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RELIGION: The Second Oldest Scam…

Maybe I’m wrong and 84% of the world that identifies as religious is correct… ¿Quien sabe?  It seems to me that the more advanced (or at least older) that the world gets, the crazier are its religions.  One would think that things would get more rational…

Religions-001Take the current World Axis of Evil for instance, the Judeo-Christian-Islamic mega-cult: If we believe their own writings, the originator some 4000-yrs-ago was Abram, the son of an Oracle Priest (or an idol-peddler) named Terah from the City of Ur in the ancient Sumerian Empire.
Terah, Abram, his half-sister/wife Sarai, and the rest of the extended family relocated to the Land of the Canaanites, Phoenicians and others. They changed their names to Abraham and Sarah, elected one of the Sumerian pantheon—the mountain storm god—as their personal tribal god, and made claim to all the lands of Canaan. Still do, in fact.
Lest anyone try to impose another god, Abraham claimed his god as the one and only supreme god of the entire universe. Further, he took the core of the ancient Sumerian Epics as his own story of Genesis after editing them considerably.

(After all, w/the rapid decline of Sumer who would ever know? Never realizing that some 3800-yrs later, the ancient sands would offer up cuneiform tablets from the Sumer archives.)

Abraham claimed that his god offered him and his chosen progeny exclusive rights to the land he intended to usurp.  “A land w/out a people, a people w/out a land,” indeed.
In furtherance of his own call and claims, he fathered a son by his Egyptian servant-girl, Hagar. But following the pharaonic practice of sister-love, he also had a son with his half-sister, Sarah, and his god then rejected the first kid, commanding the young man and his mother to wander the desert for eternity.

In his dotage, Abraham decided to slit the throat of his sister’s kid, Isaac, but got lucid at the last moment (Isaac later claimed all inheritance to himself) and that was the auspicious beginnings of Judaism. Oh yeah, after Sarah died, Abraham had six more sons with another women, Keturah, probably one of his concubines. He shipped all them off as well.

SumerCrescent-001Two millenia later, the self-messianic step-son of a $millionaire contractor, Yeshua (Jesus), took on the Romans and the Jewish establishment.

(His 12-yr-old mother, a Temple Virgin auctioned off to the contractor-widower, had got preggers when her betrothed was off w/his sons on a Roman job in Lebanon; all of them, that is, except the youngest, James, 17.)

Failing to establish a revolutionary vanguard cadre and winning over the masses, he was betrayed, arrested, convicted, tortured and executed.
However, there already actually existed a “Christian”/cross-based insurrectionist slave movement throughout Rome and the colonies; they simply lacked an appropriate figure-head martyr. Saul (Paul), a Jewish-Roman leader, failed to be accepted by the original cadre, so he extending his executed “messiah” (along w/a revolutionary-resurrection story) to the Gentiles and ran w/it. Modern Christianity was thus born.

Another 600-yrs-later, an Arabist leader, Mohammad, a merchantman, got the same idea, chose one of the jinni as his one and only true god—modeled after the Judaic-Christian one—and Islam was born. Lord, I can’t wait for the next one…

(Personally, as a secular humanist and a Forensic Psychologist (PsyD), I’m convinced that in terms of the actual behavior and actions of these individuals and groups, religion per se is merely a convenient excuse and faux-rationale for their inclination to do what they otherwise intend in any event.)

Various religious phases have apparently prevailed on Earth in regards to our relatively short tenure as a species (200,000±yrs) … much less our far shorter “civilized” development.

EarthMotherThe first one I deduce is the phase of female-inspiration fixed to fertility and animist spirituality—later vilified as paganism—eventually creating the general ancestral concept of a Mother Goddess and the planet as a living organism, Gaia (circa 30,000±yrs ago).
This occurred along w/the male hunter/free range ancestral concept of sky-based, daddy-gods ruling all below.
The most recent phenom—as I opened with above, circa 4,000-yrs-ago–was the creation of a monotheistic god creating and ruling the entire cosmos, but who curiously (?) retains its family/tribal preference of a “chosen” few (namely, those who invented it).
This conceptual god, as are all others, is clearly a direct reflection of its creators: Extremely jealous, vengeful, punitive, retributional, misogynistic and infantile.

(All in all, in fact, an accurate representation of the lack of socio-moral development as are 3-yr-olds and those older w/arrested developmental issues, in other words, conservatives.)

I start w/the first “religion” on Earth as the original spirituality expressed by female heads of families. Archaeo-anthropological sites have established rather definitively that females essentially ruled the home, hearth and family units.
This has been established by the stones and bones of ancient sites confirming the abiding presence of women, children and old and infirm males. One could presume that healthy males gathered outside of the home for the hunt, circle-jerks and ritualistic behaviors (not to mention getting out of mundane but critical family work).

Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, ca. 4,000 BCE.

Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, ca. 4,000 BCE.

Females may well have created more than their share of the arts as well. In addition to making home utensils, clothes, providing some 90+% of the diet of herbs and small snared and netted animals, they also largely created cave-art ascertained by the fact that most of the hand-flutings are apparently female. Also, the oldest family/tribal totems are universally female fertility objects.

I can imagine that males out on the range under the stars (females more generally focused on the Earth and what it can provide), telling each other tall tales and ancestral stories, thus creating a more detached embodiment of a supreme deity much along the lines of their fathers and their fathers ad infinitum.

At that earlier period, there would hardly be any cause for resentment or competition between these gender-based beliefs as they existed in quite disparate worlds.

However, there was apparently a second major development … a transition phase at some point from this free-range lifestyle and developing realities imposed by greater populations, lesser large game available nearby (always comprising a very small percentage of the home-family diet in any event) and a gathering of far larger, extended tribal groupings.

These conditions led to greater monogamous family relations (male ruled, the only way they know), albeit still communal in assemblage, and the development of socio-economic relations, specialization in production and the division of labor. Leaders of these relational developments further led to trade specialties and to those assuming leadership (and a cut) as their role in infrastructure management.
Along this latter track to “civilization,” the relative power between males and females came to the fore and remains so to this day. Religion is merely a reflection of that relationship, much the same as religion is a partner-reflection of all socio-political-economic relations in society.

PreyVultures-001Thru humanity’s brief and bloody social history—at least the past 10,000±yrs—we’ve witnessed a succession of brutalities that continue to this day. Religion shares the lead in that competition.

It’s always amused me—in an ironic sort of way—that religion can both serve and suppress. Both the slaver and the enslaved can find scripture to suit their situation. He who wishes to punish and oppress can find support in its writings, as well as those seeking salvation from the imbedded alternative belief-systems.

One of the default arguments I often run into is when the believer asks, “Where do you think all this came from?” (As if anyone could answer that.) His own answer of course is that it was all created by a God.

When I ask, Where did your god come from? The answer is invariably, “He always existed.”

Fine, I reply, there’s your answer: The universe itself always existed…by your own logic! Why keep inventing more turtles?

Oh yeah … the world’s Oldest Scam? The male-based “ideology” of predatory “economics.” Been runnin’ now for .. how long? Some 10,000±yrs?

Quant à moi? Je suis Charlie…

Dr. Publico (nick Medvecky, PsyD), January 2015…

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  1. Alan Pogue says:

    so true. On to expressing a positive set of beliefs without authoritarianism, neither matriarchy nor patriarchy. My belief is that morality is an expression of human consciousness. Our drive is to communicate, to understand and be understood by others. Language demands cooperation, shared meaning.Truth has a high priority with those close to us. I am fond of blending Barbara Ehrenriech’s “Blood Rites” and Steven Batchelor’s “Confession of a Buddhist Atheist”.

    Alan Pogue

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