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Gulag America—Prison Nation…

Toward the end of the workday at the prison factory (UNICOR), one of the tools—a hammer—turned up missing.  Before we could return to the housing units for count and dinner, all tools had to be accounted for and locked in the toolroom.

Pat-Down Line…

When a preliminary search failed to find it, the inmate who had checked it out and the 5 others in his crew who had access to it, were ‘cuffed and taken to the hole.

Collective punishment: In its more extreme forms, the Nazis were prosecuted for it at Nuremberg.  The federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) uses the nomenclature,  Common Area Punishment.

   Still, there was the problem of the missing hammer.  Doug Moyer, the Supervisor of Industries (one of the more retribution & punishment oriented jumped-up prison guards) called for a full-strip search of the worker-prisoners, about 250 of us.

Usually, by this time, people get real serious about searching for the missing item, or whomever’s playing games arranges to “find” the tool.  However, this time…no hammer.

Per routine, all the inmates were lined up in a circle around the inside front of the factory and ordered to strip.  All available guards on the compound were called in for the show.

The exempted female staff gathered in the outside foyer looking in thru the window in the door, giggling and pointing.  No doubt, a few of them recognized their daddy’s package–or maybe it was just wishful thinking.

The guards went down the line one inmate at a time.  After carefully inspecting the clothing piled in front of each prisoner, the body search commenced.

Open your mouth.  Stick out and lift your tongue.  Lift up your stick, now lift your sack.  Hold up and turn your hands this way and that.  Turn around and lift one foot and spread your toes, now the other.  Bend over, spread ‘em, cough.  Next.

   Now, one might wonder how a hammer could be hid under your tongue, under your nut sack, or between your toes, or up your ass.  But I can assure you that the search process, like a lot of “security” these days, has little to do with finding anything.

   Like a lot of other reactionary actions by systemic robots, it’s about control and social punishment.  If you wonder about that, go to the airport.  How much of that TSA routine do you believe is really about “security”?

   Well, with 81% of the population sucked into believing the security scam, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Sheeple.  They’ll keep escalating control mechanisms until they are forced to stop.   

About halfway thru the strip-search farce, one of the guards walked up to the mental-midget running the show with the hammer.  Seems that the officer who was in charge of that crew, had left earlier in the day and had locked it in his desk and forgot about it.

The story rippled down the line along with some laughter.  Moyer’s face grew crimson and he spat, “Let the show go on!  Search ’em all!”

And the guys in the hole?  They stayed there for three days before being released.  Never embarrass a dummy.  But don’t feel cheated.  This movie’s coming to you…  Count on it.

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”  Benjamin Franklin.

               Dr. Publico

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  1. Robert Sloan says:

    Good op ed, Publico. With your permission I’ll include a link to it in my next Insourcing segment at Daily Kos…

    Keep at it.

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