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Speaking of Snitches…

When I served time on a chain-gang in the Old South (1963-65), snitching was practically unheard of.  The one snitch that I recall in general pop where I was at was punked out.  He gave handjobs to all comers for candy bars, and blowjobs for smokes.

Joe Wilson & Valerie Plame

Today’s a different story.  Over 90% of convicts have either “accepted responsibility” and pled guilty for a deal, and/or “cooperated” by snitching out others (even when they had nothing; police and prosecutors would provide) for an even better deal.

Certainly there are rational and responsible reasons for taking a plea—assuming you do so on yourself.  But snitching when you’re a player in the game?  You’re a punk.

These realities don’t exist in a vacuum.  The prison system is a reflection of the people who create and run them.  From the top-down.

Most cops, guards, wardens, prosecutors, judges, legislators—all the way up to the president (Obama excepted…maybe), are more or less self-selected shills for the dog-eat-dog, I-got-mine-fuck-you mental-midgets running this economy and its increasingly privatized prison gulag.

We need to get back to some old-time principles, if in fact they ever existed.  I thought they did.

An example of this reality is a new movie out, “Fair Game,” starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts.  I’m not in a position to see it myself, but I urge you to check it out.  Should be worth the story alone.

Coming out of the headlines, it’s about the real-life role of Valerie Plame and her ambassador husband, Joe Wilson.  Turns out they were a real thorn to conservative, institutional bureaucrats; the kind of civil service employees who actually hold some ideals about the jobs and public they serve.

Chocolate? Camels??

But I gather that the movie is really about the snitch mentality that pervaded George Bush and his gang of conservative crackpots.

In a nutshell, the ex-drunk frat-boy had Ambassador Wilson sent to Niger (Who the hell named that country?  Nathan Bedford Forrest?) to follow up on some bogus intel that Saddam was trying to obtain nuclear material.  (The Brits had already dismissed the report as fraudulent.)

This was all prelude to the Bush-Cheney heist of Iraq’s oil, the war, which they thought would be walkover.  They were using the 9/11 World Trade Ctr massacre as an excuse.

Osama, of the bin Laden family (business partners with various Bush-Cheney enterprises, coincidentally) and Wahhabist Saudis pulled it off, not Saddam.    

Ambassador Wilson gave an honest report to Bush and then watched it be ignored and twisted.  He turned to the NYTimes and wrote an op-ed piece, “What I Didn’t Find in Africa.”

Well, the AWOL pilot-who couldn’t-fly-straight but had himself (s)elected by the US Supreme Court’s Gang of Five, and his vice-chief didn’t like being called liars.  Liars, thieves and snitches never do.

Using assistant shills, Herr Karl Rove and Back-Door-Scooter Libby, they snitched out Wilson’s wife, Valerie, to one of their conservative writer hacks, Robert Novak.  Propaganda-meister Rove referred to Plame as “fair game.”  Plame’s career as an undercover CIA op was over.

As they do with prisoners in their gulag, retribution & punishment is the only mentality they have.  Daddy taught them hard

The Shrub and his puppeteer (Bush had long earlier burnt out most of his brain cells on drugs and alcohol, and never did have any social consciousness) threw old Scooter under the bus when the shit hit the fan.

Scooter didn’t like that and started making some noises about ratting out the rest of them.  The president of former DUIs whispered in his ear, “Chill out, Scoot.  I’ll commute your sentence when the heat cools down.”  Which he did.

You see, when punks run the system, snitching become the norm…  Enjoy the movie.

               Dr. Publico

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