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Christopher Dorner & the LAPD: Who’s Fight is it?

Well, they apparently lost no time in locating Christopher Dorner and cleansing the whole cop vs. cop affair with fire (their preferred method). The LAPD can now return to “protecting and serving” LA, when they aren’t terrorizing it.Man Hunt On For Former LAPD Officer Suspected Of Shooting Police Officer

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) boasts that only 3% of its 220,000+ prisoners are violent, predatory criminals. The LAPD outstrips that percentage by far.

Even the FBI admits that upwards of 40% of the national police forces are guilty of family violence alone. Rarely does a day go by that some felonious atrocity by police isn’t broadcast…and that’s only the ones of which we learn.

Obviously, as NYPD Officer Frank Serpico found out some 43 years ago when he survived a police execution, even murder is not beyond their ken to cover their many crimes.

Snitching is encouraged by and against the public (“plea bargaining,” “cooperation,” etc.). It’s their major tool for convictions and to avoid the fact that few police have the investigative capacity and skills for real detective work…notwithstanding corporate TV’s dramatic bullshit.

(When I was a criminal investigator in Detroit for 17 years (1973-’89), I was often quite astonished at the lack of police investigation. I easily beat over 50% of the defense cases I was appointed to simply by continuing where the cops left off.

(More astonishing was the fact that even when I PROVED the fallacy of their police-prosecutor conclusions, most often they continued to pursue their own judgment anyways! Either they intensely hated my “intervention,” or the answer I got–whenever I got one–was, “What fucking difference does it make? They’re no doubt guilty of something!”)

But absolutely, snitching is forbidden by cops in their own ranks. Clearly, that was apparently Dorner’s initial “crime.” The police in that respect are no different from other gangs.

Whatever the full facts of the case of Christopher Jordan Dorner, starting with his filing complaints of misconduct and excessive force against fellow officers, I doubt we’ll ever know. The LAPD has executed him, deliberately setting the fire. Oh, they’ll be a little whitewash show for awhile “investigating” this and that, but in the end only Dorner’s extreme acts will be blamed.

The irony of course, is that Dorner, in the final analysis, used much the same criminality against the LAPD that they often use themselves against others.

At last count, there were an estimated 1350 gangs in LA with some 120,000 members. The meanest baddest one, hands-down, is the LAPD super-blues with a total of 13,000 paramilitary thugs and staff armed to the teeth.

In addition to state-of-the-art killer drones and other hi-tech weapons, they’ll also soon be receiving a cache of 7,000 fully-automatic assault rifles.

Police are primarily the enforcers of the corporatist ruling elite, which act as class predators against the vast majority of the population. “Protect and serve” is not their primarily role (except for the elite). Understanding the real role of their class task, it’s small wonder they also often function criminally for themselves.

The fact is, police have a license to commit any crime as long as it’s sanctioned (or overlooked) by the state. When Dorner (34) went off the reservation, killing a cop and two family members of an LAPD captain, they went on a shoot-to-kill frenzy to locate and execute Dorner no matter who might get in the way. They’ve also issued effectively a $1 million reward, dead or alive, for Dorner.

Police Victims: a 71-yr-old Hispanic woman and her daughter...

Police Victims: a 71-yr-old Hispanic woman
and her daughter…

In the frenzied hunt for Dorner, seven LAPD thugs mistook a blue van with two Hispanic women, a 71-yr-old mother and her daughter delivering newspapers, for Dorner and his off-color pick-up truck. They fired some 45 bullets riddling the van and shooting the two women who somehow survived.

Meanwhile, LAPD gang leaders placed their fellow thugs on a suspended vacation with full pay while they “investigate.”

Psychopaths who somehow escape a criminal record and prison, tend to join other authoritative-punitive careers where they can command control over others, such as the military, police, politicians and their fellow Gordon Gekkos of corporatist profiteering.

Dorner graduated from college in 2001 with a degree in political science and psychology. He was commissioned in the Navy Reserves in 2002. He served in the Mid-East with Coastal Riverine Group Two, rose to the Navy rank of lieutenant (equivalent to an Army captain) and received an Honorable Discharge on the 1st of this month, February 2013.

Somewhere along the line, like Serpico before him, Dorner had acquired a sense of idealism that the LAPD shrinks apparently missed when he joined the department back in 2005.

After filing several complaints against fellow officers, Dorner was administratively tried and terminated from the LAPD in 2008. He was clearly not a “team player” (at least of the gang variety).  All his attempts at reinstating his status fell on deaf ears.

I’d surmise that while Dorner documented in his published Manifesto the racism that he encountered at different stages of his life, the first firm denial of justice he experienced was with the LAPD.  Whatever the merits of the charges against him, his ideal world came crashing down.

Occupy, Los Angeles...

Occupy, Los Angeles…

Make no mistake:

As peaceful Occupy protestors discovered last year in challenging the criminal corruption of the state and its corporatist rulers, the LAPD are fundamentally shock troops, a fascist-corporatist gang that will always beat them down as an example to those who would challenge the state.

Corporatist rulers and their various class followers clearly understand the socio-political nature of this lesson. Thus they deliver a warning to the public by corporate media should any consider sympathy or participation.

Christopher Dorner is only the latest example…

Dr. Publico

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  1. Jim Griffin says:

    Very good article. It’s impossible to get any of this from the corporate media, of course. I knew instinctively that there was more to the story than was leaking through their filters.

    Jim Griffin

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