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Overseer Rules Detroit; Corporateers Advance Counter-Revolutionary Agenda…

Disclosure: The author is a democratic, constitutional socialist and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). I conclude that the emerging corporatist state is a psychopathic pathology.

Some of my political and professional colleagues consider the liberal-conservative paradigm to be one of a left-right socio-political dichotomy. I do not, at least not completely. It is far more that of a developmental continuum. Its most mature stage is universalized social consciousness and responsibility.

The more one experiences during their formative years the pathology of authoritative, punitive and individualized self-entitlement, the less mature is their development and the more fixated they become in self-focus and infantile projection (how they perceive others and their environment).

Corporateers and their cadre are at root a partnership of those who are developmentally fixated on profiteering and sociopathologically-framed mental syndromes and disorders.

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Conscious cadre of the ultra-right and their $billionaire partners certainly appreciate the flunkeyism of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. That’s why he was “hired”; that’s his order-of-battle in the class war.

Now it's Detroit's turn...

Now it’s Detroit’s turn…

However, they decidedly prefer a professional toady such as that represented by Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan.

Thru some 40 years of bottom-up organizing, the hook-and-crook mechanics of dirty electioneering, vote fixing, the disenfranchisement of select populations, prison and district gerrymandering, the outright purchase and bribery of candidates, and the “model legislation” of corporate bills—not to mention the corporation-as-person rulings and free use of corporate $billions, the ultra-right today stands on the threshold of total political power over America, Inc.

While Democrats tentatively hold on at the White House and the Senate, corporateers and their allies rule in 30 states, the US House and the US Supreme Court. All of their demands are merely prologue to further demands.  Compromise is appeasement.

Once they achieve power at any level, they rig the game for the next round. We only need to lose once to lose forever. Their agenda is such today that they only need to win once…

Everything that Walker attempted in Wisconsin has since been quietly achieved in Michigan and more, which now stands as the microcosm of the quest for total political and social power in the US.

In Michigan the Governor is a Republican, as is the legislature, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State and the Michigan Supreme Court. Those who voted assumed a change in Party would dilute absolute rule.

While Republicans have ruled in Michigan a number of times—including Governor George Romney–they were always relatively answerable to the people of Michigan, not hand-picked by corporatists as is now the case. Michigan now has 21 “emergency financial managers” (cities and other gov’t entities, such as the public schools).

Right on schedule, Michigan’s governor today named an EFM to rule Detroit, 14Mar2013. As is wont with Republican double-speak, the term conjures benign “management.”

Detroit becomes the 7th city in Michigan to be placed in “receivership” by a Republican overseer, and the first of many major US cities to be so ruled outside of democratic control. Corporatist dictatorship is not simply coming…it is here…now.

The irony of their choice of Detroit is not lost on this writer.CorpCourt

Over the past 30+ years, since at least the Reagan-GE takeover of the White House in 1980, corporations have had a free hand in open class war on the unions, relocating manufacturing, exporting jobs overseas to third-world wage-slavery, and impoverishing the tax base of the cities, indeed, the nation.

However, they never rest solely upon the objective nature of their corporate rule and bribes to control their quest for total power. Republicans manipulated Democratic politicos in Detroit into lowering its city taxes in return for a promise of more revenue from the state.

Once Detroit complied, the state reneged on their “promise,” thus keeping the money and further impoverishing the city. It was all a ruse…typical of profiteers and sociopathic personalities.

The people of Detroit voted in the last election to eliminate the EFM law by the state Republicans. It passed. Soon thereafter the governor simply rewrote it and had his legislature pass it again.

That’s their definition of democracy. This is the law they are today using to destroy democracy in Detroit, the largest city in Michigan and the base of the Democratic Party. It’s the next link in their plan for the rest of the nation.

Count on the first casualty of the new EFM to be the dissolution of collective bargaining with Detroit’s 48 unions. Jobs are the LAST goal of an overseer in Detroit.

For those without a class analysis or direct knowledge of Republican-corporate perfidy (all their actions ultimately aim at the acquisition of property and wealth), the EFM rule has plausible political goals, assuming that their intent is securing financial balance for the city. It is not.

Should anyone question what’s in store for the city and its people they need look no further than the 4-yr experience of the EFM in Pontiac, MI.

Neither the mayor nor council have any power. Nor are they paid. They can conduct no official business. The EFM has simply torn-up labor contracts, sold off city assets and privatized practically all of the city services, including garbage, animal control, vital records and street maintenance. Even police and fire have been outsourced. Citizen complaints? Stick ‘em up your ass.

Pontiac went from 600 public employees to 50. Even the parking meters have been privatized. Pontiac, is no longer a political entity of the people, it’s a corporate takeover and is being dismantled and sold to the highest bidder.

Quoting writer Steven Yaccino, imagine an EFM coming in your home. “He takes your checkbook, your credit cards and sleeps in your bed with your wife. He tells you it’s still your house, but he cleans up nothing, sells off everything, and leaves.”

The EFM sold the $22 million Silverdome (Pontiac) for $583,000. He has a salary of over $150,000 and all he can steal…ah, excuse me, deal.

Governor Snyder’s choice for Detroit’s EFM is D.C. attorney Kevyn D. Orr, an African-American and grad of the University of Michigan. Orr will be the face of state rule over Detroit, which is 83% black. Hail Caesar! He’ll receive a starting salary of $275,000 for his Quisling-overseer role.

A man with a plan...

A man with a plan…

Snyder is no political stumblebum like Boehner or Ryan, who were picked up by corporate cadre on the then-available Judas-line. Nor is he simply a “nerd” Stooge; a former CPA who outsourced his own company to China, he’s a clever manipulator of the corporate media and his public image.

Of course, there are those who appreciate that “the trains run on time,” business is good and law and order rules over the population, as was the boast in Mussolini’s fascist-corporatist Italy.

Once constitutional democracy was eliminated a very different rule emerged…  Ultimately there’s only one cure for such people in power: the power of the people.

Have no doubt…Michigan’s Rick Snyder is no less determined and focused as were the Nazis during the Weimar Republic and the Revisionist Zionists of today’s colonial-settler Israel. Extreme?  I guess it all depends on what you stand for…

Dr. Publico



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