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Sometimes …it Floats…

 In the South Bronx, my building on Bathgate Avenue was a veritable UN of European immigrants: Slovaks, Poles, Germans, Italians, Jews, you name it.  All the latter 19th century leftovers…

   I could tell where the families came from as I ascended the multi-story stairwell by the smells of the food and the screams of the kids…and the parents chasing us.

The outside world for me in the late ‘40s was mostly Puerto Ricans filling the spaces of earlier groups moving to the suburbs.  For a long time, I thought my name in Spanish was “Pinche Flaquito.”  For us kids, most of our play was secured “Up On The Roof“…

Joining the Army at 17 was an adventure…’til we found ourselves in the Old South.  From one Hell’s Kitchen to another…South Georgia.  What we knew about history would roll around in a gnat’s ass like a BB in a boxcar.

I and another City soldier (he was black) went downtown one weekend on a pass.  We decided to have an ice cream sundae at a department store counter.  Never made that mistake again.  We thought it was 1960… Didn’t realize there was a time zone on the Mason-Dixon Line.  In the Old South it was still 1860.

I learned to pick up on the subtle and not-so-subtle aspects of racism, nativism, and other mental disorders of hatemongering and hypocrisy.

As we approach the 2010 mid-term elections—3 wks from this writing—I have little doubt that these elements will make significant inroads.  Long-term frustration always leads to irrational hate and fear mongering.

On the other hand, I will admit, I was blown away at the election of Obama.  I fear that the hate crowd have got their second wind…with a vengeance.  The political leeches are crawling out of the sewers.  They’ll always be those who will pander to any prejudice to acquire political power, and of course, there’s always the usual stock of running parasitic remora.

To wit?  Lou Dobbs.  Like I said, you just can’t flush all of it away so easily…

Dobbs lost his anchor position at CNN (even they couldn’t keep down the bile of his nativist hypocrisy for long), but he’s back with a vengeance in the Tea Bagger’s movement. (Know Nothings, Copperheads, Klan…we’ve see it all before.)

As pointed out in a recent investigation by The Nation, the hypocrisy and profiteering by Dobbs—no doubt in competiton with the Beck-Limbaugh-Fox News axis—is rather extraordinary.

He even sucks his daughter into the game.  The attached video speaks to whatever I might add…

¿Qué usted va a decir a sus nietos, Lou?  “Ésta es América.  ¡Sea seguro que usted lleva sus papeles con usted, niños!”?

Or are you planning on having so much power and wealth, that you and yours live in some other dimension of reality?

Be careful what you create, Amigo.  It all comes around…

               Dr. Publico

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