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Prison’s Freedom & Freedom’s Loss…

Since over 95% of us will be returning to our respective communities, we look forward to a future of relative freedom.  But the increasing view that we’re getting is that your world is looking a lot more like our world.

Enter the Winter...

Hyperbole?  An exaggeration?  The freedoms we enjoyed and took for granted barely a generation ago are largely historical fantasy today.  Even the simple things.

I agree with Old Ben Franklin.  To paraphrase:  People willing to trade their freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both.

   I recall one time taking a comercial flight to California from Detroit Metro when the police came and were questioning those of us waiting to board.  (I never found out what it was about, and since I was on political business, I didn’t ask.)  As one of the officers looked at my ticket and then my ID, he asked, “Is this your ticket?”  (It was in a different name.)

When I replied, yes, he gave it back to me and moved on to the next person in line.  It never occurred back then to either of us what name I might choose to fly under.  (Businessmen, in fact, often did so for their own reasons.)  Those days are gone. 

A couple of years back, I was looking forward to a new administration in Washington unraveling the laws created by the previous one (in fact, the previous four).  Laws that themselves were criminal acts.

Unfortunately, instead of rolling back those edicts and prosecuting the criminals, the Obama administration has adopted them wholesale (thereby giving them the imprimatur of neo-liberal ratification).

Home Security...

Obama once criticized the “false choice between liberty and security.”   He now has a record of reauthorizing the Patriot Act, continuing the “extraordinary rendition” program, the use of “state secrets” privilege to dismiss lawsuits, the failure to close Guantanamo, and the political use and prosecution by the FBI against peaceful activists and others as “providing material support to terrorism,” to name a few.

Obama gives new meaning to the expression:  Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer…     

The latest outrage by the administration is the FCC’s approval of substantial power for corporations to effectively control the Internet.  Senator Al Franken stated it clearly: “Today was another historic sellout to big corporations by the Obama administration…”

Specifically, the FCC ruled in favor of corporate control over your phone by allowing them to block websites they object to.  To allow the corporations to create private “fast lanes” for themselves, and deny such service to others.  And to allow corporations to create a “public Internet” for the peons.  

The Chairman of the FCC who steered this giveaway to the corporations, an appointee of Obama, is Judas Genachowski.  Another “compromise” by neo-liberals acting as a stalking horse for conservatives.

One time when I was in the housing unit during a workday at FCI Ray Brook (Lake Placid), NY, a group of college girls were being escorted around on tour.  One asked me, “What is it you miss most about the free world?”

I thought briefly and replied, “Shower curtains.”  She looked perplexed for a moment then grew a deep crimson.

Believe me, by the time they come for your shower curtains, it’ll be too late…

               Dr. Publico

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