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Prison Gal-Boys…

During the 20 years I’ve spent in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), I’ve witnessed a variety of sexual situations.  There was only one that I could consider to have been coerced.  The kid (maybe 20) was a nervous wreck and scared like a chicken spotting a hawk.

Sal Mineo & Don Johnson

He was in and out so fast—checked into segregation and was apparently transferred—that I never did get his story.  But I have no shortage of others…

FCI Ray Brook, Lake Placid, NY, was a form of international village of prisoners (in fact, it started out as the Athelete’s Village for the 1980 US Winter Olympics).  No one ever accused the US of failing to Romanize the world…

When I was working at UNICOR in Ray Brook we had a group of 3 factories.  One manufactured military curtains and other linen products, one for gloves, and a printing factory.

We had this one crew of 5 Chinese from Hong Kong who worked in the linen factory—they were in for some kind of smuggling op.  They had a special section making tailored uniforms and specialized clothing.

The prison staff gave them all this special status because they produced superior uniforms for staff, police, local military and business folks—men and women.  I saw a US general’s uniform one time on their rack that, upon close inspection, was quite superior in quality.

Being an Accounts Payable clerk in the UNICOR Business Office, they kept a friendly but wary eye on me.  They had to have an outside account somewhere. But, of course, that wasn’t any of my business.

Among other fashions, that crew also provided tailored clothing for their fellow prisoners.  (This was in earlier days when the federal system still allowed civilian clothes for prisoners.)

One day I noticed they were producing a line of under-garments, hot-pants, skirts and blouses.  Prisoners generally bought these items for their wives and girlfriends.  They could order any exotic fabric they wanted, including silk, which we channeled thru some one or another military account.  (That must have raised a few eyebrows in the Pentagon’s procurement office.)

On one occasion, I noticed Lola, a young, diminutive Cuban who resembled a perfect miniature Sal Mineo (Opps, dating myself here…), wearing a pair of those blazing pink, silk hot-pants one weekend on the rec field.

He was quite a hit.  Although “he” might not be exactly accurate.  Lola would have given Jennifer Love Hewitt and her twin sisters, Lorelei & Calliope, a run for their money.

He was quite feminized and played it to the hilt.  Given the brevity and skin-tight fit of the hot-pants, I imagine there was more than myself who wondered where he put the rest of his, ahh, equipment.

The staff, of course, could care less.  We’re all a pack of criminal freaks to them anyways.  So long as prisoners were otherwise behaving, we spent a few summer weekends on the rec field with barbecue, rock bands, and, of course, Lola and the rest of her friends.

But that was just one story in another time…and another country…

               Dr. Publico

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