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Jim Crow Has an Open Visa in Israel…

A young American woman received an Israeli visa in August of 2012 allowing her to teach English in a Quaker Friend’s School financed by USAID in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine. After spending a short Christmas visit to Amman, Jordan, some 40 road miles away, she was refused reentry.

Nour Joudah, 25

Nour Joudah, 25

   Nour Joudah is an American raised by Palestinian parents in Clarksville, TN. (I used to live there myself when I was a young paratrooper in the 101st Airborne, Ft. Campbell, KY.)

   In subsequent attempts to return to her teaching job, she was questioned at length, strip-searched and held off-site in jail detention. Calls to the US Consulate only elicited that they could provide no help “when it comes to Israel.”

   Israel’s afternoon newspaper, Haaretz, reported that she failed to answer certain questions to Shin Bet, the General Security Service, concerning her student and family contacts.

   Personally, I was surprised she ever got a visa from the Israelis in the first place. Their treatment of Palestinians was as racist as anything I ever witnessed in my civil rights work in the Old South (1959-65).

   The building of the Israeli Wall, over 90% of which lies w/in Palestine, and the settlers that have usurped Palestinian land along w/private roads and connecting thoroughfares, makes it perfectly clear that Israel leadership is only interested in cleansing what they consider to be their ancient land of Judea and Samaria.

The greater irony that Judea and Samaria were themselves carved out of an even more ancient land of Canaan is completely lost to any rational thinking. (Many Palestinians claim to be descendants of that ancient people.)

   There are more than 300,000 settlers in over 121 settlements throughout Occupied Palestine. An estimated 78% of these colonial-settlers are from Europe and the US. An estimated 25% are dual American-Israeli citizens (all in violation of both US and international law).

Bringing with them the worst of their American heritage, these US-Israeli settlers, among other epithets, refer to Palestinians as “sand-niggers.” 

   More recent DNA profiles throughout the Levant have established that a significant percentage of Palestinians are themselves descended from ancient Hebrew peoples. In fact, some studies indicate that Palestinians have more Hebrew blood than do Western Ashkenazim (Jews) who make such claims.

Settler youth taught racism...

Settler youth taught racism…

 Both the United Nations and the International Court of Justice have often condemned Israel’s unlawful policies.

Israel could care less and its chief sponsor, the US, continues to grant Israel over $3 billion annually and veto all objections to Israeli perfidy and state terrorism in the UN.

   In fact, as corporatism continues to advance its political power in the US, joint ALEC-AIPAC legislation is currently passing thru Congress entitled the US-Israel Strategic Partner Act of 2013. These are Senate Bill 462 and House Bill 938.

   Heretofore, treaty-law has held that US and Israeli citizens have reciprocal visa waiver rights. Under this new bill, Israeli citizens will continue to enjoy an open visa policy for US visits, while Americans can be denied entry to Israel and the Palestinian territories w/out any reason or explanation given.

   Who are these running-dogs that propose and create these laws? Clearly, the US Congress is a partner w/Israeli racist colonialism.

   I recall that in my own journalistic travels throughout Israel and Palestine, I met and spoke w/many peoples of all political persuasions. One group I briefly spoke w/at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem included Matzpen (Compass).

Deborah Hertz, 20 (1969)...

Deborah Hertz, 20 (1969)…

   One of their associates, Deborah Hertz (an American), befriended me in Jerusalem and accompanied me back to Beirut, Lebanon, on a visit herself when my time in Israel was up. (I was a working journalist out of Beirut for parts of 3-yrs.)

   I introduced her to my contacts in Al Fatah, the main Palestinian liberation group of Yassir Arafat, and she went on to see for herself the refugee camps and other sites before returning to her studies in Israel.

   Deborah is today a professor of Modern Jewish Studies at the University of California at San Diego. She holds a PhD in German History and has published several books concerning German and Jewish History. She is currently working on one comparing German and Jewish nationalism in the 20th century entitled, The Magic Circle of Race in Germany and Israel.

   Our travel to Beirut from Israel required that we transship thru Nicosia, Cyprus. Since an Israeli stamp in her passport would present problems in Lebanon (as would any Arab stamp when visiting Israel), we had to visit the US Consulate.

   The Consulate routinely agreed to issue her a new passport (she would redeem her old one upon her return to the US). It was all done in a couple of hours and we were on our way to Beirut in the morning.

Ramallah High School Class

Ramallah High School Class

   As a citizen of the Holy American Empire (and a working journalist) I always enjoyed the privileges that came w/being an American.

   The new corporatist US empire aborning is having none of that; they create divisions of ethnic, race and class to suit their chosen designs.

   Despite all that Israel gets away w/in the Occupied Territories and the carte blanche free-ride that they’re given by the US, we certainly don’t need to start changing US laws to suit their apartheid, colonial-cleansing  policies.

   One of the realities that I constantly ran into in Israel were arguments that they aren’t doing anything different to the Palestinians that Americans didn’t do to the Indians and Africans.

   Of course they’re correct. They seemed to be honestly perplexed that I didn’t agree w/them in their hate of others. But it made clear their conscious intentions.

   In fact, we should be enforcing the US and international laws in regard to their illicit occupation policies. They are guilty of no less than crimes against humanity.

   At the very least, all Americans who are participating in these crimes should be stripped of their US citizenship.

Dr. Publico

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  1. Raff Ellis says:

    Another good set of observations, Nick. Son’t give up even though it has all the earmarks of a Sisyphusian endeavor.

  2. publico says:

    Thanx, Raff. Too old to quit now…

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