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Psychopathy & The 1%…

We–the 99%–require a new consciousness of precisely who and what we face . . . and to face the need for resistance to the ruling World Order for the very survival of humanity and the planet.

resultsBut first, we need to clearly define who the 1% are. They are not simply Wall Street or the wealthy elite. (Some of whom are just as concerned with humanity and the planet as we are.)

Hyperbole? Consider

Within the next several years, there will be more than eight billion souls on Earth. As a student of history, science, political activism and being a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD; forensic), I’ve focused much of my interest and studies on psychopathy (sy-co’-pathy).

(Some prefer the term sociopathy [so-see-o’-pathy]. Either is acceptable. For this discussion, I’ll stick with the generally preferred professional usage–psychopathy–in the applied field of psychology. The Bible of the profession is the DSM-5, the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5, which clinically defines psychopathy as an Antisocial Personality Disorder, 301.7)

teenagers-001It is understood by many in the field of Anthropology–the study of humans and our nature, science and technology–that fully 1% of the species are, in fact, psychopaths. That’s 80 million people.

However, as cultural anthropologists, we do not universally define and identify a psychopath as only a “violent criminal.” It’s neural-anthropologically defined as a person whose brain does not register stress when they cause or witness harm inflicted on others.

The question of Nature vs. Nurture as the cause is the subject of ongoing research. Is it a mental disorder, per se? Not necessarily. Some 1% of the human race is daily born with this characteristic of their neural wiring; how their brain defines their relation to others.  Research shows that this has consistently prevailed for the duration of our species, at least over the past 200,000 years.

(The question of Nurture itself is best addressed by the Piaget/Kohlberg researches on socio-moral development.)

trumpmusso-001As evolutionary scientists, we have to ask ourselves, Why? What is the process of Natural Selection that allows this characteristic to remain constant in our species. What is its survival value for them and the rest of us . . . the 99%? The research of Professor of Cultural Anthropology Christopher Boehm, USC-LA, indicates that, at least in certain social situations, such persons are more suited as risk takers, able to handle the stress of war and emotional trauma, and able to bring about pioneering innovations.

Of course, the harm they can bring lies in their single-minded pursuit of self-interest and greed, and their inclination to dominate and subjugate others in the process of consolidating power and manipulating the masses in their quest for personal gain. We are witnessing this latter reality today more than ever.

boehmchrisSocial change author Joe Brewer wrote on this subject . . .  Society has been increasingly dominated by “top-down hierarchies that promote domination and control.”

In other words, our socio-economic systems–from feudalism thru the present day–reflect the collective power of individual psychopathy. They’ve literally converted  the laws and ideology of society into self-serving belief systems, which supports their 1% rule.

This “ideology,” psychopathic incorporation, “is forged to enable the constant resupply of psychopathic DNA, continuously replenished by 1% of the population born into psychopathy in each new generation, to rise into positions of power [currently] as stock brokers, corporate executives, and corruptible politicians [and, as we witness today, even their elevation to supreme (s)electoral power in their own name].”

Anyone who has followed this blog-site even nominally, is aware that I’ve alluded to this subject a variety of times and ways. One of the more on-point articles was “Male-Female Conflict–101,” in July 2015.

fertilitytotemIn addition to the above comments re the evolution of psychopathy, early sites of human habitation show that women largely ruled the roost.

Ancient middens (trash heaps) and other archaeological remains, establish the prevailing home-hearth presence of women, children and old/infirm males, a diet of some 90+% of local vegetation and small animals, a preponderance of female fertility totems, and even cave-art largely created by women as evidenced by finger-fluting.

One might presume that the healthy males were usually off courting non-related women, war, and big game. Again, archaeology informs us that this largely changed as human populations grew more populous and complex, as well as the advent of agriculture some 10,000-yrs-ago.

(To any alien species capable of extensive and timely space-travel, I can imagine their initial surprise at the infancy of the human species and our otherwise remarkable hand-tool [technological] development. Given our socially-destructive ideologies, they’d also no doubt be perplexed at how we’ve managed to survive to date. But this is another extensive area of research for me: Punctuated Equilibrium as related to social-psychology.)

earthmom-001This might also help explain why males are in such conflict with half of the human species: women. Contrary to women, males apparently invented their own spiritual-religious beliefs along what I refer to as Sky-Daddy monotheism. This is almost certainly based upon an elitist interpretation of ancestral worship (male forebears who became mythologized thru campfire tales).

The open-sky, “male-superior” context in opposition to earth-based mother systems, was their self-serving belief that a male super-deity ruled all the cosmos for all eternity.

As males were increasingly forced back into the tribal fold, competition with and power over females became focal. Employing “religion” in this conflict justified male oppression–at least in the minds of such believers. Fully half the world’s population is today dominated by this spiritually-devolved “philosophy”: Male ruled Judeo-Christian-Islamicism.

richfutureThe recent (s)election by 60,000,000 Americans to elevate this parasitic and predatory system to supreme socio-political-economic power over the planet, may well be our final epitaph. And if some of them should survive for awhile in their Final Dystopia, I can only pray that the Galactic Federation exterminates them from spreading thru the cosmos.

These, in the day when heaven was falling, / The hour when earth’s foundations fled, / Followed their mercenary calling, / And took their [profits], and are dead. / Their shoulders held the sky suspended; / They stood, and earth’s foundations stay; / What God abandoned, these defended, / And [sold] the sum of things for pay.   A.E. Housman (1859-1936).

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), December 2016…



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