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Weed, Cops & Revolutions…

A few days ago, a comrade (I’ll call him “Delgado”) decided to leave his legal marijuana operation here in Michigan and visit Bolivia (medical marijuana is lawful in Michigan).Nature's Bounty-1

Given his years of journalism throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, I expect to soon see his news and analyses appearing again in, an international newsmagazine (and radio show) rooted in the 1960s.

I originally met Delgado back in ’68 after I co-founded a Veterans Against the War group in Detroit. He was from Boston and had served in the Navy. I did my bit in the 101st Airborne, US Army.

Delgado was a free spirit with a free vision.  Years back he fixed up a yacht, took it thru the St. Lawrence seaway, and never lost an occasion to find adventure (or companionship for that matter). Some of us got it like that.  Of course, politics was never far off.

When Delgado left for Bolivia a few days ago, he first drove down to Boca to take care of a few matters and then catch a flight via Lima, Peru. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like driving expressways. Big error.

Passing thru South Carolina he was tailed by an SUV that soon put a blue light on him, pulling him over…an obvious pretext stop. Asked for his license, he was also asked the real questions: where he was from and where he was going.

Predators carefully size-up their victims. Having spent a lot of time in the Old South myself (1959-65), including several jails, work farms and over a year on a chain-gang, I can smell ’em long before they start their crap.

The cop soon asked if Delgado would mind if his car was searched. When Del replied that, yes, he would mind, the cop asked “Why?”Drugs

“Because the 4th Amendment isn’t worth anything unless I exercise it.” Within seconds, another cop appeared, a blond in tight-crotched uniform, jack boots and a dog. (Who knows, maybe the cop’s sister and their family dog; they go that way.)

Circling the car she declared the dog had alerted to something and thus they had probable cause to search. Rooting thru the car, they were tearing up everything, seats, carpet, bags, and when they got to the trunk and started to search his luggage they stopped after a few moments.

Speaking briefly to each other sotto voce, they closed the trunk, thanked him and grinning friendly-like, they let him proceed on his way with a speed warning.

Delgado didn’t have long to fathom their behavior. Within just a few miles another cop jumped him. In fact, almost the same scenario. Two cars, two cops and a dog. Same questions, even in the same order, and same results.

Except, the second crew got to the baggage in the trunk a lot quicker and Lo! A three-quarter ounce bag of reefer and $5,000 in cash. They got real friendly, put the reefer and cash back in the bag and directed him to follow them to the station.

Telling him to bring the case inside, they got down to business. One cop said, “Let me tell you what’s going on here. We’re going to confiscate the weed and the money and take you to jail. But there’s another way to settle this.” Pray tell

“You’re from out of state and if you make bail, you’ll have to come back to court to ask for your money back. I think we can help you out of all this if you want, it’s all up to you.” Yup, crackers sure do love to help Yankees.

The cop continued, “What you could do is simply give up that money and go on your way. You’ll have to pay a $620 fine for the weed and sign over the $5,000.

Revolutionary justice...

Revolutionary justice…

It was time to deal, outlaw to outlaw. Del told the cop he couldn’t do both. “I don’t have that much money. But I can pay the $620 fine and give you the rest in change…if you give me my weed back, I need it as my medicine.”

When they said they couldn’t do that, Del said, “Well, then we’re just gonna have to go see the judge.”  Of course, not really being all that stupid, he offered the pigs a compromise…”Or, give me half the weed back, nine grams, and we can make the deal on the fine and money.”

They shucked and jived and agreed, even tossing  him a pack of rolling papers when Del asked. They gave him a receipt for the $620 fine and pocketed the difference.

(I might note here, that if ‘Bama is planning on not being the same ol’ White House Lawn Jockey for the corporatists as he was in his first term, he could have his Justice Department set-up this cracker crew and let ’em do some time in a yankee prison. But does anyone really believe that one set of porcine pie-hogs are gonna beat down another?)

Delgado’s final words from Lima in his message to me were: America!  Ya gotta love it! Best justice money can buy!!

Dr. Publico


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