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Julian Assange: Courage vs. Cowardice…

A person we see dominating the news these days is the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.  Whistle-blowers and patriots, having leaked gov’t and military secrets to the site, are giving the keepers of these essentially political papers fits.

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange

No greater fury hath…  There is an axiom in politics: The worse thing you can do is publicly embarrass an institutional bureaucrat.

After an international police (Interpol) manhunt, Assange was arrested and imprisoned in Britain without bail awaiting extradition to Sweden for “sex offenses.”  All of this “coincided” with the US attack on WikiLeaks.

As prisoners of the largest gulag in world history—namely, the United States—I believe we have an interest in understanding and following this “criminal” case.  We have more than a few of our own irons in that systemic justice fire.

Kind of ironic, actually, watching the great beast thrash thru the legal brambles despite actively subverting justice around the world , which is seeking that exact justice against the American war criminal gang of the Bush-Cheney privateers.

But what most of the corporate media fail to report is precisely what crimes Julian is charged with.  The “crime,” issued in a warrant from Sweden (love to read the reason d’être on WikiLeaks for that one), actually specifies “sex by surprise.”

He is accused by Anna Ardin of having consensual sex, but that she found out afterwards that the condom had split.  A second woman charges that he also had consensual sex with her a few days later, but failed to inform her of his earlier tryst.  She also claims he did not answer her phone calls.

Now, in a nation that is undergoing an embarrassment of real rape cases that they fail to prosecute, I find this all more akin to a charge I once heard on a chain-gang down in Tennessee back in ’64.

The South, being notable for inventing crimes, is reputed to have come up with one called, High-Batry:  Snatching shit from a flying goose’s ass.

Makes as much sense…unless, of course, you realize that Interpol’s issuance of a world-wide Red Alert for Assange’s apprehension is really all about appeasing the United States.  So, now that the gov’t hypocrites have the tiger by the tail…wha’s up?

Thanks a lot, ‘Bama.  You’re starting to make that ex-drunk fratboy in the White House before you look better all the time…  I wouldn’t have believed that was possible.  I thought the laughter over the $900 billion “tax” giveaway in the boardrooms and parlours of the ruling rich would have been enough…

One of the things I learned from Big Bubba Clinton back in ’94 (you still listening to that buffoon?), was that he proved we’d be better off with the Republicans in the White House and a liberal opposition in Congress.

What he gave us was a virtual Republican Administration with a right-wing cheering section.  What’s up your sleeve that’s any different from that?  We’re still waiting…

Hell, you seem more embarrassed over a few leaks of the truth (okay, hundreds of thousands of them) than getting caught with your pants around your ankles in the recent Republican “compromise.”

Allow me to employ a Detroit phrase here:  “Man up!  You don’t have to take it on your knees.”  Hell, you pull that stunt on this side of the razor-wire, they’ll have you pulling for candy bars.

At least have as much courage as Julian Assange has shown…

               Dr. Publico

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