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“Work Will Make You Free…”

The fascist-corporatists of Nazi Germany performed an invaluable service for the corporate elite who rule the planet today. Their motto of “Arbeit Macht Frei” was emblazoned over all of their concentration camps…forever revealing the fundamental nature of capital-corporatism.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

   Perhaps some of you may have noticed that I’ve taken a brief hiatus from this blog as we enter the dog-days of summer. Myself and my co-editor, Boo (pictured here), didn’t really plan this.

   When I put the computer in the shop at Staples, they advised me that several cat videos were virus carriers (Boo has been so warned and parental controls have been initiated). Hey, I gotta blame somebody…

In addition, a number of events here in Detroit—including family—have kept us occupied. Nevertheless, I haven’t lacked for ongoing interest in current events.

At the top of the list is the Trayvon Martin trial (despite being the victim) and the expected acquittal of George Zimmerman.

   Much has been made of the criminal justice media circus, but as I’ve made clear elsewhere (Facebook et al.), the “system” worked perfectly as intended. (Darkies and poor-folk were never a part of that intent.)KlanWatch

   As for the Klan/Koch/NRA/Tea Party legislation, “stand your ground” laws were never intended for the victims of racial and class oppression.

   The clear reality is that Trayvon was profiled, stalked and confronted, and apparently attempted to “stand his ground” with an aggressive self-defense.

   Were I on the prosecution team (I was a criminal defense investigator for 17-yrs out of Detroit), I would have made Trayvon’s right to stand his ground as a central aspect of the case.

   Zimmerman was simply a latter-day “patter roller” that any slave of a certain age could have warned Trayvon that any resistance would have been met with deadly consequences.  History 101.

   I’ve also avidly followed the recent news concerning Brazil, Syria, Egypt and those elements trying to insert themselves for corporate, state and colonial profit. Two other events I’ll speak briefly to are Edward Snowden and Detroit.

   No doubt, few have missed the current events being played out in the corporate media. Please feel free to follow your own take…

For the record: Edward Snowden, 30, was born in North Carolina in 1983. His father was a Coast Guard officer and mother a federal court clerk. He acquired a GED and was working toward a Master’s Degree.

   He joined the Army at 21 as a Special Forces recruit, but was injured in a training accident and discharged under honorable conditions.

   Being especially skilled in computer science and Mandarin Chinese, Snowden was recruited by the CIA and worked under diplomatic cover in Geneva. This of course is vastly different than the corporate-media propaganda portrayal of him as a “high school drop-out loser.” He also participated in CIA field operations.A demonstrator holds a photograph of Edward Snowden

   He left the CIA in 2009 and for several years worked for the NSA and its contractors as a top-secret computer infrastructure analyst with a salary up to some $200,000.

   Along the way, to the dismay of the imperial gods, Snowden adopted Buddhism and the views of American third-party progressive politics.

   He came to believe that the work he was engaged in—the wholesale destruction of privacy—was a form of treason to the US Constitution (of which he was sworn to defend).

   In classic whistleblower form he revealed the illicit program to the media, including the super-secret PRISM (NSA surveillance) program, the NSA’s call database network, Boundless Informant and the joint US/Brit black-op’s Tempora*.

(*If you’re in the military, be forewarned that you are prohibited from reading this. You’re free to kill and die, but not to know why…)

   Of himself, Snowden says, “I’m neither traitor nor hero. I’m an American.”

The final topic I’ll address here is Detroit. All political and financial control of the City has been officially taken over thru the appointment by the Republican governor, Rick Snyder, of corporate attorney Kevyn Orr, an overseer from the super-corporate law firm of Jones Day.

   All of Detroit’s elected officials and the contracts of private and public workers and unions have been summarily rendered defunct.

   While Orr ostensibly resigned for the duration, Jones Day itself has also been appointed to “represent” Detroit in the liquidation proceedings. One of Orr’s first fiscal acts was to approve the multi-$million billing to the City by Jones Day’s attorneys for up to $1,000/hr.

    Kevyn Orr also receives a salary of $275,000/yr, all expenses paid, including a full staff, cars, body-guard detail, and a luxury suite at the Book-Cadillac ($3,000/mo). He also appointed a new police chief to the City at a salary of $225,000/yr (the mayor gets $160,000/yr).

   Rolling right along, the bottom-line will be to further impoverish and disfranchise Detroit’s citizens (who voted 20-to-1 against Snyder), the privatization of virtually all city assets, including museum art, Belle Isle, schools, water and utilities in order to pay all creditors (primarily of Jones Day) all past, present and future debt.

   Despite the political kabuki theater of “balancing” City debt across the political spectrum and the faux threat of Chapter 9 bankruptcy (they wouldn’t take the chance of either surrendering power or profit to the courts), you can bet that the full burden will fall upon Detroit citizens…whom in any event are doomed to socio-political oblivion thru gentrification.

   The City will be bought up at 2¢ on the dollar by the banks, financial houses and other entrepreneurs and rented back at rates beyond the means of its current population.Intellecticide - Copy-001

   Only when a solid mass of the American public (Detroit being the future’s model)–that is, a minimum of 1/3rd of the general population–achieves significant consciousness of the class war being perpetrated against them, and resolves to openly organize and resist, will there be an opportunity for a democratic victory.

   What is the chance of that occurring? The American population has to-date demonstrated a remarkable willingness to accept their ever-worsening condition, blame others among their own class for the circumstances, and act as pathologically alienated individuals to their true condition.

None of this is new to humanity, except perhaps for its current international scope. Its amazing what people will suffer before they resist…if ever.

   Sort of like those on the boxcars hoping beyond all hope for a fate where fascist-corporatism assures them that “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

Dr. Publico

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