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Detroit: The Final Solution…

What remained of democracy in Detroit has now been usurped under corporatist rule by Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder.

Atty. Kevyn Duane Orr (55)...

Atty. Kevyn Duane Orr (55)…

Snyder, a venture-capitalist CPA who made his $millions as a Gateway board-director and other enterprises that exported jobs overseas, has appointed Attorney Kevyn Orr to lead point in the latest phase of the corporatist plan: America, Inc.

In an act of ironic synchronicity, Orr is a younger lookalike to another racial quisling, Clarence Thomas, one of the Gang of Five on the US Supreme Court.  

Kevyn Orr is a partner at Jones Day, a mega-lawfirm with 37 offices and some 2,400 attorneys serving the world’s largest vulture-capitalist enterprises.  Despite his “resignation,” you can bet that Orr remains a reserve officer of the firm. No front-line duty goes unrewarded.

One of their reasons for the rule of an “Emergency Financial Manager” (EFM) instead of bankruptcy, is to prevent the spread of losses into corporate boardrooms.

The only winners in the financial crisis that brought Detroit to [a] state takeover are Wall Street banks [Jones Day clients] who reaped more than $474 million from a city too poor to keep the streetlights working.”  Business Week.

The Republican governor and state legislature was elected in the off-year elections of 2010. These are often occasions when many voters demonstrate their dissatisfaction with politics in general by voting against the party in the White House.

Detroiters voted against Snyder for governor 20-to-1, but he was carried in the out-state districts.

Once in power they gerrymandered certain Democratic districts out of existence and the legislature passed a number of ALEC-created “model” laws for the power to appoint EFM’s over cities they deemed “out of line” with their political rule. Disenfranchising progressive voters is a part of that strategic package.BestSign

Michigan citizens put a referendum on the ballot opposing the EFM law and it passed in 2012. The governor and legislature simply re-wrote the law and reenacted it. That’s how they rule now when in power, by edict. That’s how all anti-democratic systems rule.

As I write this article (28MAR), “Right to Work” laws go into effect in Michigan. This is another oxymoron to destroy unions (eliminating collective bargaining, dues check-off and more). These are another example of the ALEC-model legislation now passed in 24 states.

While Democrats and others have diddled with electoral politics, the Republican Party has taken political power in 30 states, the US House of Representatives and the US Supreme Court. Their current strategy employs a form of Weimar-Nazi methodology, they have no intention of allowing future “democracy” to challenge that power.

Who’s to stop them? Most people don’t even recognize the strategy of class conquest. They believe it’s simply “politics as usual.” Had the 30 states that Republicans now rule not gerrymandered congressional districts, they would not today hold ANY federal power. The ONLY elections they “won” on the federal level were those that they usurped thru voter theft in various guises.

This next phase, EFMs, has the total power to ignore all city and county appointed and elected officials, remove their pay, ignore all city contracts and unions, privatize any and all city services, including police and fire, and sell any and all assets that the city possesses, all in the name of “fiscal responsibility.”Class-war-3-8-11-color[1]

To underscore this corporatist hypocrisy and strategy, Mayor Dave Bing (a Republican anywhere but Detroit) hired Orr’s lawfirm, Jones Day, to represent the City. Jones Day also represents most of the City’s creditors, such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiGroup and JP Morgan Chase. Already, the vultures are positioning themselves to feast on the carcass of Detroit…

All of this comes in the midst of the Republican-corporatist war on gov’t services and spending, which itself is a strategy for impoverishment and privatization.

Since Monday, Overseer Orr has been meeting with individual members of Detroit’s Common Council, the mayor and various department heads, like police and fire.  This is all prelude to the greatest garage sale since the last Depression.

One need not be a fly on the wall to figure out the deal: To paraphrase Malcolm’s speeches, Kevyn Orr is only the modern version of the plantation house-nigger working for the new corporate Massa.

Dr. Publico

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