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Crime & Terror…

While I sat incommunicado in the “hole” for 50 days during 9/11, 2001, the rest of the world reckoned with the latest expression of the terror wing of Islam (as opposed to the Judaic and Christian ones).

Who profits?

(Anyone who questions the relevance of this topic to the “prison experience connection,” has been sleepwalking thru life these past 20+ years…)

I can’t wrap my mind around any overt conspiracy other than the obvious attack by the Wahhabist Saudis who pulled it off.

In any event, its “success” has gone beyond their wildest dreams–and the world’s ongoing nightmare.

As for the US gov’t and its alphabet soup of agencies, I perceive two basic areas of interest.  The first one involves the many pre-indications that have long since been revealed concerning the potential for an attack.

I’m sure that a lot of it can be attributed to the normal bureaucratic processes that infect such institutions.  But there are highly disturbing questions that significant intelligence did come to the attention of managing personnel and was ignored–or worse.

Some of that intel included the knowledge that known or suspected terrorists were in the US, but not shared with other relevant agencies, that pilot training was being taken in the operation of airliners by known suspects, etc.

The second area of interest is that in the post-9/11 days, the decision to pursue these criminals as a “war” became the order-of-the-day, and both gov’t and private industry lost no effort and time capitalizing on the tragedy.  A “crime” would have been too narrow to serve their interests.

What has it wrought?  An endless cycle of war in Afghanistan and Iraq only to the immense profit of some.  Privatization full speed ahead as social responsibility is stripped from what remains of democratic gov’t.

Growing racism and nativism as basic rights and witch-hunting of certain groups and minorities proceeds.  Ownership and control of the mass media that primarily serves private/corporate interests.  The growing privatization of a prison system second to none on the planet–increasingly operating as a main line of social control first, crime second.

Who can say the “terrorists” haven’t won beyond their wildest dreams?  Who are their true allies?  What is the symbiosis here?  Who profits?  Who are its victims?

Peering a bit more carefully into the rearview mirror, would it be too off-the-wall to ask if there were some who foresaw such opportunity before 9/11?  Some who have a mindset for the need for more authority and discipline in society?

Some who’s sense of social consciousness–if one exists at all–is warped by hypocrisy and obsessive self-interest?  Some who sat on the growing body of information and intelligence that in their nightmare scenario of life pointed to a massive terrorist act that could then be used to “wake up America” and obtain the results we are now living with?

Who’s interests are being best served by an endless “war on terror”?

Perhaps the true terrorists are a lot closer to home than we realize…

Dr. Publico

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