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Cops, Courts & Conspiracies…

Over the course of some 400 published articles in this blog, I’ve written a number that refer to my criminal case. For easy reference, I will condense here some of the basic elements that led to that trial, conviction and sentence.

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia...

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia…

The trial itself was a 2-wk affair before a jury in Detroit federal court, Aug-Sept of 1990 before Judge Bernard A. Friedman.

A former Wayne County prosecutor, Judge Friedman was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan in 1988. I was his first major trial.

Friedman was never shy about his conservative politics and his Revisionist-Zionist fund-raising and advocacy of the settler-colonial state of Israel.

I was identified as pro-Palestinian by the court, and had been a guest journalist of the Jewish Agency in Israel in 1969.  It was subsequently made clear to me that I was no longer welcome there.

The trial is a matter of public record (Case #89-CR-80041-02-DT). Absent any evidence, I was charged with a drug conspiracy, which uniquely under American “justice” does not require a predicate crime.

The conviction was based on the fraudulent testimony of Arthur Abrams and others who opted to “cooperate” in various prosecutions in lieu of terms up to life in prison. Abrams was allowed to continue his cocaine dealing with impunity.

Every so often he would give up a dope client, usually competitors, and/or testify against targets such as myself, in which he was fed his script by the police and prosecutor. This special use of snitches is a fairly routine practice in the American criminal justice system.  In a later sworn affidavit to a number of attorneys and media sites–including 60 Minutes–Abrams admitted his and the gov’ts perjurious role, but recanted when again threatened with prison.

Make Love--Not War...

Make Love–Not War…

Growing out of the cultural revolution of the 1960s was the social use of certain drugs by youth, especially the counter-culture, Vietnam military and college students.  I had served stateside in the 101st Airborne, was an antiwar vet-organizer, and was a student at Wayne State University, Detroit, on the GI Bill.

Those drugs that survived the initial years of this recreational experimentation included marijuana, peyote, LSD and cocaine. By 1973, I was a private pilot trained by Skylark Aviation in Detroit, a group of former fighter and bomber pilots in WW-II.

Some of us–I admit–turned to dealing these products among our own milieu (either that, or turn to established criminal communities).  Had I sought exclusively personal profit, I would have easily acquired great wealth. On one of my first flights for instance to Colombia, South America, coke was sold for $3,000/kilo and got $50,000 in Detroit.

Given the ever-growing drug prohibitions, greater criminalization followed. Ronald Reagan upped the ante with a major escalation in Nixon’s war on drugs, including draconian sentencing and mass incarceration.  President Clinton upped all that far further.

Circa 1983, Colonel Oliver North, the CIA and their contractors (supplying illicit arms to the Contra War) financed their ops with the mass distribution of cocaine in the black urban areas of Southern California (one financial aspect of the Iran-Contra conspiracy).  By converting powder coke to “crack,” they discovered a major marketing development. This changed our involvement; by ’84 we had quit all connection with cocaine.

Volume-based smokable coke (“crack”; $5, $10 and $20 rocks) is both affordable to the poor and more psychologically addictive.  White-cultured, weight-based powder coke is usually snorted, less addictive and more expensive.  The devastating effect on black and poor communities across the nation was soon clear. By 1984, anyone having a socio-political consciousness had abandoned dealing in cocaine at all. No more rationalizing excuses.

The attraction for law enforcement and the gov’t was obvious: Forfeiture and seizure of cash, property and effort-free investigation work (they let the snitches do almost all the work), was phenomenally profitable.  The irony is that the enforcement agencies in the cocaine-producing nations, the DEA and the CIA were eyeball deep in the trade in one form or another.

From 1973-thru-1989 I was primarily a Criminal Defense Investigator (CDI) for Detroit-area law firms. I worked mostly homicide, rape and drug cases.  I had access to drug dealers as well as the police communities.  Use your imagination….

In 1988 I was working a state case where my good friend, Larry Genoa, was charged with dealing cocaine.  If he was, I would have known about it.  In fact, it was an entrapment attempt by SEMCO (one of the many quasi-vigilante groups staffed and financed between local police and feds).  Atty Sheldon Halpern argued brilliantly and the judge dismissed the case.  As the defense investigator in that case, I apparently became a focus of certain investigations.  For the most part, I simply ignored them.

Another relevant case to my subsequent fate was the retrial of Norman Richardson after 11-yrs in state prison on a murder-for-hire conviction.  My investigation of the original police/prosecution led to his retrial and an acquittal by the second jury. I could have saved myself a lot of griefOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Richardson soon went to work for his sister’s Detroit crack organization and attempted to pressure me to give him the names of my “dope clients,” whom he argued he would “rob, kill and share the proceeds.”  Norman’s insistence grew into threats and convinced he was a serious psychopath I reported the situation to friends at Detroit’s Homicide Bureau.  There was nothing they could/would do short of an overt act by Richardson.

One evening matters came to a head. Norman came to my apartment and threatened me “for the final time.”  When I answered, “NO!” Richardson grabbed a knife off of the kitchen counter and attacked me.  I was prepared and successfully defended myself.

The state prosecutor ruled self-defense, but I soon got a visit from two homicide detectives informing me, “Nick, you better watch your back. We’ve learned that Richardson was a Confidential Informant (CI) working for the FBI. They were apparently using him in a sting-op in an attempt to entrap you in a crime.”

Clearly, the gov’t was never convinced that I was long gone from the coke game–or didn’t care.  It later turned out that the leader of the joint local-federal SEMCO unit was a former lieutenant in the Michigan State Police Intelligence Division (Red Squad) that I was party to having abolished in a suit in state court in LansingSmall world.

Other potential factors included an undercover role I had been assigned to by a federal judge to investigate the US Attorney’s office and the FBI in a particular drug/kidnap case. The judge had me paid thru the US Marshal’s Service. This became known to the targets and did not endear me to those personnel who had received censorious letters in their files from the court due to my undercover work.

That was in the summer of ’88.  The plot soon thickened… By December (21st), Pan Am 103 was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 souls. The final destination of that flight was Detroit, MI. I assumed that Detroit-area law firms would be handling some of the future litigation and I intended to be their chief investigator.PanAm103

Given my own investigative and flight experience (Private Pilot, SEL, SES) and personal knowledge of the PFLP-GC and its leadership (then being the chief suspects), I made a number of contacts in the Middle East where I had served in 1969-’71 as an embedded combat-journalist in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan after my Israel experience.  The latter included working with the Bureau Chief for NBC Abdallah Schleifer, among others.

As the Fates would have it, all of these elements came together at 7am, February 11th, 1989, seven weeks after Pan Am 103. My daughter and grand-daughter were taking me to Detroit’s Metro Airport to catch a flight to Nicaragua (and Havana) for the purpose of arranging investigative interviews.

A cohort of super-armed, Ninja-clad, masked SEMCO cops descended on us at the elevator bank. Terrorizing my family, I “consented” to let them into my apartment.  Despite tearing the place to shreds, they found nothing incriminating . . . not that that stopped them from faux accusations.

The search warrant, arriving two hours later, revealed that it was based upon a secret federal Grand Jury indictment the previous June; all unknown to me. True to the warning given me by detectives from the DPD Homicide Bureau, I had been added to a “conspiracy” within a month of Richardson’s demise.  Whatever the genesis of my prosecution, the feds succeeded in eliminating me from the scene.

I refused to “cop a plea deal” and certainly refused to “cooperate.”  Against who? DAS (the FBI of Colombia), the DEA, the CIA?  I was sentenced to 25-yrs in federal prison plus a 3-yr term of Supervised Release.

At a Vet-school show, Auburn U, Alabama, 2006.

From 1990, I served 16-yrs in High and Medium Security prisons when the Secret Service (another story) intervened with the federal Bureau of Prisons.  I was thereafter assigned to 2-yrs with the Air Force as a dog-trainer at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama, and another 2-yrs to the Navy at Pensacola NAS, Florida, as a Haz-Mat officer.

With the further intervention of the US Congress, I was released to another 2-yrs under home arrest as an Elderly Offender sponsored thru a Congressional Program, and thereafter to a final 3-yrs of Supervised Release (concluding all in 2014).

Post Script:  Being essentially a he-said, she-said testi-fest without any viable evidence, my only defense before the jury (aside from denial) was a political one . . . .  Why were they really prosecuting me? Among others, we subpoenaed the FBI, DEA and the CIA.  The FBI, admitted to some 16-yrs of political files on me, but testified that they never had any information that I was ever involved in dealing drugs.  (They were from headquarters in Washington, DC, not the local Detroit office.)

The DEA refused to disclose their files at all by “Executive Order by the President” (Bush Sr.).  (Of course they didn’t; another story there.)  When one of their agents revealed in court (outside of the jury) that they had already given the files to the US Attorney, the AUSA jumped up and said that there was nothing in the files that they didn’t already have and that they had “returned the files to the DEA.”  This legally mandated that they disclose the files to my defense.  Judge Friedman abruptly closed the matter with a patriotic speech and quashed our subpoena and any further testimony.

The CIA claimed to the court to have no files on me at all. When my attorney supplied the court with CIA-FOIA files already obtained where I had been the target in the Middle East of one of their illicit covert ops (Operation MhCHAOS), the judge gave another patriotic speech, questioned the loyalty of my defense counsel, and quashed that subpoena as well.  Again, all outside of the jury’s presence and knowledge.

PPS: After my first year in prison, still appealing the case and the relevant files, the CIA informed me that pursuant to another Executive Order all of their files on me had been destroyed.

That about sums up the case…and justice…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), May 2013… (Updated in 2018).

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  2. buck navich says:

    I deeply regret that it took me so many years of my life to SEE the truth. I was a child when this happened to you but your life is one of many in a sea of invisible souls. I clicked the link Arthur Abrams and others. I’m ashamed of We the people for being so duped by the Drug War Propaganda. Sadly the majority of the American Population is still blind. That’s no excuse. Is there a way to INSIST the population to SEE? Ignorance of our government’s persecution of so many people is no excuse. Once given the option to learn the truth, doing nothing, saying nothing, is criminal. Intentional ignorance is also criminal

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