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Sociopaths Rule…

In 1990, at 47, I was tried and convicted for cocaine conspiracy. The court sentenced me to 25yrs in federal prison. To that point, my adult careers included journalism, criminal and civil investigations, and left-political activism.

One might imagine my surprise to  find that most predatory criminals are not in prison. In fact, for the most part they rule the nation, its business and its laws (and the prisons for that matter).

The likelihood of serving all that time without accomplishing anything was never an option. And I never held any illusions that justice would eventually prevail.

Wayne State University granted me a waiver to complete their degree program at other accredited universities that offer external studies programs. WSU awarded me a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Accepted to a graduate program thru California Southern University, I went on to earn a Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) fully accredited with both the state and federal gov’t. The entire process took me 16 years and somewhat over $30,000.

As one might surmise, I’ve come to some very different conclusions regarding forensic psych and justice than many of my professional colleagues.  Albeit, I am somewhat surprised that many of them are catching up

First, one needs a clear definition of prison culture. Second, one needs an equally clear definition of both the body politic and the conservative elite that rules America (neo-liberalism included).

Disclosure: Any system whereby a tiny percentage rule first and foremost for their own profit, privilege and power is, perforce, a criminal system.

Wanted: Escapees…

While the American gulag has the largest number of prisoners in the world–in both percentage and absolute numbers–the vast majority are not socially predatory criminals.

They’re basically warehoused surplus labor, ethnic minorities criminalized for what are consensual and moral “crimes.”

Much of these “crimes” are the legacy of religious codification, Black Codes and Jim Crow. They have since melded with what is essentially anti-class legislation.

In my experience at more than a dozen different prisons, I would estimate that some 3-to-5% of prisoners can be properly defined as sociopathic criminals (or psychopathic, as the term is interchangeable).

However, most sociopaths survive quite well in free society and, in fact, are more often not charged nor even considered to be criminals.  Studies have shown that the population of sociopaths in prison are about even with those in general society. Further, the sociopathic personality is some four times more common among free-world business leaders.

Psychopathic and sociopathic criminals are the most severe type.  On the one hand, they can appear quite normal and charming. However, they tend to hold to inner beliefs that have no basis in reality.  Many–when not commiting overt crimes that get them convicted–tend to gravitate toward positions of authority, power, politics and business.

Much of what society has come to deem as “political” or “ideological,” is actually a criminal enterprise. Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, they rule and create the laws. One of the current hallmarks of conservative and sociopathic legislation is that they almost universally label it as precisely the opposite of its intent.

Examples are replete at this point in history due to their centralization by the Gang of Five on the US Supreme Court (Citizens United being one such decision), the Koch Brothers and other ultra-right billionaires, ALEC as a corporate-state model-bills mill, and the notably current campaign in Michigan about to pass “Right to Work” legislation.

The mass of normal people are perfectly content with living lives of education, career and family. Sociopaths use pernicious and false content, such as “Right to Work,” which obfuscates their intent to destroy unionization and drive worker solidarity, conditions and wages down. Non-unionized workers are under the total power and discretion of corporatists.

While Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is one type of sociopath, an extreme delusional type, the more smarmy Governor Rick Snyder is more effective at manipulation and a total lack in social empathy.

In the recent national election, one of the largest coalition of citizens in history came together to defeat Romney and his corporatist double-speak.  There’s a long way to go for full class-consciousness, but I’m encouraged.

Hopefully, the normal working population can only be pushed so far…

Dr. Publico

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