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A Brief Appeal to Alien Visitors…

When I was a youth I was curious about UFOs. As I acquired more knowledge, especially related to social history, mythology, religion and science, I came to believe that it’s highly unlikely they’re wasting any time or resources on us. Too bad…Earth Observer

Given the technology it would take for them to reach this far, one could would assume that they’ve achieved a highly advanced social evolution.

Should they be observing, I have a few items I’d like them to consider…

Societies here on Earth are relatively simple to analyze. Modern organized history of the human species is not much older than 10,000-yrs-or-so (about 700 generations) and has socialized itself so far along haves and have-nots, or rulers and ruled. We call it class society.

I imagine that y’all will find that Earth is quite an exceptional and beautiful planet. Probably a wonderful place for a galactic vacation. Except for the crude exploitation of the vast majority of its main sentient species, alien visitors no doubt would have a wonderful time.

The central problem is the primitive alpha-male competitive predation. But it wasn’t always this way…

Previously for many generations, anthropological research reveals that the females of our specie’s ruled the roost, birthed and nurtured the young, provided for some 90+% of home and sustenance, and even cared for the males, especially the old and infirm.

If their socio-political expression of nurturance-cooperation had come to dominate the planet, male predatory privateering would not rule today.

The best that the ruling elite have to offer humanity...

The best that the ruling elite have to offer humanity…

Males had established an independent lifestyle “hunting big game” and each other, and generally avoiding the tedious chores of food-gathering and child-rearing. (Mostly, they still do…)

Disclosure: While I’m a male, I was raised without the dominance of a male authority figure to channel me into an ultra-conservative fixation of individual development. I was able to morally mature into social consciousness.

Family fare of big game played  a very minor role in early human nutrition. Archaeological strata and ancient middens substantiate this reality. Ancient cave art and hand-flutings amply demonstrate the role of women in the early development of empathic projection.

Women created the earth-mother, fertility-role of spirituality (and goddesses) and males developed sky-gods that naturally projected their own image of vengeful, jealous, demanding-personal-worship and solo-authoritative lord-figures.  The latter remains in partnership with male-dominant Earth states to this day.

Male authority rules thru the ideological and systemic quest for personal profit, privilege, property and power. This is a primitive extension of their earlier periods when survival and scarcity ruled their environment. While that’s long past, old habits and beliefs persist and is supported thru the exercise of power.

In this extended class analysis, the masses increasingly become labor fodder and otherwise disposable.  Since the ruling elite produce nothing of value themselves, any and all attempts to establish equitable distribution is perceived as a direct threat, criminalized and destroyed. I mean, when you come down to it…who needs them?

Further disclosure: While I speak from a very short and limited 71 solar cycles of struggle on this planet, it does include a female, working-class family upbringing, military service, careers in journalism and criminal investigations, progressive and revolutionary political actions, over 22 years in jails and prisons and a doctorate in forensic psychology (PsyD).

The Earth remains divided along a number of lines, including national/geographic and ethnic/political constructions. These all serve the basic class division. My own, America, was founded fairly recently (merely some 500 years now) on the labor and production of colonial prisoners, the indentured poor, the theft of land and genocide of the native population, and black slavery.

This is fully in keeping with the dominant male/systemic form of capital-corporatism, which is driven by the private quest for personal wealth and power. Nothing’s changed….

It takes no Sun Tzu or Clausewitz to foresee the results. Since capital-corporatism has essentially colonized the planet, it’s today turning to internally impoverishing its home populations in order to maintain personal wealth and power for those very few.

America is fundamentally the home capital and military base of world corporatism. National competitions only serves to further strengthen this overall systemic reality and is limited to serving and/or emulating it.

There are two major political parties in America. Republicans are the direct cadre of corporatism, and Democrats operate as a neo-liberal chorus to that power. Today, corporatists have direct political power in 30 US states, the US House of Representatives and the courts, including the US Supreme Court.

One People--One World...

One People–One World…

By 2016 one can reasonable assume that the U.S. Senate and the White House will succumb to their overall political strategy and they will then have total power directly.

The occasional participation of the masses in the political processes is becoming more problematic for them as their rule and exploitation becomes more critical.

Given that this predatory power will sooner or later enter the galactic trading lanes, y’all might wish to extend a hand in our social evolution (and a potential for avoiding future grief). I can supply you with a short list of targets. I assure you that they’re not all that numerous, certainly no more than one-tenth of 1% of Earth’s population.

While I can understand your reluctance to interfere…to be frank, we could use the help. I suppose their demise might only create the conditions for other sociopathic predators to emerge. If so, then that would be on us.

I can only hope that perhaps we’re advanced enough to initiate a more mature social development. If not, the planet is quickly becoming pretty much shot anyways…

Dr. Publico

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