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Prison Experience & The Gay ‘90s…

The first time I walked out to the rec field at “Dream McKean,” I got a few surprises.

The first one was when I noticed one team playing softball dressed in NY Yankee uniforms, and the other team wearing the colors and logo of MacDonald’s.  Several of the visiting players were definitely not male.

It was high summer of ’94 and off to one side of the field a rock band was beltin’ out Bob Seger’s “Hollywood Nights.”  On the other side, wafted the smoke and aroma of bar-b-que.  About all that was missing was the heady scent of reefer…

At that time, I had been in the federal prison system five of the 25-yrs I had coming.  McKean was my sixth institution…definitely not an average one.  And unknown to me at the time, it was all pretty much downhill from there.

As I checked out the teams, I found out that the “Yankees” were obviously a prison team.  The uniforms were sold out of a JCPenney’s catalog, which the inmates could access thru their own commissary-style store—the IBF (Inmate Benefit Fund).

The IBF, completely run by prisoners, was self-funded by charging buyers a 25% surcharge over retail.  An elected group determined the uses of the profits after consultations with inmates at large.  Purchasing the uniforms for the various teams was one of them.

At one point, I noticed several inmates gathered around and talking with a woman in sheer halter and hot pants sitting on a rail behind the back-stop.

She was obviously stacked, in make-up, with long shiny black hair.  Sort of looked Hispanic, or maybe Native American Indian.

I was already a little blown away by the fact that local teams from MacDonald’s and other businesses, as well as the local college (University of Pittsburgh, Bradford Extension) were more or less given free rein to the institution.  Of course, guards were always close by.

Given that inmates and staff at Dream McKean pretty much dressed alike, one would have to be one or the other to notice the difference.

I made a comment to a nearby associate and he laughed, “That’s Donna.  He’s not a visitor, ‘she’s’ an inmate”!

I had to do a double take and then a triple take.  Donna was due to go home soon, so I didn’t get to see much of her.  But she clearly redefined the prison experience.

Yup.  Not exactly what I hade been led to believe life behind the wire was all about.  But it didn’t last long.  Soon enough the reactionary retribution & punishment crowd reestablished control…

Dr. Publico

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