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Israel, Iran & the Bomb…

WARNING: Much of this intel is PROHIBITED from being viewed by US military and Gov’t personnel!  However, while much of the material presented here paradoxically remains secret/classified, it’s all open-source material on the Internet. It just takes beaucoup research … of which I’ve taken pains to provide to the reader with attached links below. Have at it.

The greatest threat to the world today—in addition to environmental genocide and/or total corporate control over the world’s natural resources and gov’ts—is for a terrorist state to have the power of a nuclear holocaust. Of course, the question is, just what defines a terrorist state … Dr. Publico.

EretzYisraelDavid Ben-Gurion became the first Prime Minister of Israel in May of 1948. As a long-time leader of the World Zionist (WZO) movement, he is credited w/being a central figure in the creation of Israel, in fact, it’s Founding Father.
From the moment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, David Ben-Gurion sought to acquire nuclear weapons, vowing: Never Again!

In addition to securing help from a number of scientists who support the racial/national tenets of Zionism, he also sought aid from atomic-related Jewish physicists such as Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller and others who were associated w/the Manhattan Project.
In the case of Einstein and 27 other notables, they signed a letter to the NY Times in December of ‘48 condemning the Israeli Revisionist Zionists as the “latest manifestation of fascism.” However, in a further attempt to coopt Einstein, he was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, along w/a request to move there, take citizenship, and presumably “aid” their nuclear research, but turned it down.
Nevertheless, Ben-Gurion and his group were able to move full-speed ahead in their nuclear development, embedding specialized students at the University of Chicago (and other institutions) to study under Enrico Fermi, who had overseen the world’s first artificial and self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction back in 1942; the official birth of the Nuclear Age.

DimonaMap-001By 1953, Israeli scientists had developed the capability to extract uranium from their phosphate deposits in the Negev Desert (southern Israel), as well as a new technology to produce heavy water.
This tech was sold to France, who were already Israel’s major armaments supplier, and themselves in a race for nuclear weapons. Since Israel was also a significant source of intel from their various Sayanim (Jewish informers who sympathized w/Zionism) throughout the French colonies, they formed an alliance for the mutual development of nuclear research “for peaceful purposes.”

In 1956, France, Britain and Israel combined for an attack on Egypt after that nation nationalized the Suez Canal. Russia threatened to intervene on behalf of Egypt and the US also opposed the aggression, forcing them to withdraw … for the moment.
President Truman opposed the apartheid state from the beginning and had sought a federated, democratic nation inclusive of the Palestinians. While he reluctantly supported Israeli independence, he imposed an arms blockade. President Eisenhower continued that policy (and after ’56, supplied the Egyptians w/defensive arms until 1967).
Overflying the Dimona reactor site w/a U-2 spy plane in 1960, the outgoing Eisenhower administration asked the Israelis for an explanation for the mysterious construction. Israel’s response at first was that the site was a future textile factory, but that no inspection would be allowed.
When Jack Kennedy took office in ‘61, he put continuous pressure on Israel to open the plant to American inspection. Ben-Gurion was evasive on the issue for two years. Of course, Jack was a bit busy w/a runaway CIA, Cuba, Vietnam/Laos and Berlin.
Finally, in a personal letter dated May 18, 1963, Kennedy threatened Israel with total isolation unless inspectors were allowed into Dimona.
Israel eventually accepted an inspection after Kennedy made two concessions – the US would sell Israel Hawk anti-aircraft missiles, and agreed that the inspections would be carried out by American teams scheduled weeks in advance.

Dimona Nuclear Plant, Israel

Dimona Nuclear Plant, Israel

Because Israel knew the schedule of the inspectors’ visits, it was able to disguise the reactor. The inspectors eventually reported that their work was useless due to Israeli restrictions on what parts of the facility they could investigate.
Former master Mossad agent Rafi Eitan explained how the inspectors were fooled: A bogus control center was built over the real one at Dimona, complete w/fake control panels and computer-lined gauges that gave a credible impression of measuring the output of a reactor engaged in an irrigation scheme to turn the Negev into a lush pastureland. Meanwhile, someone(s) solved Israel’s problem w/Jack.

Rafi is an interesting character; totally unpredictable yet remains w/in the Zionist state’s graces. He even admits throwing Jonathan Pollard out of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC when their US spy sought asylum. Pollard is doing life in federal prison.

As for the irrigation scheme, Israel planned all along (and eventual accomplished) the diversion of most of the Jordan River to Israeli water projects.

Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona in the Negev went critical in ’62. By ‘65, Israel was producing full weapons grade plutonium.
French assistance ended in ‘66 when they became convinced that Israel was, in fact, planning to build nuclear weapons beyond the international non-proliferation protocols. Even 6 of the 7 members of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission itself resigned, protesting nuclear weapons developments. Jewish ideals were one thing; Zionist goals quite another.
Britain picked up French slack, secretly supplying specialist chemicals and fissionable U-235 to Israel for reprocessing plutonium into weapon’s grade material (what Iran is accused of today). Britain also supplied Lithium-6, which is used to fuel hydrogen bombs.
Israel begun full-scale production of nuclear weapons following the ‘67 Six-Day-War, but a CIA report and others suggest that Israel already had two A-bombs in reserve for ready use during the war.

USS Liberty

USS Liberty

One particularly brutal war crime that occurred during Israel’s “preemptive” ’67 war against the Palestinians, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, was the sustained attack on the USS Liberty flying the American flag in international waters some 30-miles off the coast of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.
Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, ordered a multi-coordinated attack against the defenseless intel ship (they had four .50-cal machine guns) by air and sea forces, including strafing, torpedos, and destroying lifeboats. They murdered 34 and wounded 171 sailors … the worst loss of American naval personnel from hostile action since World War II.

An Israeli pilot yrs later held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey. As senior Israeli lead pilot, he says he recognized the Liberty as American and so informed his headquarters. He was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

The multiple attacks were called off only when the Israelis discovered thru radio intercepts that the 6th Fleet had sent a phalanx of fighter aircraft to the site.

Moshe Dayan enthusiastically supported Israel’s atomic program. Shortly after the ’67 war, he authorized full production of 4-to-5 nuclear warheads a year.
In 1968, the CIA stated in a top-secret National Intelligence Estimate that Israel had nuclear weapons. This assessment was given to President Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1969, when Nixon took the presidency, the US gov’t terminated the inspections and began virtually unlimited infusions of annual military grants … $3 billion a yr and up.
In a memorandum dated July 19, 1969, National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger warned, “The Israelis, who are one of the few peoples whose survival is genuinely threatened, are probably more likely than almost any other country to actually use their nuclear weapons” (emphasis added).
Nevertheless, among the suggestions Kissinger presented to Nixon was the idea of the US adopting a policy of “nuclear ambiguity“, or pretending not to know about Israel’s nuclear program.

Among notable Israeli whistleblowers relative to these discussions are Victor Ostrovsky and Mordechai Vanunu.
Major Ostrovsky had been the commanding officer of the army’s Military Police West Bank Central Command; later a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli Navy; and later still joined the Mossad as a Katsa (Case Officer) in Israeli counter-intelligence.
Opposed to their ultra-right actions, he escaped w/his family to Canada and wrote a tell-all best-seller—By Way of Deception (…Thou Shalt Do War—the motto of the Mossad) in 1990. He has subsequently written other books as well as being an accomplished artist.
Mordechai Vanunu had been conscripted into the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), was a sapper (explosives expert) in the Combat Engineers and attained the rank of Sergeant-Major. He saw action during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the only war not directly initiated by Israel.
He was a nuclear technician (later a shift manager) at the Dimona atomic production facility for 8-yrs when, opposed to nuclear weapons, took a series of secret photos and eventually gave the story of the illicit production to the British Sunday Times in 1986. He also revealed that Israel had built and stockpiled thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs).
In 1987, he was lured to Rome in a classic Mossad “honey-trap,” drugged, kidnapped and transported by an Israeli warship back to Israel for trial. Convicted of treason, he was sentenced to 18-yrs (mostly in solitary). Completing his sentence in 2004, Mordechai remains incarcerated today.

Meanwhile, Israel is full-speed-ahead and international intel agencies believe that now they command 4-to-500 fission and fusion bombs, and have them fully deployed in ballistic missiles and their submarine fleet able to hit anywhere in the Middle East and Southern Europe.
As for testing, Israel has used sites in the Negev for non-atomic implosions, were once welcomed by the French to observe on their test sites, and by virtue of giving the technology to former-apartheid South Africa, participated in most likely at least one nuclear bomb test known as the Vela Incident in the southern Indian Ocean (South Africa later renounced their nuclear stockpile of A-bombs).

OK, so Iran? Where do we stand?
Assuming that Iran is following much the same course as Israel, they’d be at or about the 1960s stage of development to secure U-235 fuel rods in order to produce weapons grade plutonium and develop nuclear weapons…or are they?
When the Iranian revolution occurred in 1979, the Iranians abandoned the US/Shah’s nuclear development program and (unlike Israel) signed a variety of international treaties repudiating the possession of weapons of mass destruction, including the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
At some point as the Israelis continued to develop and deploy their nuclear weapons throughout the Middle East and beyond, Iran apparently decided to hedge their bets and at least pursue nuclear energy, receiving aid from Russia to do so.

Mordechai Vanunu

Mordechai Vanunu

Israel, who themselves wrote the playbook on nuclear deception, of course can’t believe that another nation is not doing likewise. Therefore they oppose and threaten to destroy all attempts to create any form of nuclear development in the region, clean or otherwise, and browbeat their American political lapdogs to carry their water…
Iran has otherwise consistently supported the creation of a nuclear-weapons free zone in the Middle East. Iran formerly proposed the concept of a nuclear weapon free-zone in a joint resolution to the UN General Assembly (1974).
That call was repeated by Iran’s President Ahmadinejad in 2006. It was again reiterated by Iran’s Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki in 2008.
When it comes to nuclear weapons, Israel remains totally mum…for itself. Of course, we’re supposed to believe that they’re the good guys…
Is there a threat in the Middle East by a regional power prepared to employ nukes? Yup… But it ain’t Iran…not yet…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) November 2014…

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