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Prison Time, DNA & Sociopaths…

During my first 16-yrs (1990-2006) in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), I was incarcerated as both a drug and political prisoner. (Of course, the American Gulag doesn’t have any “political prisoners” so they use the term Management Variable as a catch-all designation.)

After 16-yrs in high- and medium-security prisons, I was designated minimum-security and transferred to a camp in 2006. 

After another four years in prison camps, Congress passed the Second Chance Act, a Pilot Program that allowed some first-time, non-violent Elderly Offenders to be placed on home arrest as long as they had already served at least 10-yrs and 75% of their sentence.

Congressman Charlie Rangel’s office (D-NY) sponsored me as one of the first of only 71 prisoners allowed in the Program throughout the entire 116-prison BOP system of over 200,000 prisoners. Shortly after I got out, the Pilot Program ended and has been shut down. 

After another 3-yrs of Supervised Release (federal probation), I’ll conclude my total 25-yr sentence in August of 2015. Let it not be said that the BOP doesn’t sweat out every drop of blood they can get.

#     #     #

 On August the 5th, 2009, I was released to home arrest in Detroit from the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Federal Prison Camp, FL, after almost 20 years in an assortment of federal prisons (1990+).

My “town driver” was a good friend who had been a decorated Army captain in Vietnam. He had been convicted of tax evasion. As we approached the military gate, an officer from the camp came running up behind us hollering, “Hold that car!” I looked at Jack and laughed, “Damn, I knew this was too good to be true!”

Back at the prison camp, the deputy warden met the car and advised me that they had neglected to abide by a new rule requiring all federal inmates being released to supply a DNA sample. After a brief cheek swab, I was on my way downtown to catch a Greyhound back to Detroit.

I was reminded of all this, now more than 3-yrs past, upon reading a NY Times article by Sheila Weller, “A Cold Case of Cold-Blooded Murder,” January 13th, 2013.

Ms. Weller’s young cousin had been brutally tortured, raped and murdered back in July of 1977. The killer was finally identified and prosecuted for that crime in New York last month (he’d been sitting on death row in San Quentin, CA, for another case).

Altogether, he’s known to have murdered at least eight young girls and women. Without DNA science, he would likely have never been identified as the murderer of most of those victims (and likely others).

While I was a bit miffed at the potential violation of my civil and Constitutional rights when I was required to give a DNA sample, I was also well aware that only some 3+% of the prisoners in the American Gulag are indeed predatory criminal psychopaths.

The vast majority of the 2.4 million-plus prisoners in the US are guilty only of moral and consensual “criminal” statutes. Our prison files under “Victims” reads “None.” I’m not aware of anyone–prisoner or otherwise–who would oppose penal incapacitation for predatory criminals.

Looking at statistics of such predators, Ms. Weller cites “hundreds of thousands of cold cases in the US. Approximately 14% of all unsolved homicide cases and 18% of unsolved sexual assault cases contain forensic evidence that has not been sent to a crime lab for analysis.”

I would add the astounding number of wrongfully convicted prisoners whom have been identified and released since the development of DNA science.

Quite incredibly there is quite a mass of conservative reactionaries actively organizing and politicking for a mandatory time limit on prisoner appeals using any argument, including innocence based on DNA science.  Clearly, most sociopathic criminals are not incarcerated…quite the opposite.

In fact, most sociopaths are attracted to authoritative positions (such as police) and a majority run the governorships and legislatures of 30 states, the US House of Representatives, and the US Supreme Court. Further, they’re just this close to ruling the US Senate and the White House.

Would justice be served in a wrongful conviction where the true criminal escapes? Clearly, reactionary conservatives could care less.

Given this limited article, I can only touch upon the multi-varied applications that go into analyzing what is, in its extremes, sociopathology. However, given my experience and PsyD, allow me to offer my 2¢…

Political and social opinions are primarily the result of socio-moral experience and development, assuming there is normal functioning of one’s frontal lobe and limbic cognition.

Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg’s research finds that there are six stages of moral development from earliest childhood thru adulthood.

These are: Obedience & PunishmentIndividualism & ExchangeInterpersonal RelationshipsMaintaining Social OrderSocial Contract & Individual Rights; and Universal Principles.

The vast majority of people generally operate around a third stage of development most of the time. Unfortunately, given the type of upbringing they’ve had, people can become fixated at lower levels.

People who are subject to extreme levels of Obedience & Punishment tend to arrest their moral development and interpretation in the early stages. Extreme parental punitive authority fosters this pathology.

Mad Dogs & Sociopaths…

Sociopathology tends to focus upon self-centered goals. Negative interpretions and victimization of others is actually a learned projection substituting for their own lack of social consciousness (they can hardly understand what they don’t have).

Persons who progress thru nurturing experiences into higher levels of social-communal consciousness, tend to tolerate and support the rights and differences of others to a far higher degree.

This brief material is added so that readers can have a theoretical foundation to assess for themselves the reasons why so much sociopathology exists in politics and justice.

“Ideologies” for a conservative are, in fact, any belief and behavior that advances personal profit, privilege, property and power.

In the final analysis, the drives of predatory criminals in their pursuit of personal victims, is precisely the same that drives state-corporatists and their political flunkies.

For liberals, the lack of their own consciousness of this primal drive in extreme conservatives is obviously quite frustrating. What may appear to them as confusing motivation is fundamentally no different than a rapist or a murderer.

Getting ALL their DNA might be a good start…after we lock ’em up.


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