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By Way of Deception–Zionist Protocols…

The science of anthropology teaches that there’s only one human race. There is no ethnic group on Earth that is naturally inferior or superior to any other. We’re all one species, one race … one human family.

Eilat, south-most point of Israel/Palestine...

Eilat, south-most point of Israel/Palestine…

This is the first short-story that I’ve published on this blog site. If I were writing a prophetic near-futuristic poli-sci tale—fiction of course–it might go something like this ….

“By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” The motto of Israel’s secret service: MOSSAD (1949).

President Barack Hussein Obama, First Lady Michelle and the girls, Malia Ann and Natasha, stepped out of  Air Force One into the bright Negev sunshine just north of Eilat, the south-most city of Israel. The President’s retinue included Secretary of State John Kerry and his heiress-wife, Teresa Heinz. It was the Ides of March, 2016.
After a brief reception with Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, who soon returned to Jerusalem, the President’s group made the short hop to the resort city where they were greeted by receptions that included the nearby states of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Absent was any delegation of the native Palestinian population.

Queen Rania & Michelle Obama...

Queen Rania & Michelle Obama…

The First Lady and Teresa bonded quickly with Rania, the Palestinian Queen of Jordan and the Egyptian singer-actress, Yousra. All were internationally active in support for progressive causes. They were the delight of the women attached to the various delegations.
All was not sun & flowers. The President was well aware of tension between his Secret Service detail and Israel’s security forces. In one publicized instance described as a “drunken brawl” by the media, several American agents in a pre-visit security detail were involved in a rhubarb at a nightclub with their Mossad “hosts.” One was hospitalized.
As a result, the number of agents on the arriving presidential detail and the weapons they could carry were limited.
After two days in Eilat, the President and his entourage moved on to Jerusalem before traveling to Amman, Riyadh and Cairo on their way back home.
Obama, despite his usual compromising personality, asserted his intent to briefly visit a Palestinian delegation in East Jerusalem—the disputed capital of the proposed Palestinian State coming up for a vote in the UN General Assembly. Another point of friction with the Israeli gov’t.
The US had used its veto power in the United Nations more than forty-one times in shielding Israel from international protocols and sanctions. The President indicated his decision to “consider” the coming discussions.
US Ambassador to Israel, Daniel B. Shapiro, met the President at a residence in Talpiot, a suburb of Jerusalem. Obama was already irritated with his Ambassador. He didn’t appreciate Shapiro adding his voice to politic against any Palestinian consideration in the UN–“It’s purely an Israeli/Palestinian matter to negotiate, Mr. President.”–and for trying get the President to cancel his plans to visit that delegation in East Jerusalem.
Obama mentioned the penchant for the Israelis to lapse into Hebrew w/each other in their discussions with him, despite the fact that they clearly all spoke excellent English (“several as their first language“). “More than once they ‘lost’ my translator as we moved from one site to another,” Obama said.
Shapiro, who had been partly raised and educated in Israel, explained that he had never had that problem, but that he could therefore be an asset in their travels.
After further discussion with Shapiro regarding Israel’s denial of visas to select Americans traveling to Israel–namely those of Palestinian heritage or intent to travel to the Occupied Territories–while demanding open unlimited travel in the US for themselves, was met by the Ambassador again arguing on behalf of the Israelis of their need for security. “It’s not an equality issue, Mr. President, I assure you.”
The President advised the Secretary of State, John Kerry, Shapiro’s boss, that he didn’t require the services of the American Ambassador.
On the visit to East Jerusalem, Obama was surprised at the number of Jewish settlers walking the Palestinian streets strapped with pistols and automatic rifles. They were easily identified by their yarmulkes, peyot hair curls and/or fringed-shirt tzitzis. He was told that upwards of 25% of these settlers were in fact, dual-citizen Americans; many of the rest were from Europe.
The settlers studied the small caravan with open curiosity and some made obscene gestures. A few even called out, “Fuck you, Obama!” He was glad he left Michelle and the girls back at the Talpiot compound to shop for souvenirs.
Palestinians they passed barely glanced up as the caravan passed. He noticed that they walked into the street when passing groups of settlers. This was in stark contrast to the President’s visits to Arab nations where he witnessed the open and enthusiastic curiosity of the public.
Colonial SettlersAt one point, the caravan was held up when a group of teen settlers were taking kicks at an old Palestinian woman with a broken box of some sort around her neck and chasing her down the street. Nearby Israeli traffic police (security?) ignored the scene.
As they passed the group, Obama could see that her box had contained fresh figs she was apparently selling. The young settlers were stomping them.
The small 4-car US caravan, bracketed by Israeli security vehicles, soon pulled up to a 2-story building surrounded by high walls topped by broken glass embedded in cement. They were greeted at the front gate to the courtyard by a small delegation of Palestinian officials. The President saw no internal security other than his own. The Israelis remained outside. Kerry and Teresa accompanied the President.
Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira was born and raised in Mozambique to Portuguese parents, and attended school in South Africa where she engaged in anti-apartheid activism. She later became a UN translator and spoke fluent English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. No shrinking violet.
News of the American President’s visit to East Jerusalem spread quickly. The settlers were not shy. One of those present was Arthur Nisman from Philadelphia, where Netanyahu himself had lived as a youth and graduated from High School.
As many Jewish-American immigrants to Israel adopted Hebrew names, Nisman took the first name of Shlomo. It was short for Solomon, the ancient king of Israel. Nisman was a racist-nationalist who enthusiastically participated in settler raids on Palestinian farmers throughout the West Bank.
Shlomo believed that Palestinians are a stupid and stubborn people, not being cleansed fast enough from the holy land of ancient Israel.
Shlomo’s personal hero was Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a boyhood friend of Rabbi Meir Kahana, founder of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), an FBI-listed terrorist group.
Goldstein immigrated to Israel from Brooklyn in 1983 and became a settler in Hebron while also serving in the IDF as a medical officer. He gained notoriety for refusing to treat Arabs, even those Druze allies of Israel serving in the IDF.
In his own personal reenactment of the Purim story, February 25, 1994, Dr. Goldstein, Shlomo recalled, walked into a mosque in his IDF officer’s uniform at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and opened fire on the Palestinian parishioners.
He murdered 29 Palestinians, wounding 125. The Israeli Army then killed another 25 who protested in the following days. Goldstein would probably have been surprised to find that it was likely that those he killed had more Jewish DNA than he did. Not that he would have cared; pathological racism is immune to coherent logic.
At Goldstein’s funeral, Rabbi Yaakov Perrin claimed that even one million Arabs were “not worth a Jewish fingernail.” Celebrations were held across Israel, especially throughout the settlement territories.
As the American group was getting ready to return, Kerry and Teresa were escorted to a lead US vehicle first. Obama and his security detail started to walk to the third car, noting the settler crowd and waved, flashing his patent smile.
It all happened so fast that everyone was taken by surprise… Shlomo Nisman stepped forward and fired full-auto on the president and his detail. The crowd scattered while Secret Service agents drew their pistols firing back. Within a half-a-minute, the president and his party, along with Nisman, lay motionless. Two other settlers lay wounded in the street.
As the first two cars w/the Kerrys sped from the scene per protocol, Kerry heard two final shots, but w/Teresa they were pressed down on the seat under his Secret Service agent.

Settler occupiers...

Settler occupiers…

Within moments, the Prime Minister became aware of the basic facts. Ordering an alert of the reserves to secure the area, he soon learned that the two wounded settlers, dual American-Israeli citizens, had identified Shlomo Nisman as the assassin. He was advised that “in the confusion” a couple of his security agents had also fired on the President’s detail.
Netanyahu ordered the special forces unit of the Sayeret Matkal , his former military unit since elevated to state-security functions, to close off the entire site. This included securing the Palestinian compound and w/the IDF, expel all Palestinians within a 3-block area.
The Army, backed by volunteer settler reserves, carried out these orders with enthusiasm. The bodies of President Obama and his detail, along w/the settler wounded, were taken to an IDF medical center. Within several hours, they along w/his family, the Kerrys and surviving detail, were back on Air Force One and left Israel.
When Air Force One landed back at National Airport outside of Washington, DC, it was met by the newly sworn-in President, Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr.
The Israeli Ambassador, Ron Dermer, was one of the first to meet w/the new President back at the White House, expressing Prime Minister Netanyahu’s condolences and that every effort was being made to get to the bottom of what had occurred.
Dermer reported preliminary results that a Palestinian from the compound just visited by the President was the assassin. In addition to the already known dead of the President’s detail, two American-Israeli settlers had also not survived their wounds.
Unfortunately, Dermer added, “There were no survivors in the compound after they violently resisted repeated peaceful attempts to question them.
“Per Israeli protocol in dealing with terrorists, the compound was in the process of being bulldozed and the area being turned into an Israeli-American Memorial Peace Park in honor of the former president.”
Dermer also forwarded the Prime Minister’s hope that “the special bond between Israel and America would continue under the new president, admired as a special friend to Israel.”
After the Ambassador left, Biden’s former communications director and senior adviser to President Obama, long-term journalist Shailagh Murray, now newly appointed as Chief-of-Staff, could clearly see that Biden was livid.
When the President asked, she replied, “Ron Dermer was born and raised in Miami Beach…what some Israelis refer to as ‘Tel Aviv West.’ Both his father and brother became mayors there.
“Dermer became a Republican, helped write Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, and was later part of the mob-lawyer-crowd that shut down the vote-tally in Florida, arguably helping ‘select’ Bush for President in 2000 and again in 2004.
“Dermer got active in Israeli politics, moved there and became a dual citizen. When he was appointed to the Israeli embassy as an economic envoy, he had to give up his American citizenship.”
A summary was also compiled of raw info archived from a variety of sources on the history of Revisionist Zionism, the ruling force and leadership in Israeli politics, she handing the full report to the President.

USS Liberty, June 1967...

USS Liberty, June 1967…

“This includes a top-secret internal report by the US Joint Chiefs of Israel’s sustained attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day War in ’67 killing 34 American sailors and wounding 174 others. The military has never forgotten.
“There’s also a CIA compilation of their wars, practically all pre-emptive; attacks of attrition on the Palestinians since before 1948; the 22-yr occupation of Lebanon; their active collaboration in the massacre at the Shatila and Sabra refugee camps; and others.
“Sir,” she hesitated to emphasize its apparent critical importance, “there is also a sealed report—For POTUS Eyes Only—of the ‘suicide’ attacks on the US Marine compound, the Embassy and the French compounds in Beirut during the Israeli occupations.
“And a compilation of their spying on the US—including secret debriefings of Jonathan Pollard and others–theft of US atomic weapons intel, plutonium and acquisition of ballistic missiles and the subs to deliver them.”
East Jerusalem was out of control. The people who’ve been expelled from the blocks around the assassination attracted droves of settlers who soon looted and occupied their homes. This led to a growing mass exodus from the entire district, indeed, spreading throughout all of East Jerusalem.
Netanyahu expected the Palestinians to panic; he’d seen it before. How proud father would have been—a former leader in the ultra-right nationalist Revisionist Zionists, he thought. I couldn’t have asked for a better result had I planned it!

Remains of Allenby Bridge, 1967...

Remains of Allenby Bridge, 1967…

To the assembled group of his Intel and military cadre, “Let’s not have another ‘Allenby Bridge’ problem. I want all the checkpoints and the Jordan Bridge wide open for one-way travel…out!
“I want a full call-up of the reserves. This is a serious threat,” and opportunity, he thought. “Complete the readiness of the tank corps in the Golan, and have the Air Force update targets in Southern Lebanon and Syria.
“Also bring open targeting on northern Gaza as a counter to Hamas rockets.”
“Sir,” replied the liaison, “they’re all quiet on the southern front. No rockets are being fired.”
Netanyahu glared at the officer, “They will … or would you prefer to wait ‘til it’s too late?”
“Forget the ‘mowing the lawn’ strategy. We have the opportunity here, minimally, to rid ourselves of these Arabusim once and for all. I want the combined naval, army and air forces to start targeting Gaza exclusively on their north, district by district, driving the population south.
“Egypt will keep the Rafah Crossing into the Sinai desert open, so the general population can escape destruction. Let the UN provide for them.
IsraeliMascr-001“We need total destruction of each district as you drive the population south. This will prevent any return and clear the field for our own construction from Tel Aviv south all the way to the Egyptian-Sinai border once and for all.”
Netanyahu chose to ignore the growing massive involvement of many of the 500,000 settlers in attacks on Palestinian farms and towns throughout the West Bank.
He knew that at some point he might be politically sacrificed himself, as had numerous heroes before him. But he also knew that whoever assumed leadership would never retreat from most of the “facts” he was creating. So be it.
The senior Secret Service agent from the first car in the President’s caravan, after being debriefed, met w/the President. Notwithstanding his 27-yrs in the Service, he was in no mood to mince his words, “Mr. President, pardon my French. I wouldn’t believe a goddamn thing any of those motherfuckers say!” Biden was not offended.
Preliminary results of autopsies at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center revealed that apparently “examinations” had already been hastily conducted which destroyed any ability to configure entrance from exit wounds on the bodies. Further, all bullets or fragments were missing as well as part of President Obama’s skull and part of his brain. They doubted that they would ever come to any firm forensic conclusions.
President Barack Hussein Obama was hardly cold in the ground as events in the Middle East continued to spiral into further chaos. The president’s funeral, starkly reminiscent of JFK’s 53-yrs earlier–even Michelle’s stoic visage w/her children–occupied much of the world’s attention.
An estimated three million people lined the funeral procession from the Capitol, to the White House, to the Lincoln Memorial where a multi-denominational service was held, and then across the Potomac to Arlington National Cemetery. It was an unusually warm and sunny day.
The leaders of over 100 nations attended, many marching behind the new President and the former President’s family. Israel had sent its Ambassador, Ron Dermer, who had his security detail elbow him to the front of the dignitary’s procession.
Meanwhile, reports came in that Israel had launched increased air attacks against Iranian forces combating ISIS terror groups throughout Syria and Iraq. Sources reported that the Israelis and Saudis were actively arming select ISIS forces with modern, advanced weaponry.
President Biden was giving some thought beyond his remaining ten months in office. He and his PhD/teacher wife and chief political backer, Jill Tracy Jacobs, discussed the upcoming Democratic Convention the week of July 25th in Philadelphia.
While Hillary Clinton was assured the nomination, that was before these current events. He had four months to change the political landscape. They also discussed his uniquely free hand in that time to deal with the world’s most intractable problem…Israel.
“Besides,” they discussed, “in November I’ll be 74. Even if I get the nomination and win the election, would I really want to spend the next four or eight years pissing into the wind if I didn’t make an immediate course-correction while I have this singular opportunity?”
They discussed a number of the major problems—including the Republican Congress—and possible solutions…

Tehran, Iran...

Tehran, Iran…

Clearly, Israel was not wasting a moment. Before anyone could react—as the world was pausing for the funeral of the American President—they were redrawing the map of the Middle East, politically and physically.
The media was busy with news of the people in Gaza being driven into the Sinai; the city and the strip being methodically leveled block by block. Many areas of the West Bank population were also under attack, adding to the more than two million Palestinian refugees already in Jordan, as well as another 700,000 Syrian refugees.
Biden noted John Kerry in the Situation Room, his tie loose, sleeves rolled up … looking frazzled. Both Kerry and Teresa had already met at length with the President. Biden and Jill were grateful to have a first-hand account of the final hours in Jerusalem.
Turning to the ongoing news, Kerry said, “In Gaza the UN’s reporting a significant loss of personnel … journalists, social, educational and medical workers are reported being specifically targeted. Israeli snipers are targeting women and children apparently to panic them and ‘encourage’ them to leave.
“President Sisi in Egypt says he initially cooperated w/the Israelis, but he says he had no idea they intended to drive some 1.8 million people into his territory. This is a humanitarian disaster in the making.
“Netanyahu has put the entire nation on full alert, activating all the reserves and opening all fronts. The only reported defensive response has been limited rocket and mortar fire.
“King Hussein of Jordan has warned the Prime Minister that if he continues to attack or allow attacks on the West Bank population driving them across the Jordon River, he will recognize Palestinian resistance and provide them with defensive aid. He’s withdrawn his air attacks on ISIS in Syria and has placed his Air Force on full domestic alert.
“Israel threatened that if Jordan interferes in any way whatsoever; their military forces will be ‘annihilated,’ including their ‘political infrastructure’ … his precise words, Mr. President.”
Biden had a stunned look, at which Kerry passed him the hard-copies of the NSA messages, so arrogant in their tone; the ones to the Jordanian king were actually communicated in the clear … in English.
Netanyahu called together the leaders of his intelligence staff, which included Mossad, responsible for foreign intelligence collection and covert action; Shin Bet, internal state security; and Aman, military intelligence. Mossad traditionally reports directly to the Prime Minister.
Feeling comfortable with having replaced many of the former members and leaders with ultra-nationalist settler-recruits, he was freer to speak candidly.
PalIsrael-001“Gentlemen, I don’t know how long this opportunity will last, or how much we may have to eventually give back to secure these gains, but today we ‘make facts.’”
Netanyahu knew of the Faustian Bargains that his Zionist forbears had to make with Italian and German fascism and others before them and since in order to survive and advance the cause of Eretz Yisrael.
Now—under his watch and no small active manipulations—the growing war between the Sunni Saudis and Shi’a Iran—Arab vs. Aryan—with a host of others caught in the middle, are the perfect storm. “Now is the time to pull Iran’s teeth before they are even a shadow of a threat.”
They got down to discussing the immediate tactical problems of the conflict. Of course, some of the pieces on the board remained unspoken. The groundwork was laid for the next major gamble … it was now or never, at least in my lifetime, thought Netanyahu.
President Biden’s Chief-of-Staff walked into the Oval Office out-of-breath, informing him that there was a “red-alert” in the Situation Room. They hurried down to the basement of the West Wing.
President Hassan Rouhani’s aircraft, returning to Iran from the American funeral, was missing for some hours w/its last known position over the Southeastern Anatolia Mountains in Turkey. One of the media monitors displayed an area just north of the Syrian border in Turkey not far from the Iranian border.
Biden ordered Kerry and his relevant military commanders to offer the Turks whatever assistance they might request. Biden thought, He wouldn’t be that mad, would he? It was what they were all thinking.
All Biden could think of was how the moderate President of Iran was the key ingredient in maintaining the previous year’s nuclear peace deal, which was being upheld by all parties despite Israel’s incessant threats.
While he studied the scant available information, the rest of the monitors were full of NSA intel regarding Israel’s ongoing operations. There was nothing standing in the way of their relentless advance.
The following morning, there was a news flash on the CNN monitor that caught everyone’s attention. CNN had cut into a broadcast by the Al Arabiya news network in Turkey showing one of their correspondents confirming the downing, apparently by military action, of Iran Air flight, Airbus A-320 with all on board killed, an estimated 110 crew and passengers.

Abdallah Schleifer...

Abdallah Schleifer…

“The flight,” intoned correspondent Abdallah Schleifer with a mountainous backdrop, “is known to have been carrying Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and virtually his entire gov’t staff returning from President Barack Obama’s funeral.
“Indications from Turkish investigators and personal sources are that the aircraft appears to have been hit with a surface-to-air missile. There were no other aircraft reported in the area.”
Schleifer, thought Biden, that’s an unusual name for an Arab correspondent
As if on cue, one of the NSA personnel handed the President a file brief. Biden saw that it had Schleifer’s name. Scanning it, he saw that the correspondent was considered the Dean of the American press-corps in the Middle East.
Born Marc Schleifer (80) to a Jewish family on Long Island and a convert and scholar of Sufi Islam.  He’s a prominent Middle East expert, former NBC Cairo Bureau chief, and a professor emeritus of TV and print journalism at the American University in Cairo. The president passed the file to Kerry.
Under the circumstances, the President increased the alert status of all Embassy, military and Intel services in the region.
This news reinforced the President’s determination to establish a full executive and military command profile at this moment or lose the opportunity.
Win, lose or draw—regardless of the upcoming political circumstances–he had no intention of letting this play out of his control or allowing the reactive profile of the past 7-yrs of the Administration under Obama prevail on his watch … however long that might be.
President Biden returned to the Oval Office to meet his next guests, the leaders of the House and Senate, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.
The President decided to ride with his gut. Born in the autumn of ’42, at 73-yrs-old and 45-yrs in electoral politics, he was in no mood to continue the political game, at least not by the rules he’s inherited.
He had a brief conversation w/his chief-of-staff that included some pre-arrangements for the visit. She was surprised and not totally clear on his intent, but trusted his instincts. He told her, “Sometimes,  first you gotta get their attention.”
Boehner and McConnell, waiting in the Oval Office ante-room, were in high spirits. As far as they were concerned, the “house-nigger” was gone and his “lawn-jockey,” Biden, soon would be. The epithet they had adopted was referring to him as a “mindless union thug.” Biden, in fact, had that in mind…
Just before being shown into the Oval Office they were surprised to see the Attorney General and a group of Secret Service agents enter the ante-room, several armed in full combat gear. Boehner leaned over and snickered to McConnell, “Maybe they’re here to arrest Biden.” That drew a snort from Mitch.
When they entered the Oval Office, they hesitantly shook hands and took a seat on the couch opposite the President. Biden poured them a drink of Mitch’s home-state Kentucky Bourbon. His chief-of-staff stood nearby. Without much preamble, President Biden asked, “Do you guys know who Jonathan Pollard is?”
Surprised and looking at each other, Boehner put down his drink, cleared his throat and answered, “He’s an American Jewish patriot who helped Israel survive against the A-rabs.”
Leaning forward, the president smiled and said, “He’s a traitor.” Boehner reached for his drink, a wry smile creasing his face.
In a lightning move, Biden smacked the drink across the room; some of the bourbon splashing in Boehner’s crimson face. Their surprise could not be more complete. They were frozen. He had their complete attention.
Having served in the Senate for six terms and President of the Senate for another 7-yrs, Biden knew how it all worked … where all the bodies were buried, so to speak. Some of it was bluff, but most was certain knowledge.
The President continued in a clear, measured tone, “There’s plenty of evidence of criminal conduct to charge you with serious felonies … perhaps even treason.” The President’s pause was pregnant with physical threat.
“The Attorney General and other sources, including your Israeli contacts, have exposed your criminality. Sharing secret information with a foreign power and engaging in the sabotage of a variety of US gov’t projects and international negotiations is treason. Did they also pay you?” Biden knew he had at least half-guessed on the mark.
Sensing the change in their attitude and fear taking root, President Biden reached forward as Boehner flinched. Ms. Murray set another glass on the table and Biden poured more bourbon. “Drink,” he ordered.
“Fortunately for you, it’s not in the interest of the nation to fully reveal this perfidy…unless you force my hand. I’m going to give you the opportunity to serve your elective constituency and the Constitutional democracy you’ve sworn to defend … your choice.”
When they relaxed a bit with some liquid courage, Biden explained how they were going to negotiate the next few months. He later explained to Murray that their fear and hate was a distinct improvement over their contempt.
Biden wasn’t worried about them. They’re conservatives–sunshine patriots— when it comes to their own skins and losing their privileges of wealth and political power, they’re abject cowards.
As circumstances continued to unravel, the Secretary of State, military and Intel chiefs filed into and out of the Oval Office. Information disseminated, options heard, orders given. Jill Biden acted as a host between the kitchen alcove and outer office, and Shailagh Murray managed the parade of personnel and files comprising a seamless presentation for the President.
At one point the room was cleared for Kerry, the NSA and the CIA chiefs. “Mr. President,” said Kerry, “we have a fortunate development. We have what we believe is solid internal intelligence from Netanyahu’s inner circle. Major Chaim Lesoff. He came to us at the Embassy in Turkey when President Rouhani’s aircraft went down. We’ve confirmed his status and his information has proven out.”
Handing the President a file, Kerry continued to summarize it. “He’s a dual American-Israeli citizen, a major in the IDF and works in Shin Bet, their military intelligence. We’re flying him back on a military jet as we speak.”
Biden read the summary and glanced thru the brief. “And you believe this? He’s not a double?”
“Yes, Sir, we do… We didn’t bring this to you until we’re all agreed. The material is confirmed. Given your earlier instructions, we’ve positioned our Intel and reactive forces for your maximum execution.”
Pointing to the “Background” tab, Kerry continued, “His great uncle was an officer trained at the Betar Naval Academy, a Jewish naval training school established in Italy in 1934 by the Revisionist Zionist movement when they were allied with Benito Mussolini.

Dolphin“The Naval Academy trained Zionist cadets from all over Europe and produced a number of the future commanders of the Israeli Navy. Lesoff’s father was also one. Netanyahu is the son of the personal secretary to the leader of the Revisionist Zionists, Ze’ev Jabotinsky.
“Lesoff himself was born in Philadelphia where his father was a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania. When they moved back to Israel, the family lived on a kibbutz. More than merely serving the nation of Israel, Revisionists consider themselves to be the elite of the state … in fact, its creators.
“After school, Chaim joined the IDF as an officer and worked in the Arab Affairs Department of Shin Bet, responsible primarily for Palestinian-related counter-terrorism activities in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Given his similar background with Netanyahu, he moved up the ladder to his inner circle.”
Anticipating the President’s query, Kerry added, “He also considers himself an American, Mr. President,” said Kerry. “He’s an idealist. Given his knowledge of Israel’s Revisionist—ultra-racial nationalist history–for him the last straw was the assassination of President Obama and subsequent events.”
At this point, with a gesture by Kerry, the CIA Director stepped forward and handed the President a brief simply labeled “The Assassination.”
“This is what we’ve preliminarily pieced together, Sir, from what little we know … so far,” said the Director. Reading it, Biden’s face grew crimson.
“There is one other matter, Sir,” said Kerry, “which goes to the Major’s credibility. Apparently he gave the information of the attack on President Rouhani’s aircraft to the Embassy before it was shot down.”
The President blinked and swallowed hard … “And…?”
“I’m afraid the Ambassador was still stateside, Sir, after the funeral. There was no senior official to act on it other than passing the info on to the State Department. By then, it was a done deed. The Israelis chose their timing well.”
“And the Iranians?”
“They have all of their forces on full call-up and alert, Mr. President. We can only guess on their intent…”
“And Israel … in addition to everything else they’re up to?”
On cue, the NSA chief handed the President a brief entitled “Iran: Israel’s Solution.”

Click on image to enlarge...

Click on image to enlarge…

“Using the guidance info in part from Major Lesoff, we’re aware of the full status alert of the Israeli ballistic missiles carrying atomic warheads and they also have three of their nuclear-equipped submarines off the coast of Iran. All of these systems are targeted on Iran. Their other subs are off the coasts of Egypt and Turkey.
“The ranges of their missiles cover the entire Middle East and southern Europe. All this is well known in the military/Intel community.
“Major Lesoff advises that these systems will be initiated once a certain provocation is achieved. He assures us that it’s already in the works, but specifically what it is he doesn’t know.
“It will be provided by Israel’s security services or special contractors—even Palestinian informants they’ve recruited from their constant detainees and arrests–if it isn’t forthcoming from Iran.
“The hard targets in Iran—already set—will be all of their nuclear facilities and the ‘Command & Control’ centers of several major cities and naval ports.”
Taking all this in, the President asked, “What’re your best guesstiments on the schedule here?”
Kerry answered, “That’s dependent on this provocation situation. I’d guess, and Major Lesoff agrees, it’ll be some form of direct attack by Iran against an Israeli target, or one to appear so.”
“Mr. President, we have pretty clear intel as to what’s going on. There’s a group of ‘militia’ up in NE Syria that is now attributed as the source of the missile that shot down the Iranian Airbus. They’re quite mobile. When we targeted them—apparently they identify themselves as ISIS, that’s the flag they fly—both the Israelis and Saudis opposed the action w/out explanation.
“Kurdish intel says the group is receiving air-drops of various munitions from unidentified aircraft. The Turks, who straddle the area, deny the aircraft are theirs despite flying thru their territory, yet refuse any comment or knowledge of the situation.
Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer was shown into the Oval Office. He opted to bring an assistant whom he introduced as an economic envoy, but was known to be the senior security agent in the Israeli Embassy.
Dermer was surprised to see a number of others in the room, including the Secretary of State, Biden’s Chief of Staff, and the senior officials of the military and Intel agencies.
But most especially, Dermer noticed, was the presence of the Republican leaders of the House and Senate, Biden’s and Kerry’s wives, and Major Chaim Lesoff in full uniform who was instantly recognized by Dermer’s associate. He made a soto voce comment to Dermer in Hebrew.

As pre-planned, Kerry’s assistant stepped forward and replied in Hebrew, “Do you speak English?” When he answered in the affirmative, she added, again in Hebrew, “If you don’t have the common courtesy to speak English in front of the President, you can turn around and get your ass out of here. Understand?”
He did, and was all the more embarrassed that this metaphorical slap in the face came from an exceptionally beautiful, petite woman.
Having their attention, the President signaled his NSA Director. Glancing at a thick file in his hand, he summarized. “We have unimpeachable evidence and confirmation that the gov’t of Israel has lied about the assassination of our President and his security detail, has falsely accused the Palestinians and covered up the crime.
“Your gov’t has created hundreds of thousands of victims in your ongoing military aggression and attacked other sovereign nations without due cause; embarked upon a massive crime against humanity in the expulsion of Gaza and West Bank Palestinians from their homes and lands; conspired in the murders and downing of the Airbus with the Iranian President on board; and even now are conspiring to attack Iran itself with atomic weapons that you’ve acquired and amassed in violation of international law.”
Ambassador Dermer was beyond speech. Secretary of State John Kerry took a page being handed to him by the President’s Chief-of-Staff. Handing it to Dermer, he said, “This is an Executive Order signed by the President ‘declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Israel.’
“In addition to the elements just cited by the Director, we’re well aware of your own personal perfidy in relation to soliciting felonious and treasonous conduct by Americans against their gov’t. You’re forthwith ordered to leave the United States within eight hours and your diplomatic and visa credentials are revoked, permanently. Thereafter, an international arrest warrant will be issued.
“The American Ambassador in Tel Aviv and his staff have been recalled from Israel. Your own staff are herewith confined to the Israeli compound … until they can leave.
“Dual-citizenship between the US and Israel is suspended. Americans who remain in Israeli serving in the military and other forces of that state will be subject to being considered as ‘enemy combatants.’”
“At this point, President Biden stepped forward and handed Dermer a file folder. Accenting the contempt that Dermer often employed against the Obama Administration, Biden said, “MISTER Dermer, you will communicate to the gov’t you serve that they will stand down from all their offensive military actions; return to the 1967 lines that this nation and the United Nations of the world agreed upon in Resolution 242; and cease and withdraw all settlements currently occupying the Palestinian Territories.
“Should Israel engage in any further unprovoked attacks we will consider it an act of war and will take all necessary measures to neutralize such forces.
“Your missiles and submarines will stand down and return to base. All nuclear weapons will be decommissioned per international protocols and the current agreements between this nation, Europe, Russia and China.
“Until further review, all trade and economic relations between the US and Israel are suspended, as well as all funds by Israel in the US being frozen. Such funds, as well as those earmarked by Congress for Israel will be withheld pending the adjudication of American and international courts regarding all crimes and victim restitution. I’m sure you’re familiar with that process.
“Subject to further review, all organizations within the United States who currently send funds to Israel for any reason whatsoever will be considered agents of a foreign power and fully subject to the appropriate laws, including taxation, criminal prosecution and forfeiture of assets.
“And finally, Mr. Dermer, you may advise your gov’t that we consider them to be a criminal enterprise. As such, we urge the Prime Minister and his staff to resign and that President Rivlin consider setting a date for early democratic elections. Any questions?
Pausing but without waiting for a reply, President Biden concluded, “Good. Now get out of my office and out of the country that once nurtured you.”
Entering the ante-room didn’t end the nightmare for Dermer. They were escorted out of the building by Secret Service agents.
As if on cue, a formation of combat jets overflew the White House screaming at low altitude. They were escorted back to the Israeli Embassy by a phalanx of Homeland Security vehicles using their sirens. The phone and security lines were soon burning the airwaves between the Embassy and Jerusalem … and of course, the NSA was listening to every word of it.

Fifty-gallon oil drums burning files were busy in the back courtyard of the Embassy sending black plumes of smoke over the neighborhood.
Israeli security and military forces were soon made aware of a radically different picture off their coasts and in the air. There were a significant number of warships from the US, several European nations and Russia. Chinese and other nations had their ships and aircraft off the coasts of Iran searching for Israeli submarines.
Upon contacting the irregular forces they operated in Northern Syria, the Prime Minister found that US/coalition aircraft were amassing sorties searching for any sign of their operation. Egypt ordered the Israeli Embassy in Cairo closed and were on full alert in the Sinai. The Saudis also closed their Embassy and refused all over-flight permission for Israeli aircraft.
Benjamin Netanyahu was quite mad enough to order the final launch. Every ethnic group on Earth has such psychopathic predators. Usually, they don’t arise to such powers…
Izzy Dinur was the Katsa—case officer—for the paramilitary Mossad group secretly positioned in northeastern Syria. They had successfully shot down the Iranian Airbus w/a ground-to-air missile and now they were prepared to launch a ground-to-ground missile equipped w/a low-yield tactical nuke warhead.
While no one expected the Airbus shooting, the warnings from Center and simultaneous increased air surveillance, including Hellfire-equipped drones, was keeping everybody on super alert.
His men urged that they move closer to the Iraq border and thus closer to their target, Iran. The area that far away from the Syrian fighting had far less surveillance.
Quneitra-001What they didn’t know—only Izzy knew—was that the target wasn’t Iran, but the UN compound of Quneitra, on the border with Israel. He couldn’t change the launch site w/out drastic changes in targeting; he had no one with that skill.
They had planned that Quneitra would give Israel a plausible excuse for a retaliatory strike against Iran, assuming one wasn’t otherwise forthcoming. Izzy was hoping he got the chance to launch. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a significant part of history…even if they could never reveal their hand in the fact.
But this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, thought Izzy. He would be glad to get back to his settlement home near Ramallah. From the news he was hearing, his growing family would be able to expand their holdings…the Palestinians were fleeing.
Izzy was only awaiting the final order…
Another hand-picked settler, the lead naval commander of the Dolphin-class Israeli three-sub task-force off Iran’s southern coast was also getting more nervous. While they were positioned in total silence awaiting the final order, they were also aware of the hunting attack-subs, ships and aircraft dropping listening gear.
All war is Deception.” SUN TZU (500 BCE)

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) April 2015…

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