sense of humor…”

“No, really!  Try it,” I said.  “I’ll bet you get acceptance letters from maybe half of them—or bankers, lawyers, doctors–whomever you want.  “I mean, basically, that’s how the system works.”

               Dr. Publico

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