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101–The Kurds…

PRELUDE: One of the great ironies of history occurred in 1241. After Mongol hordes had conquered practically all of Asia, Iran and Russia, they were at the gates of Vienna with nothing standing between them and all of Europe. Suddenly they stopped….Mongols

Their leader, Ogedei Khan, had died and they returned home to compete for the succession to the Mongol Empire. Europe was thus spared conquest, occupation and a change in the course of all history since.

Consider what Europe and Christianity eventually inflicted throughout the world, especially the Western Hemisphere thru colonial genocide over the next several hundred years. The First World War? The Second?

Would an Asian history be substantially different or was humanity doomed to the type of predatory profiteering we still see today as conservative Social-Darwinists employ to excuse their behavior?

One of the many events currently rattling the world scene as corporatism wages a never-ending war for profits—whatever ideals and other disguises are applied—is in the resource-rich area of the Middle East.
Petro-chemicals and war-profiteering are the driving forces. A tiny fraction of humanity already owns and controls over half the natural resources and wealth of the entire world. How much more could possibly satisfy them? Is there any limit to their quest for profit, privilege and power?Kurdistan-001
As fascinating as this rhetorical question may be, allow me to scale it down to some comprehension of the peoples we’re currently engaged with…the Kurds of the Middle East. Who are they? Where did they come from? And what do they want?

The red area shown here are the tribal lands of the Kurds. It is not currently an existing national political identity. For the moment, they have no nation.
As we watch the current news, we’re witnessing the desperate battle for survival between the Kurds—including the women of Kurdistan (who enjoy far more social mixing and political freedom in Kurdish society than they do in the Islamic-Arab states)—and both Turkey and Al Qaeda/ISIS fanatics.
Most Americans erroneously view the Kurds as a nomadic tribe of Arabs up in the mountains of Iraq, Syria and Turkey. That’s wrong. Kurds are a Caucasus/Iranian tribal grouping; they’re not Arabic or Semitic.

One of the most militant Kurdish groups fighting for survival and resistance is the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) who give equal status to their women.

(Arabs are descended from Northern Africa and the Central Arabian Peninsula, along w/their co-Semitic half-brothers, from Abraham.  Abraham’s first-born, Ishmael was caste out of the family; biblical history tells us that he became the founder of nomadic [Arab] Semites.
(Abraham’s second-born, Isaac, by his half-sister/wife, became his favorite and the progenitor of the Hebrew Semites. Abraham himself was an emigrant from Ur, an ancient Sumerian city in the south of Mesopotamia.)

The ancient Aryan migrations from the Caucasus Mountains...

The ancient Aryan migrations from the Caucasus Mountains…

Kurds, Iranians, Pashtun and others east and north are a different line altogether. Their descent is from Aryan peoples who migrated down from the Caucasus Mountains further north.

The modern Persian term, Iranian, is phonetically related to the term Aryan. Same people. Modern genetic analysis of Europeans and Kurds/Iranians further establishes this link.

There were actually two great migrations of the Aryan Caucasus back thousands of years ago … those who traveled south and became the large family of Iranians (including Kurds and Pashtun), versus those who went west into Europe–Germans, French, English, etc.

(The term Aryan is a neutral ethno-linguistic classification despite the concept of the Aryan race as has been used by proponents of ideologically-motivated racism and white supremacists. In the latter sense, Aryanism developed as a racial ideology that claimed that the Aryan race was a master race. The reality is that there is no master or “chosen” race; we’re all one human race [species] with ethnic sub-divisions.)

"Rehana" reported 28Oct'14 captured and beheaded.

“Rehana” reported 28Oct’14 captured and beheaded.

The population of Kurds might also surprise Americans. While there are, for example, 14.2 million Jews in the world (6.2 million in Israel/Palestine), and 11.6 million Palestinians (5.8 million in Israel/Palestine), there are an estimated 30 million Kurds! Certainly no small nomadic tribe wandering the Middle/Near East.

All but some 2 million live in the area described as Kurdistan, which overlaps the political borders of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. This is in fact another example of how the history of colonialism, which created the political borders, controls these populations and their resources.

Kurd Resistance...

Kurd Resistance…

(The same split-border division of the 50-million Pashtun between Afghanistan and Pakistan was accomplished by the British Durand Line. We see those political results today… The Pashtun are the same originating Aryan-Caucasus race as the Kurds and Iranians.)

This political/colonial history includes the US, Israeli, Saudi and Turkish axis, which created the blowback and fertile conditions for Al Qaeda and ISIS thru perpetual war for profit against Iraq, Yemen, Iran and Syria.  The Kurds are caught dead in the middle.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) Oct. 2014

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