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Lou Dobbs & Father Coughlin…

My usual prison routine included catching the early morning news on TV before work call.  I’d catch it again in the early evening.

Lou Dobbs

Generally, I tended to agree with JFK’s Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Newton Minow, who described TV back in 1963 as “a vast wasteland.”

In prison—at least in the dozen I was in over the past 20+ yrs—in order to listen to the TVs, a prisoner has to purchase a radio with earbuds at the commissary.   Each TV has its own broadcast frequency.  The TVs are usually located in the common areas of the housing units and a part of the leisure library area.

The radios currently cost $42.90.  The salaries of inmates who work for the prison stands at  12¢/hr.  That comes to about $17/mo.  UNICOR workers average 92¢/hr., if you can get one of the available jobs…count on a two-yr waiting list.

They’ll be TVs mounted up in corners of the area, each dedicated to sports, news, general, black, and Spanish viewing.  Change the channel at your peril.

If your TV goes out, tough.  Unless of course, it’s a Spanish or black one.  Then they’ll often just commandeer one of the other TVs.  Prison: It be’s like dat…   Actually, given that prison is mostly about social control, not crime, they’re the majority of prisoners.

The preferred channel for all-around news was CNN.  As if to prove out Minow’s commentary, we were a captive audience for Lou Dobbs Tonight.  Hard to take your eyes off the guy; it was like watching a train wreck.

Dobbs' Dreams

When Dobbs started in on Mexican workers, he was like a pit-bull with one of Paris Hilton’s used rags; he just wouldn’t let go.

Every night it was the same racist rant.  He started making the Beck-Coulter-Hannity-O’Reilly-Limbaugh axis look moderate…but not by much.

“What’s with this guy?” I once asked out loud. “He’s a regular one-note band.”

I recalled reading that George C. Wallace—a New Deal Democrat at one time—lost an early election in Alabama to a particularly vile racist.  Wallace vowed, “I will never be out-niggered again!”  Dobbs took that axiom to heart.

In the infamous tradition of Father Coughlin, Dobbs described Mexican workers as importing deadly diseases, responsible for rampant crime, terrorism, and probably the worst, “most haven’t even learned to speak English!”

Dobbs makes no pretense at inviting stone-fascist spokespersons on the show (although never properly identifying them as such), who themselves have gone on record as describing blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity,” and Mexicans as “savages,” “a slimy brown mass of glop,” and “illegal barbarians who are cutting off heads and appendages of blind, white, disabled gringos.”

Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ), liked the last description so well, she used it in her campaign speeches until called on the lie.

Rufus Readymeat, our resident commentator of all things slimy, stated at one ranty point, “Damn, this guy got all the bases covered.  He’s done accused them of everything but shootin’ the dog and burnin’ the pickup truck!  But I think I get it.  Dobbs must have caught a Mexican buttfucking his daughter—or he did it himself and he wants to blame it on a Mex’s!”

I responded when the laughter died down, “I think it really comes down to ratings and his personal wealth, whatever his prejudices.  In fact, his wife is Hispanic and thus their children.  Maybe it’s a type of reaction formation?””

“You know what, Professor?” Ruf said.  “You think too much.  I like what John Walsh on America’s Most Wanted is fond of saying, ‘He’s just a scumbag!’”

               Dr. Publico

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