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Wesley Snipes & “Dream McKean”…

Wesley Trent Snipes, #43355-018 (48), checked into FCI McKean, PA, yesterday at around noon.  His crime?  Tax evasion.  In a rational justice system, the entire matter would have been handled in civil court.

Dec. 9th, 2010

He was initially processed thru the main medium-security prison to be transferred next door to the FPC (camp) to begin serving his 3 yrs.

One of the more notable former inmates of that camp was Detroit Tiger pitcher Denny McLain (fraud).

While the FCI has a double razor-wire fence, the camp has none.  There is relatively more physical freedom in the minimum-security camp, but the few guards that are there (292 inmates) tend to be a lot more Mickey Mouse, acting like the place was a USP (penitentiary). If he hasn’t been held up for some reason in Admissions & Orientation, Wesley Snipes has by now spent his first night in the camp, which features 2-man rooms.  If he got high before he surrendered, they’ll house him in Segregation (the hole) for a couple of days before transferring him over to the camp.

FCI McKean & Camp, PA

At first, he’ll be in an orange jump suit, then he’ll be issued his camp greens.  He’ll be interviewed by his Team (Counselor, Case Manager, etc.), and he’ll go thru psychology, medical, and education interviews.

Within a few days, he’ll be assigned a job.  Initial pay is 12¢/hr.  That’s about $18/mo.  Of course, he can receive money from the outside.  He’ll be allowed to spend close to $300/mo. at commissary. to enlarge...

Jobs include in-house orderlies, kitchen staff, groundskeepers, plumbers, electricians, and work in the various power plants and warehouses surrounding the FCI.  There is also—if it’s still there—a forest-service group that works outside the compound.

Wesley can purchase up to 300 mins/mo. of phone service.  He can also purchase time on a closed-circuit gov’t e-mail service , part of the CorrLinks system.

I did notice in some of the news articles related to Wesley’s incarceration, that he’ll be going to a Club Fed (camp) which has a rep for being “Dream McKean.”  Anyone who thinks that life in prison—any prison—is a cakewalk, is welcome to try it out for themselves.

“Dream McKean” is actually a term that applied to the FCI, not the camp—or, not specifically the camp.  It referred to the first 6 yrs of the prison, 1989-95, when the warden was Dennis M. Luther.  Luther believed in the philosophy of a person being in prison as punishment, not for punishment.

We had open-movement, honor and education dorms, rotating TVs and stereos in the rooms with a music/movie library, rotating order-outs to area restaurants, town teams that came in to play softball and basketball, relaxed clothing rules, and an atmosphere of respect between staff and inmates.

There was never a single serious incident in that entire 6 yrs.  Warden Luther was often written up in newspapers and magazines, and won a number of awards.  Staff at other prisons hated Luther and McKean.  As an example, it put the lie to their practices.  When Luther retired in July of ’95, The BOP Director, Kathleen Hawk-Sawyer, sent in one of her protégées, John Mako, to “bring the prison back in line.”  He did.

When the largest multi-prison uprising in the history of the United States occurred in October of ’95, McKean joined in with a couple of dozen other prisons, and two-housing units were partially burnt out.  The BOP locked the entire US system down for several weeks.  It took SWAT-like teams repelling thru the skylights to regain control.

His mailing address is:  Wesley Snipes #43355-018, P.O. Box 8000, Bradford, PA  16701.

The “Dream” had resumed into the national nightmare…and continues today.  Hey, Wes!  Welcome to the gulag!   And it ain’t no movie…

Dr. Publico

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  1. co since mckean opened says:

    This ite is so full of B.S. and out right fabricated info that I have to say I am trumping it with my bullshit card……

  2. […] 1968 World’s Series pitcher Denny McClain [which I attended in ‘68], but I never met him. Wesley Snipes was also a more recent inmate (after my time) at McKean on his tax-evasion […]

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