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The Day Israel Attacked Detroit…

Sometimes Truth must be dressed in a manner that the observer can recognize
A political organization that is founded upon the belief that virtually everyone on the planet is a potential natural enemy out to destroy them, is ultimately capable of anything. Mix some religion into it and they even claim Gott ist mit uns

Gulag Gaza...

Gulag Gaza…

Thus today—after 120-yrs in existence–Zionists seek separation and total independent power as the most weaponized, renegade nuclear state on the planet.

Even Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) has no deterrence to such an insane belief system. In fact…one can assume it.
This reality turns all negotiations for peace and justice on its head. First of all, the express goal of Zionism obviates any “Palestine” on the same land, or even the inclusion of “others” in any democratic sense. “Making facts” is a strategy that replaces any meaningful “negotiations.”
Second, the most logical reason in current talks to prevent Iran from any ability to acquire nuclear weapons is not because of the threat it might pose to Israel, but the threat that Zionism poses to Iran…and the rest of us.

Where to start
When a chain of actions and reactions stretch far back, choosing where to start may seem arbitrary. In this report, the temporal chain is quite clear.

BibiButch-001On May 15th, 2014, two protesting Palestinian youths were murdered by the IDF and Border Police. Three days after the release of the autopsy findings on June 9th establishing their murder, three Israeli teenagers were abducted in apparent retaliation and murdered.
Despite evidence later found that Israeli intel knew the relative location of the youths and that they had been almost surely killed, Israel launched 369 attacks throughout the West Bank of Palestine, destroying homes, killing 11, wounding 51, and arresting between 350-and-600 “suspects.”
On the morning of July 2nd, a 16-year-old Palestinian youth was abducted by settlers walking home in Jerusalem, beaten and burned alive. Hamas, opened up w/a salvo of “rockets.” Out of a total of 4,564 rockets and mortars (according to Israeli stats) randomly fired at areas around them over 7-wks, 224 hit occupied areas resulting in a total of 6 civilian deaths, and 66 attacking IDF soldiers.

IsraeliMascr-001It started for real when the Israeli Army, Navy and Air Force surrounded Detroit, like Gaza, a city of just 140 square miles. The city is a semi-circle that borders on the waterfront and stretches to 8 Mile Road.

From time to time, the inmates get uppity and resist their oppressionThe Israelis laughingly refer to their military incursions as “mowing the lawn.” This “landscaping” is designed as a reprisal on the population that any and all resistance will be met with merciless collective punishment. Roughly, a thousand-fold response in Zionism’s calculus.

The top leadership of Israel cut their canines in the American education and business systems. A significant vanguard of the Israeli apartheid, colonial-settler drive to annex Palestinian territory are dual American-Israeli citizens (most of the rest are Euro-Israeli). Just as racism is endemic to conservative American politics, in Israel this concept openly holds that Palestinians (and Arabs in general) are nothing more than “sand-niggers.”

IsraelDet-001The first Israeli Air Force jets came screaming in out of the eastern sun dropping bombs and firing missiles leveling whole areas up the main drag, destroying buildings, infrastructure and vehicles to make open travel nearly impossible.

Along w/the Navy and Army, this opening blast has the universal psychological effect of creating a “war-zone” mentality for the aggressors and their corp-media. City Airport was already leveled and gov’t Caterpillars had scoured its runways.

Navy gunboats rocketed the waterfront, destroying all the port facilities and in at least one instance using children playing on the beach areas for “walking precision” rocket practice.

(An NBC reporter covered the event, but when the Israelis complained, the corp-media pulled him out and replaced him with one more pliable to “proper” reporting. Aggressors don’t really mind the knowledge getting to the public…in fact, they prefer it, it’s part of their terror-strategy.  They just don’t want it officially documented.)

Gaza "rocket" batteries...

Gaza “rocket” batteries…

Army tank artillery had their turn. Many of these events were witnessed by crowds of cheering settlers and others with beer, barbeque and lawn-chairs situated on surrounding hilltops.  Snipers and spotters surrounded the City. During the day, children on roof-tops were often a documented target. “Future terrorists.”

Establishing artillery-fire zeroed in on buildings and other stationary targets. Once zeroed-in, they wait for security and medical personnel to show up and hit it again. There were several instances, documented by journalists and UN personnel, where parents gather who came to pick up their children from the UN schools. Boom! A big score!

GazaFence-001The city is known as the largest outdoor prison ghetto-gulag in the world. With 1.7 million citizens, 2/3rds who are refugees housed in UN agency schools and encampments. The city is surrounded by a high concrete wall–far higher than the former Berlin Wall–with gun-towers and a deep free-fire kill-zone all the way around.
There are several crossing points, all controlled by the Israeli military. Any and all travel, food, medicine, construction materials, etc., is prohibited except by occasional gov’t whim. Several unarmed peace flotillas previously tried to travel there, but were turned back by the Israeli Navy…in at least one case attacked w/a number of activists killed.
All funds donated to the city are confiscated by the gov’t and doled out, if at all, as the Israelis see fit.  I could bore the reader be reciting the next seven weeks that the city was attacked and parts of it occupied by the Army. But a brief catalogue of the final stats should suffice…

GazaB+A-001For sure, there was some token resistance from the elected officials of the city. In fact, the gov’t had warned the population to not elect them or there would be consequences. These are the consequences.
No one questions the ability of the gov’t to utterly wipe the city and its population off the map, much as a previous aggressor did to the Warsaw Ghetto. But then that would be a bit too obvious and might invoke more criticism and opposition.

The gov’t specifically targeted this elected org (Hamas) and all of the city’s infrastructure, including the police, militia, engineers, teachers, medical workers and their vehicles.
The Israelis targeted and destroyed hospitals, schools, the water-works, the power facilities, factories, media centers (killing 17 journalists), stadiums, churches, over 7,000 homes (89,000 seriously damaged), apartment buildings, 237 municipal sites and 1,914 so-called Command & Control centers.
The UN cited stats that the Israeli Army fired a total of 16,507 artillery and tank shells (each of far greater yield than any of the “rockets and mortars” fired by city resistance), a total of 5,830 missiles in 4,028 Air Force sorties, and the Navy an additional 3,494 shells for a total of some 10,000 tons of ordinance.

A total of 520,000 citizens were “displaced” with 2,205 citizens killed of which 1,483 were civilians (513 children), over 10,000 wounded with many losing limbs, eyesight and more.

OH, WAIT A MO…MY BAD…Israel DIDN’T attack Detroit…it was only GAZA after all. But, not to worry…all the stats remain the same…

Gaza6Aug'14-001This story and its reality should be a warning to all of the capacity of all racist nationalisms–Zionism in this case–to delude itself and project its own mirror image on others to sanction hate and mass murder as an acceptable, socially responsible ideology.

Israel’s Zionists simply embodied Euro-American colonial lessons, as well as those from their fascist collaborations in World War-II, and gussied them up in different costumes. Come right down to it… Same old, same old…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), February 2015…

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