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Psychopaths in Schools & Sociopaths in Politics…

Between natural catastrophes and personal madness, there’s a lot on our plate this holiday season. We sure don’t need the ruling elite and their conservative cadre manufacturing a fiscal cliff to further satiate their greed.

I believe personally and professionally (PsyD) that there’s a basic nexus between the pathological individualism of those who commit mass-murder and those who impoverish millions of families in pursuit of personal profit and power.

There can be no excuse or rationale for such inhumanity.  So much tragedy, so much grief, so many answers that will never come

A guide for these type of mass murders since 1982 can be found in Mother Jones magazine. And perhaps further corporatist connections.

Less diagnostically apparent to many are those who project their self-hate upon society as ideological conservatism in the personal quest of wealth, privilege and property.

While some are recognized as criminals, convicted and imprisoned, studies show that four times as many corporate executives have the pathological dysfunctions of psychopaths: histrionic, narcissistic, and compulsive personality disorders.

Humanity has dealt with them throughout history in one form or another.  Prior to the advent of GE’s Ronald Reagan to the White House, many of these pathological types were recognized and treated in mental facilities.

Gradually, these institutions were shut down and such individuals were ignored until they became criminalized or, far more often, rose in positions of the law and political/corporate authority and control.

From the 1960s to the present, cadre such as Paul Weyrich and Lewis Powell have sought dictatorial power from the bottom-up by stacking governors, legislatures and the courts. Not having enough masses to rule in a democracy, they rely upon the money of ultra-right billionaires.

Despite mass disenfranchisement and gerrymandering, they failed to beat Obama. Nevertheless, their bottom-up strategy still leaves them with state-majority rule.

Republican governors rule in 30 states along with 26 state legislatures, the US House of Representatives and the US Supreme Court. Sooner or later they’ll also control the executive branch and the Senate.  Aside from a democratic revolution, what’s left for the masses?

In a number of these states, such as Michigan, they rule thru the governorship, legislature, state Attorney General, Secretary of State, and the state Supreme Court…despite the fact that Michigan voted for Obama by 16 points.

The Michigan Republican legislature rammed some 300 bills in the lame duck rush. Most of them are yet to be signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder, but only due to the fact that the Clerk was so swamped they are not yet written.  Virtually all of them are corporate-written “model bills.”

The ultra-right cadre’s Order of Battle comes down from billionaire corporateers such as the Waltons, DeVos, Kochs, Murdoch and Adelson to their senior operational cadre ruling thru faux-patriotic organizations such as the Alliance Defense Fund, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, Paul Ryan, Grover Norquist, Jim DeMint (soon to resign from the US Senate to head the Heritage Foundation for a $multi-million annual salary), and of course the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Michigan’s worker protests…

Unlike the Democratic Party, whose membership and goals are rather eclectic, Republicans are quickly becoming a wholly centralized body under a form of (state capitalism) much as Stalin once ruled.

There is nothing they won’t sanction toward those goals. In fact, the Republican Party is already a disciplined cadre of a corporatist criminal conspiracy.

Republican “moderates” who don’t tow-the-line are driven out one way or another.  Those who follow corporatist leadership can count on their largesse and work as lobbyists. They can also count on future massive electoral funding and personal wealth.

The best example of their current conspiracy is ALEC and Michigan.  An excellent read on ALEC can be found in Bob Sloan’s “Turning State Legislatures into Brothels.”

Like Israel’s settler-colonial strategy, no matter what happens in a given election or “negotiation,” they pocket whatever they’re given and then proceed for more: Talk talk talk, and walk walk walk…  Or as the Israelis call it: Making facts (from which they never retreat).

Michiganders not only reelected Obama by a wide margin, but a number of the proposals on the ballot made it perfectly clear what the voters wanted.

Tough f***in’ luck.  The Republican cabal got even busier during the lame-duck break and rammed thru the oxymoronic “Right to Work” legislation, essentially a significant step toward ending unionism and collective bargaining.

The word from Koch came down and the flunkies obeyed as sugar-plum paydays danced in their heads. Of course, in return for their state loyalty, they exempted police and fire.  For sure, they’ll be needing such loyalty even more in the not-so-distant future…

Other legislation was also passed beaucoup didimau.  Despite its overturning in the election, our smarmy Governor Snyder signed another law allowing him to proclaim a Emergency Financial Manager (EFM), dictatorial rule by the state over cities (including Detroit).

He can now dismiss all elected officials, union contracts, etc. He’ll even be able to sell off any public property (Belle Isle?) he chooses to privatize to his corporate pals.  Michigan is a model for the nation.

“Right to Work”: Corporate Servitude…

Other legislation these gusanos rammed thru during Michigan’s holiday was gun legislation allowing citicens to carry weapons in day care homes, schools, hospitals, etc. However, since Sandy Hook occurred just before the gov got to sign it, he vetoed the law (to be brought up again when the “problem” blows over).

If you’re curious about where such conservatives stand on any given issue, merely ask yourself where the money is. For guns it reads: the NRA and gun manufacturers (who pay quite well for their propaganda).

Another law Snyder did sign is the virtual outlawing of abortions in the state of Michigan, even in case of rape and incest.

As corporatist rule ever increases, which follows their impoverishment of society, they’ll surely call for more Law & Order, which in turn puts more screws to freedom, democracy and basic sanity.  We see the result of that on the news daily.

Oh yeah, lest I forget. Happy Holidays!

Dr. Publico

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