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From Parliamentarism to Capitalist Dictatorship…

The next article you read from this site will be after the (s)election of a capitalist dictatorship to power.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Professor Juan Cole…

(Some of my comrades choose to believe they already live in one; I suspect that they’ll soon get a severe lesson in that regard.)

To date, the nation has been a parliamentary “republic.”  Business elite allowed the rule of relatively open elections, begrudged the rights of unions and progressive legislation (even as they periodical loot the system), and a majoritarian (while not universal) franchise.

At least since the 1930s the business elite have shared or not openly opposed a civic ethic for a well-ordered society as being good for business. They tended to avoid openly attacking worker and progressive organizations. The rule of law will be their law.

Whatever gov’t service isn’t outlawed or privatized, will be allowed to die on the vine thru budgetary abandonment. While not yet quite corporatist-fascism, that will logically and inevitably follow.

We’ve witnessed a 40-yr trajectoryof the erosion of parliamentarism from roughly 1964.

…if everything She says is a lie!

What we’ve seen in this election is the total capitulation of the Republican Party to unregulated markets, a gov’t that will serve only the welfare of business, a social-Darwinism that abandons all forms of worker organization, women, minorities and immigrants to third-world wage-slavery and impoverishment, national militarism, fundamentalism, and racialism.

Today, the right already controls 29 state governors and legislatures, virtually all of the criminal justice system, including the Gang-of-Five on the US Supreme Court, and most states’ electoral apparatus.

Ultra-right corporatist cadre here in the US have thus succeeded in their conscious class war.

The Occupy movement is one of the last echos of struggle.  For the growing corporatist state they provide dress rehearsals for the further paramilitarization of the police and what’s yet to come.

Romney’s choice of Ryan as VP was an open acknowledgement to all reactionary forces that his position and executive control of the gov’t will be wholly in line with their ultra-right vision.

His unabashed use of Joseph Goebbel’s Big Lie technique further signals to these forces his commitment to corporatism by any and all means.

Often I laugh laconically as I watch $millions being poured into advertising by conservative corporatist funding.

The sheer irony of their ads as they project precisely the opposite of what they believe and practice in order to fool the electorate proves that they KNOW what they’re doing is sheer evil.

NONE of what they really believe would convince a free and informed people.  Therefore, they have to lie.

Liberals and progressives give far too much credit to these corporatists and inchoate Brown Shirts as a “moral conservative political opposition” or as simply ignorant of humanistic moral and rational choices.

The Right chuckles over this liberal ignorance all the way to voting booth (which, in any case, they largely control).

As for the Left, far too many have long abandoned the field of political combat to the rightist thugs in the infantile and mistaken belief of their impotent political Puritanism.  They need to be where the people are.

Whatever Romney’s internal and Mormon motivations (oh, they’ve had a plan, believe it), he realized that he would have to signal the corporatists and their cadre that he was “on board” via his selection of Ryan.

Given “Citizens United” and the sure knowledge of the stolen elections in FL in 2000, and OH and FL in 2004 Romney had every reason to believe they could “win.”

Professor Juan Cole (History, U of M) assesses the election in “Capitalist Dictatorship in Romney Campaign.”

As Professor Cole comments: “Capitalist dictatorship has many similarities to fascism, but differs from it in lionizing not the workers of the nation but the entrepreneurs …. Both disallow unions, collective bargaining and workers’ strikes. Both privilege one ethnic group … setting up a racial hierarchy.”

Cole accurately concludes his commentary with:

While these tendencies have existed on the Republican Right for some time, the sheer level of contempt for democracy as demonstrated in the Big Lies, the exaltation of war, the racial profiling, and the new extent of attempts at voter suppression and union-busting all indicate a sharp veering toward authoritarianism.”

Professor Cole is being very generous …

And to my fine-feathered comrades, nihilistic rationalizations will avail us nothing … in fact, quite the opposite. Failure breeds itself, not success.  Abandoning ANY field of combat loses the war.

We find our future forces where they are, not where we fantasize that they ought to be. We ALL come from somewhere else …

Dr. Publico

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